Famous People Born in 1871

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  • Jan 5th Frederick Shepherd Converse, Newton Mass, composer
  • Jan 7th Émile Borel, French mathematician and politician (d. 1956)
  • Jan 8th James Craig, 1st Viscount Craigavon, Irish politician (d. 1940)
  • Jan 9th Charles Kortright, British(?) cricket player
  • Jan 10th Enrica Freiin von Handel-Manzetti, Austrian author (Jesse & Maria)
  • Jan 12th Paul Guthnick, German astronomer
  • Jan 14th Pauline Beersmans, [PLJM van Cuyck], Flemish actress (Hofslachter)
  • Jan 15th Bertram Shapleigh, composer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 17th David Beatty, Nantwich, Cheshire, 1st Earl Beatty and British Admiral of the Fleet

British Admiral of the Fleet David Beatty
British Admiral of the Fleet
David Beatty
  • Jan 22nd Leon Jessel, German composer (The Parade of the Tin Soldiers), born in Stettin (d. 1942)
  • Jan 26th Warner Fabian, [Samuel H Adams], US journalist/writer (Average Jones)
  • Jan 29th Eduardo Lopez-Chavarri y Marco, composer
  • Jan 30th Seymour Hicks, St Helier Jersey, actor-manager (Scrooge)
  • Jan 30th Wilfred Lucas, actor (Pardon Us, Chump at Oxford)
  • Feb 4th Friedrich Ebert, German politician, 1st Reichspräsident of the Weimar Republic (d. 1925)
  • Feb 5th Jovan Ducic, Serb poet (Blue Legends)
  • Feb 7th Karl Wilhelm Eugen Stenhammer, composer
  • Feb 9th Franc S Finzgar, Slovenian clergyman/writer (Our Blood)
  • Feb 9th Howard T Ricketts, US pathologist (studied typhus fever)
  • Feb 14th Gerda Lundequist, Swedish actress (d. 1959)
  • Feb 18th Harry Brearley, English inventor (d. 1948)
  • Feb 25th Oliver Samuel Campbell, tennis champ (US Open-1890)
  • Mar 1st Ben Harney, American composer and ragtime pianist (d. 1938)
  • Mar 3rd Maurice Garin, French cyclist (d. 1957)
  • Mar 4th Boris Galerkin, Russian mathematician (d. 1945)
  • Mar 5th Maria do Carmo Geronimo, Brazilian lives to be at least 126
  • Mar 5th Rosa Luxemburg, Socialist revolutionary (d. 1919)
  • Mar 15th Betsy van den Arend, Dutch [Betje], actress (Miss Hobbs)
  • Mar 19th Joseph McGinnity, Rock Island Ill, baseball pitcher (NY Giants)
  • Mar 19th Schofield Haigh, cricketer ("Sunshine of the Yorkshire 11")
  • Mar 26th Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniana'ole of the Kingdom of Hawaii (d. 1922)
  • Mar 27th Heinrich Mann, Germany, novelist/essayist (Blue Angel); bros of Thomas
  • Mar 27th Petrus J M Aalberse, Dutch minister of Labor (1918-25)
  • Mar 28th Willem Mengelberg, Utrecht Neth, conductor (NY Philharmonic 1922-30)
  • Mar 29th Tom Hayward, cricketer (great England batsman of the Golden Age)
  • Mar 31st Arthur Griffith, President of Ireland (d. 1922)
  • Apr 1st F Melius Christiansen, composer
  • Apr 3rd Jose Juan Tablada, Mexican poet (El Florilegio)
  • Apr 5th Jeanne Bougeois, [La Mistinguette], artist (French revue)
  • Apr 5th Mirko Seljan, Croatian explorer (d. 1913?)
  • Apr 6th Alexander, grandson of England's Queen Victoria
  • Apr 8th Clarence Hudson White American photographer (d. 1925)
  • Apr 9th Arthur Fickenscher, composer
  • Apr 12th Ioannis Metaxas, Greek general/dictator (1936-41)
  • Apr 16th John Millington Synge, Ireland, dramatist/poet (Riders to the Sea)
  • Apr 16th Martin Lunssens, composer
  • Apr 18th Henry Stephenson, British actor (Conquest, Little Old NY, Mr Lucky), born in Grenada, British West Indies (d. 1956)
  • Apr 20th William Henry Davies, Wales, poet (Autobiography of a Super Tramp)
  • Apr 21st Leo Blech, German composer and conductor, born in Aachen, Rhenish Prussia (d. 1958)
  • Apr 21st Vojtech Rihovsky, composer
  • Apr 25th Sara Amsel, Indonesian/Dutch actress
  • Apr 27th Arthur Finlay Nevin, composer
  • Apr 29th Louis William Stern, German/US philosopher (Intelligence of Children)
  • May 4th Mynona, Polish writer (The Creator), born in Gołańcz, Poland (d. 1946)
  • May 5th Alberto Cametti, composer
  • May 6th August Reusner, composer
  • May 6th Ch Morgenstern, writer
  • May 6th Victor Grignard, French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1935)
  • May 11th Frank Schlesinger, American astronomer (d. 1943)
  • May 17th Henricus P Bremmer, art historian (Modern Kunstwerken)
  • May 18th Franiska zu Reventlow, writer
  • May 19th Reginald Aldworth Daly, Napanee Ontario, Canadian-American Geologist who independently developed the theory of magmatic stopping
  • May 23rd Sigurd Lie, Norwegian composer and conductor, born in Drammen (d. 1904)
  • May 26th Camille Huysmans, Belgian premier (1946-47)
  • May 27th Georges-Henri Rouault, Fr expressionist painter (Miserere et Guerre)
  • May 30th Olga Engl, Austrian actress (d. 1946)
  • Jun 14th Jacob Ellehammer, Danish inventor (d. 1946)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 17th James Weldon Johnson, American civil rights activist, leader of the NAACP and Harlem Renaissance poet, born in Jacksonville, Florida (d. 1938)

