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Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations

In the post Cold War world few articles have influenced how Western and especially American policymakers view the world more than Samuel P. Huntington's 1993 article, The Clash of Civilizations.

Clash of Civilizations (Part 1)
Clash of Civilizations (Part 2)

The Philosophies and Strategies of the Non-Violence and Black Power Movements

Black power in many ways signified everything non-violence was not, racial hatred, violence and extreme self-reliance. However the two approaches did have many similarities in their long-term objectives. Both demanded complete equality not jus in theory but in practice. Where they differed most was in the methods used to achieve this goal and the time they were prepared to wait for progress to be made.

Philsophies and Strategies of Civil Rights Movements

Comparison of Chinese and North Korean Communism up to the 1980s

China and North Korea's communist parties came to power at similar times, in nations with a great deal of shared history and culture. While their specific paths to power were very different the form of communism they implemented during their first two decades of rule bared a great resemblance.

Chinese and North Korean Communism (Part 1)
Chinese and North Korean Communism (Part 2)
Chinese and North Korean Communism (Bibliography)

Economic Growth and Democratisation in North East Asia

Economic development is conducive to democratisation but is not sufficient for its achievement. For while economic growth provides people with the spare time and resources to partake in politics and also creates the demand for it, it does not automatically ensure democratisation takes place.

Economic Growth & Democratisation in NE Asia (Part 1)
Economic Growth & Democratisation in NE Asia (Part 2)
Economic Growth & Democratisation in NE Asia (Bibliography)

The Violent Breakup of Yugoslavia

The numerous ethnic groups that comprised Yugoslavia held historical animosities towards each other stretching back in some cases hundreds of years. Yet these animosities were put aside after World War Two and under Tito's grip the nation achieved an internal peace that could not last.

The Breakup of Yugoslavia (Part 1)
The Breakup of Yugoslavia (Part 2)
The Breakup of Yugoslavia (Bibliography)

The Zapatista Mexican Rebelion, its Revolutionary Objectives and Tactics

On New Years Day 1994 with ski masks and automatic rifles in hand the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) descended from the hills of Mexico's impoverished Chiapas province and commenced a unique armed struggle. The EZLN have relied heavily on sympathetic organisations, public relations and the internet rather than force of arms to present the group's ideology to Mexicans and to people around the world.

The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Part 1)
The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Part 2)
The Zapatista Mexican Rebellion (Bibliography)

The Taranaki War and the Invasion of the Waikato

Maori Strategy in the Taranaki War
Guerilla Warfare in the Waikato
The Decisive Battle of Rangiriri
The Gate Pa

The Russian Civil War

The Brest-Litovsk peace agreement between Germany and Communist Russia galvanised significant portions of Russia's population to violently oppose the Bolshevik government.

Russian Civil War (Part 1)
Russian Civil War (Part 2)
Russian Civil War (Bibliography)