Famous People Born in October 1811

  • Oct 16 Gaetano Capocci, composer
  • Oct 17 Albertus C van Raalte, Dutch/US vicar (owned land in Mich)
  • Oct 18 Hugh Thompson Reid, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), (d. 1874)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 22 Franz Liszt, Hungarian romantic composer and virtuoso pianist (Faust Symphony), born in Raiding, Hungary (d. 1886)

Composer/Pianist Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt
  • Oct 24 Ferdinand Hiller, German pianist/composer/conductor
  • Oct 25 √Čvariste Galois, French mathematician (d. 1832)
  • Oct 27 Isaac Merrit Singer, Pittstown New York, inventor (1st practical home sewing machine)
  • Oct 27 Stevens Thomson Mason, first Governor of Michigan (d. 1843)