Writer and Civil Rights Activist James Weldon Johnson
Writer and Civil Rights Activist
James Weldon Johnson
  • Jun 17th Nicolae Iorga, writer/poet/literature historian/President of Romania
  • Jun 22nd William McDougall, British psychologist and polymath (d. 1938)
  • Jul 3rd Vicente Arregui Garay, composer
  • Jul 8th Clement Harris, English composer, born in London (d. 1897)
  • Jul 8th Kornelis ter Laan, 1st Dutch socialist mayor (Zaandam)
  • Jul 10th Marcel Proust, France, novelist (Remembrance of Things Past)
  • Jul 11th Stjepan Radic, founder/leader (Croatian Farmers' Party)
  • Jul 15th Kunikida Doppo, Japanese writer (d. 1908)
  • Jul 17th Lyonel C A Feininger, US cartoonist/painter
  • Jul 18th Giacomo Balla, Italian painter (Dog at a Rope)
  • Jul 18th Sada Yacco, Japanese stage actress (d. 1946)
  • Jul 22nd Akos Buttykai, composer
  • Aug 1st Oskar Fried, German Russian composer, born in Berlin (d. 1941)
  • Aug 1st John Lester, American cricketer (d. 1969)
  • Aug 2nd John French Sloan, American artist (d. 1951)
  • Aug 3rd Vernon Louis Parrington, author (Romantic Revolution, Pulitzer 1928)
  • Aug 6th Emanuel Querido, [Joost Mendes], author/publisher
  • Aug 8th William Henry Squire, composer
  • Aug 13th Karl Liebknecht, German revolutionary marxist (Sparta Party)
  • Aug 16th Zakhary Petrovich Paliashvili, composer
  • Aug 18th Johan J Arch, graphic artist (wood cutter)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 19th Orville Wright, aviator (Wright Brothers), born in Dayton, Ohio (d. 1912)

  • Aug 21st Leonid N Andrejev, Russian journalist/writer (Red Laugh)
  • Aug 27th Theodore Dreiser, US, novelist (Sister Carie, American Tragedy)
  • Aug 29th Albert Lebrun, French politician (d. 1950)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 30th Ernest Rutherford [1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson], New Zealand physicist and father of nuclear physics (Nobel 1908), born in Brightwater, New Zealand (d. 1937)

