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With over 200,000 entries OnThisDay.com is the largest, most accurate and popular Today in History site on the web.

Our extensive Today in History archives have evolved from a database orginally collated by Bruce T. Goldman that we have added to, expanded and corrected over the years. In this process our dedicated team of hard working history lovers has had the invaluable help of many our visitors who regularly send us omissions and corrections.

Our Team

Managing Editor and Founder of OnThisDay.com James GrahamJames visiting a historic site in his own town for a change

James Graham - Founder and Managing Editor

James founded OnThisDay.com in the year 2000 and it has kept him busy ever since! He shares his love of history with a love of travel, often combining the two in trips to see historical places and ancient archeological sites. Some of his favourites have been the Angkor Wat complex of temples in Cambodia, the numerous Chachapoyas ruins of northern Peru and the majestic Machu Picchu, near Cusco in Peru.

James has Conjoint Bachelor of Arts and Commerce degrees from the University of Auckland, majoring in political studies and economics.

Nic Taewa - Senior Editor

Senior Editor of OnThisDay.com Nic TaewaNic, visiting Versailles, Paris

Nic works tirelessly on keeping OnThisDay.com fresh and up to date and also helps to process your corrections and submissions.

Nic has a Masters of Arts degree with first class honours majoring in History and Ancient History from the University of Auckland. He is currently studying towards a PHD in history, writing his thesis on the history of cancer in New Zealand.

Wendy Graham - Senior Editor

Wendy is our resident expert in ancient history and thus swears she has seen enough pope entries to last a life time! When not pulling her hair out ensuring OnThisDay.com is as accurate as possible, she likes to read a good book and spend time with her young family.

Wendy has a Masters of Arts with first class honours majoring in Ancient History from the University of Auckland. Since then she has worked in both university and research libraries and in the book publishing industry, both in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.

Editor of OnThisDay.com Amelyn MonteagudoAmie, island hopping in the Philippines

Amelyn Monteagudo - Editor

Amie, as she likes to be called, works from the tropical paradise of the Philippines. We keep her busy adding information and photos to the site, including many of our new wedding and divorce entries. Her passions are art, photography, travelling and exploring the latest thing online. Her wildest dream is to soar through the sky, something we hope OnThisDay.com does not drive her to do without a parachute!

Amie has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from Centro Escolar University in Manila.

Clayton Martino - Editor

Senior Editor of OnThisDay.com Clayton Martino Clayton in Wellington exploring New Zealand

Clayton is originally from Canada but currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand.He is a big fan of both North American history and sports, and has been busy improving both of those areas at OnThisDay.com. Clayton has also worked extensively on our profiles of famous people and historical figures.

Clayton has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Guelph in Canada and a Postgraduate Diploma in Classics from the University of Otago in New Zealand. He is currently working towards a degree in education, with the hopes of teaching at the secondary level.

Peter Stapleton - Editor

Peter hails from leafy Surrey in England. He works mainly on the famous people entries. Editor of OnThisDay.com Peter StapletonPeter cooling his feet at the English seaside after a hard day’s dancing. As a grammar pedant he strives to ensure that no OnThisDay.com reader will suffer the agony of seeing a grocer’s apostrophe.

Peter has a Master of Arts degree in Chemistry (yes, really!) from New College, Oxford, but now earns his keep working in finance for a global telecoms company. He does voluntary work with a couple of young people’s organisations, is an Anglican Churchwarden, and is a Cotswold Morris dancer (which has directly contributed to surgery to both his knees).

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Adsense has allowed OnThisDay.com to re-invest in making the site bigger, more accurate and better over time. Enjoy the story and the scenery of our beautiful home base, Tauranga, New Zealand!

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