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Jan 6th - Giuseppe Martucci, composer
Jan 9th - Anton Askerc, Slavic priest/poet (Primoz Trubar)
Jan 9th - Lizette Woodworth Reese, US poet (Branch of May, Tears)
Jan 9th - Stevan Mokranjac, composer
Jan 11th - Christian August Sinding, Kongsberg Norway, composer
Jan 12th - John Singer Sargent, US, portrait painter (Wyndham Sisters)
Jan 14th - J. F. Archibald, Australian journalist and publisher (d. 1919)
Jan 18th - John Hyatt Brewer, composer
Feb 2nd - Makar Grigori Ekmalyan, composer
Feb 5th - Otto Brahm, German critic/founder (Neue Deutsche Rundschau)
Feb 14th - Frank Harris, England, journalist/writer (My Life & Loves)
Feb 15th - Frank Harris, Galway England, writer
Feb 15th - Emil Kraepelin, German psychiatrist (d. 1926)
Feb 16th - Willem Kes, Dutch violinist/composer/conductor (Parkorkest Amsterdam)
Feb 16th - Rudolph Karstadt, German entrepreneur (d. 1944)
Feb 21st - Hendrik P Berlage, architect (Stock exchange Amsterdam)
Feb 25th - Charles Lang Freer, art collector; endowed Freer Gallery [or 1876]
Mar 1st - Florimond Fonteyne, Flemish priest/politician (Volkseeuw)
Mar 4th - Toru Dutt, English and French poet and author (d. 1877)
Mar 4th - Alfred William Rich, English painter (d. 1921)
Mar 7th - Matilde Serao, [Tuffolina], Italian writer (Land of Cockayne)
Mar 8th - Bramwell Booth, the 2nd General of The Salvation Army (d. 1929)
Mar 8th - Tom Roberts, Australian artist (d. 1931)
Mar 9th - Eddie Foy, American singer and dancer (d. 1928)
Mar 16th - E Louis YY Napoleon Bonaparte, French/English prince
Mar 17th - Mikhail Vrubel, Russian painter (d. 1910)
Mechanical Engineer Frederick Winslow TaylorMechanical Engineer Frederick Winslow Taylor (Mar 20th) Mar 20th - Frederick Winslow Taylor, father of scientific management
Mar 20th - Sir John Lavery, Irish artist (d. 1941)
Mar 21st - Henry Ossian Flipper, Thomasville, Georgia, American soldier, former slave and first African American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1877
Mar 26th - David Alfred Thomas, Glamorganshire UK, 1st Viscount Rhondda
Apr 1st - Acacio Gabriel Viegas, Indian physician (d. 1933)
Apr 5th - Booker Taliaferro Washington, pioneer educator (1st African American on US stamp)
Apr 11th - Arthur Shrewsbury, cricketer (dominant England bat late 19th cent)
Apr 11th - Constantly Lievens, Flemish missionary in India
Apr 12th - William M Conway, English historian/explorer (Spitzbergen)
Apr 22nd - [Marie] Louise Hens, Flemish actress (Two Orphans)
Apr 24th - Henri POBJ Pétain, French marshal (Verdun/Vichy regime)
Apr 26th - Sir Joseph Ward, 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 1930)
Education Pioneer Booker T. WashingtonEducation Pioneer Booker T. Washington (Apr 5th) May 6th - Robert Edwin Peary, US, arctic explorer (North Pole-Apr 6 1909)
May 6th - Sigmund Freud, Freiberg in Mähren, Moravia, Austrian neurologist and father of psychology, (d. 1939)
May 13th - Peter Henry Emerson, 1st to promote photography as an independent art
May 13th - Tom O'Rourke, American boxing manager (d. 1938)
May 15th - Lyman Frank Baum, NY, children's book author (Wizard of Oz)
May 20th - Henri E Cross [Delacroix], French painter
May 25th - Louis Franchet d'Espèrey, French general (d. 1942)
May 26th - George Templeton Strong, composer
Jun 8th - Natalia Janotha, composer
Jun 14th - Andrey Markov, Russia, mathematician (Markov Chain)
Jun 19th - Elbert Hubbard, US, editor/publisher/author (Message to Garcia)
Jun 22nd - Henry Rider Haggard, Norfolk, England, author (King Solomon's Mine, She, Dawn)
Father of Psychology Sigmund FreudFather of Psychology Sigmund Freud (May 6th) Jun 30th - Gerrit Kalff, writer (history of Dutch writers)
Jul 6th - Edward Anseele, Belgian minister of Rail/PTT
Jul 7th - George Hearne, cricketer (brother of Frank & Alec, Test for England)
Jul 9th - Daniel Guggenheim, US (Guggenheim Museum)
Jul 10th - Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American physicist, electrical engineer and inventor, developed alternating current and the Tesla Coil