  • Aug 31st James E. Ferguson, Texan governor (d. 1944)
  • Sep 1st J. Reuben Clark, Jr., American Undersecretary of State (d. 1961)
  • Sep 10th Charles Collett, British mechanical engineer (d. 1952)
  • Sep 12th Friedrich, Prince of Liechtenstein, Romania
  • Sep 13th Alma Kruger, actress (Made For Each Other), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sep 19th Fritz Schaudinn, German animal expert (examined syphilis)
  • Sep 21st Ernst Heldring, Dutch merchant/ship owner/financier
  • Sep 23rd Frantisek Kupka, Czech writer
  • Sep 24th Lottie Dod, English athlete (d. 1960)
  • Sep 26th Winsor McCay, American cartoonist (d. 1934)
  • Sep 27th Grazia Deledda, Italian writer, Nobel laureate (d. 1936)
  • Sep 28th Pietro Badoglio, Grazzano Monferrato, Italy, General/Libyan Governor (1928-33) and Prime Minister of Italy (1943-44)
  • Sep 30th John Fabricius, Neth/English stageauthor (Ring of Prophet)
  • Sep 30th Ruben Mattias Liljefors, composer
  • Oct 2nd Cordell Hull, US Secretary of State (1933-44), lowered tariffs (Nobel 1945)
  • Oct 2nd Martha Brookes Hutcheson, American landscape architect (d. 1959)
  • Oct 3rd Stijn Streuvels, [Frank Lateur], Flemish writer (De Valschaard)
  • Oct 9th Gerrit Bolkestein, minister of Education (1939-4-)
  • Oct 9th George Gauthier, Bishop of Montreal and rector of the Université de Montréal (d. 1940)
  • Oct 9th Didak Buntić, Croatian monk and scholar.
  • Oct 11th Johan Oscar Smith, Norweigian religious leader (d. 1943)
  • Oct 14th Alexander von Zemlinsky, composer (Schneeman), born in Vienna, Austria
  • Oct 18th Louis de Vries, Dutch actor (Ghetto)
  • Oct 19th Walter B Cannon, US physiologist (Wisdom of the Body)
  • Oct 20th Frederick Burton, IN, actor (One Way Passage)
  • Oct 26th Hermann Lohr, composer
  • Oct 26th Guillermo Kahlo, father of Frida Kahlo (d. 1941)
  • Oct 29th Narziss Ach, German psychologist (Analyse des Willens)
  • Oct 30th Buck Freeman, American baseball player (d. 1949)
  • Nov 1st Alexander Afanasii Spendiaryan, composer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 1st Stephen Crane, novelist/poet (Red Badge of Courage), born in Newark, New Jersey (d. 1900)

Novelist Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane
  • Nov 3rd Albert Goldthorpe, English rugby league footballer
  • Nov 9th Florence Sabin, American Scientist who was the first woman to graduate from Johns Hopkins and the first lifetime woman member of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Nov 10th Winston Churchill, US, author (Crisis, Crossing)
  • Nov 15th Erich Tschermak von Seysenegg, Austrian Botanist who was one of three scientists (also Hugo de Vries and Carl Correns) who independently rediscovered Gregor Mendel's work on the laws of genetics, born in Vienna, Austria
  • Nov 18th Amadeo Vives, composer
  • Nov 20th William H Kilpatrick, US mathematician/philosopher/educator
  • Nov 21st Panayot Pipkov, composer
  • Nov 25th Cornelis J "Cor" van Ast, actor/director (Ghost Hotel)
  • Nov 27th Giovanni Giorgi, Italian physicist (d. 1950)
  • Dec 1st Archie MacLaren, cricketer (424 Lancashire v Somerset 1895)
  • Dec 5th Bill Pickett, American rodeo performer (d. 1932)
  • Dec 9th Joe Kelley, American baseball player (d. 1943)
  • Dec 13th Herman T Colenbrander, Dutch historian
  • Dec 13th Russell W Porter, Vermont, explorer (Alaska)
  • Dec 13th Emily Carr, Canadian artist (d. 1945)
  • Dec 20th Henry Kimball Hadley, composer
  • Dec 24th Henri Stroethoff, Dutch actor (A Chique Little Boy)