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Jan 4th - Wilhelm Beer, Germany, amateur astronomer (constructed 1st Moon map)
Jan 10th - Annette von Droste-Hülshoff, German writer (d. 1848)
Jan 12th - Gideon Brecher, Austrian physician (d. 1873)
Jan 22nd - Maria Leopoldina of Austria, Empress of Brazil (d. 1826)
Jan 30th - Edwin Vose Sumner, Major General (Union volunteers), (d. 1863)
Jan 31st - Franz Peter Schubert, Lichtenthal Austria, composer (Unfinished Symphony)
Feb 6th - Joseph Maria von Radowitz, Prussian minister of Foreign affairs
Feb 15th - Henry Engelhard Steinway, piano maker (Steinway)
Feb 22nd - William I, Berlin, King of Prussia (1861-88)/German Emperor (1871-88)
Feb 24th - Samuel Lover, composer
Feb 28th - Mary Lyon, US, educator (Mt Holyoke) (Hall of Fame)
Feb 28th - W Frederik K, prince of Netherlands/general/admiral (10 day campaign)
Mar 7th - Karl Schwencke, composer
Mar 22nd - Kaiser Wilhelm I, German emperor (1871-88)
Mar 24th - Antonio Rosmini-Serbati, philosopher/founder (Institute of Charity)
Composer Franz SchubertComposer Franz Schubert (Jan 31st) Mar 25th - John Winebrenner, US, clergyman, founded Church of God
Mar 27th - Alfred V Comte de Vigny, French musketeer/writer (Moise, Chatterton)
Apr 10th - Claude Ambroise Seurat, Troyes France, (World's skinniest man)
Apr 14th - Adolphe Thiers, 1st president of 3rd French Republic (1871-77)
Apr 17th - Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Tolbecque, Belgian composer/conductor
Apr 18th - Louis-Adolphe Thiers, president of France
Apr 30th - Andreas V Michiels, Dutch military governor of West-Sumatra
May 2nd - Abraham Gesner, Cornwallis Nova Scotia, Canadian geologist (inventor of kerosene)
May 6th - Joseph Brackett, American religious leader and composer (d. 1882)
May 12th - Johann Hermann Kufferath, composer
May 18th - Frederick Augustus II, King of Saxony (1836-54)
May 19th - Maria Isabel of Portugal, queen of Spain (d. 1818)
May 30th - Johann Christian Lobe, composer
Physician and Geologist Abraham GesnerPhysician and Geologist Abraham Gesner (May 2nd) Jun 24th - John Hughes, archbishop, founded Fordham University in the Bronx
Jul 10th - Pieter L Uys, South African pioneer (Great Pull)
Jul 17th - Hippolyte Delaroche, French painter (d. 1856)
Jul 18th - Immanuel Hermann Fichte, German philosopher (d. 1879)
Jul 19th - Johann Gottlieb Schneider, composer
Jul 20th - Sir Paweł Edmund Strzelecki, Polish explorer and geologist (d. 1873)
Jul 21st - Franz Schoberlechner, composer
Jul 25th - Princess Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge (d. 1889)
Jul 29th - Daniel Drew, American financier (d. 1879)
Aug 5th - Friedrich August Kummer, composer
Aug 9th - Charles Robert Malden, British naval officer (d. 1855)
Aug 30th - Mary Shelley, author (Frankenstein), born in London, England
Sep 6th - Wililam "Extra Billy" Smith, Confederacy (Confederate Army)
Frankenstein Author Mary ShelleyFrankenstein Author Mary Shelley (Aug 30th) Sep 16th - Anthony Panizzi, Librarian at British Museum
Oct 3rd - Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany (d. 1870)
Oct 4th - J Gotthelf, writer
Oct 13th - William Motherwell, Scottish civil servant/poet
Oct 23rd - John J Rochussen, governor-general of Dutch-Indies (1845-51)
Nov 4th - Aleksander A Bestuzhev-Marlinsky, Russian author
Nov 7th - Silas Horton Stringham, Rear Admiral (Union Navy), (d. 1876)
Nov 14th - Charles Lyell, Scotland, geologist (Principles of Geology)
Nov 23rd - Gabor Matray, composer
Nov 29th - Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti, composer
Dec 3rd - Francis P Kenrick, Irish/US archbishop of Baltimore
Dec 11th - Hiram Paulding, Rear Admiral (Union Navy), (d. 1878)
Dec 13th - Heinrich Heine, Germany, poet/lyricist (Schubert, Liszt)
Dec 17th - Joseph Henry, US, scientist/inventor/pioneer of electromagnetism
Geologist Charles LyellGeologist Charles Lyell (Nov 14th) Dec 19th - Josef Theodor Krov, composer
Dec 26th - Hans Skramstad, composer

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