Jul 15th - Owen Dunell, cricketer (South Africa's 1st Test captain)
Jul 21st - Harry A P Eyres, British diplomat (Constantinople, Albania)
Jul 21st - Louise Blanchard Bethune, 1st US woman architect
Jul 23rd - Arthur H Bird, composer
Jul 23rd - Bal Gangadhar Tilak, British-Indian Hindi leader
Jul 24th - Charles Émile Picard, French mathematician (d. 1941)
Jul 26th - George Bernard Shaw, dramatist (Pygmalion-Nobel 1925), born in Dublin, Ireland (d. 1950)
Playwright George Bernard ShawPlaywright George Bernard Shaw (Jul 26th) Jul 30th - Richard B Haldane, British viscount/lord-chancellor (Life of A Smith)
Aug 1st - George Coulthard, Former Australian rules footballer and cricketer (d. 1883)
Aug 3rd - Alfred Deakin, 2nd Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1919)
Aug 10th - Paul Geisler, composer
Aug 10th - Edward L. Doheny, American oil tycoon, born in Fond du lac, Wisconsin
Aug 12th - "Diamond Jim" Brady, American financier (d. 1917)
Aug 15th - J Keir Hardie, 1st Labour representative in British Parliament
Aug 17th - Violet Paget, [Vernon Lee], British author (Satan the master)
Aug 18th - Charles Hutchison Gabriel, composer
Aug 18th - Jan Karol Gali, composer
Aug 20th - Innokenti F Annenski, Russian poet/interpreter (Laodania) [NS Sept 1]
Oil Tycoon Edward L. DohenyOil Tycoon Edward L. Doheny (Aug 10th) Aug 20th - Jakub Bart-Ćišinski, Sorbian writer (d. 1909)
Aug 24th - Felix Mottl, composer
Aug 27th - Iwan Franko, writer
Aug 30th - Carle David Tolmé Runge, German physicist (d. 1927)
Aug 31st - Nikoghayos Fadeyi Tigranyan, composer
Sep 1st - Sergei Winogradsky, Russian scientist (d. 1953)
Sep 2nd - Yang Hsiu-ch'ing, commander in chief of Taiping Rebellion
Sep 3rd - Louis Sullivan, American architect (father of skyscrapers), born in Boston, Massachusetts
Sep 5th - Jacobus C J Hermans, actor (7th Command)
Sep 12th - Johann Heinrich Beck, composer
Sep 23rd - William Archer, Scotland, writer (Green Goddess)
Sep 28th - Edward Herbert Thompson, Mass, archaeologist (Mayan civilization)
Sep 28th - Kate Douglas Wiggins, author (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm)
Architect and Father of Skyscrapers Louis SullivanArchitect and Father of Skyscrapers Louis Sullivan (Sep 3rd) Sep 30th - Andrejs Jurjans, composer
Oct 15th - R G Nivelle, French military man
Oct 25th - Dragutin Gorjanovic-Kramberger, Croatian paleontologist (d. 1936)
Oct 28th - Franz Xavier Arens, composer
Nov 3rd - Jim McCormick, Scottish-born American baseball player, born in Glasgow (d. 1918)
Nov 6th - Nicholas Nikolajevitsj, ruler of Russia
Nov 7th - Semyon Zonovyevich Alapin, Vilna, tied for chess 1st place (1878)
Nov 13th - Louis D Brandeis, Mass, 68th Supreme Court Justice (1916-39)
Nov 13th - Sigwart Aspestrand, composer
Nov 18th - Nikolai Nikolaevich Romanov, Grand Duke of Russia (d. 1929)
Nov 22nd - Heber J Grant, Salt Lake City, 7th pres of Mormon church
Nov 25th - Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev, Russia, composer (Oresteia)
Nov 28th - Alexandr Dmitriyevich Kastal'sky, composer
Nov 29th - Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, German Chancellor/premier Prussia
Dec 2nd - Robert Kajanus, composer
Dec 11th - Georgi V Plechanov, Russian revolutionary theorist
Dec 13th - Svetozar Boroević, Austro-Hungarian field marshal (d. 1920)
Physicist J. J. ThomsonPhysicist J. J. Thomson (Dec 18th) Dec 18th - J. J. Thomson, Manchester, England, physicist discovered electron (Nobel 1906)
Dec 22nd - Frank Kellogg, US Secretary of State (1925-29), tried to outlaw war (Nobel 1929), born in Potsdam, New York (d. 1937)
Dec 25th - Hans von Bartels, German painter (d. 1913)
Dec 27th - Andre Gedalge, composer
Dec 28th - [Thomas] Woodrow Wilson, Staunton Va, 28th (D) US President (1913-21), Nobel Peace Prize 1919
Dec 29th - Thomas J Stieltjes, mathematician (Stieltjes integral)

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