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Apr 20th - William Dollar, St Louis, ballet dancer/choreographer
Apr 21st - Antoni Szalowski, composer
Apr 21st - Beatrice Kay, singer/actress, Sister Sue-Calvin & Col), born in NYC, New York
Apr 22nd - Ivan Efremov, Russian paleontologist and author (d. 1972)
Apr 23rd - Baroness Dudley
Apr 23rd - Lee (Elizabeth) Miller, Poughkeepsie New York, American photographer
Apr 24th - Vaclav Trojan, composer
Apr 25th - Paula Trueman, actress (Gran-Billy), born in NYC, New York
Apr 25th - Vasily Pavlovich Solov'yov-Sedoy, composer
Apr 26th - Theun de Vries, writer (February; PC Hooft prize 1981)
Apr 29th - Fred Zinneman, Austria, director (From Here to Eternity, Julia)
Apr 29th - Tino Rossi, Ajaccio France, singer (Deux Amours, Marlene)
May 1st - Jan Pauw, CEO (Aruban Theater Group)
May 1st - Oliver Hill, civil rights attorney (d. 2007)
May 1st - Kate Smith, American singer (d. 1986)
May 2nd - Pinky Lee, children's show host (Pinky Lee Show)
May 3rd - Earl Wilson, Rockford Ohio, columnist (Midnight Earl)
May 4th - Lincoln Kirstein, American impresario (d. 1996)
May 5th - Benny Baker, St Joseph MO, actor (18 Again, Sting II, Thunderbirds)
May 5th - Kenneth Muir, English scholar
May 5th - Yoritsune Matsudaira, composer
May 6th - Weeb Ewbank, NFL coach (Baltimore Colts, NY Jets)
May 7th - Jef van Durme, composer
May 9th - Baldur von Schirach, German writer/nazi politician (Frame)
May 9th - Kathryn Kuhlman, famed evangelist (d. 1976)
May 9th - Fred Warngård, Swedish athlete (d. 1950)
May 10th - Harilaos Perpessas, composer
May 11th - Rose Ausländer, German poet (d. 1988)
May 11th - Rip Sewell, American baseball player (d. 1989)
May 12th - Katharine Hepburn, Hartford CT, actress (Adam's Rib, On Golden Pond)
May 12th - Leslie Charteris, English/US detective writer (Enter the Saint)
May 13th - Austin Whitaker, schoolmaster classical scholar/archivist
May 13th - Daphne du Maurier, English writer (Rebecca, Parasites)
May 13th - Laurence Kirwan, archaeologist
May 14th - Dick Bentley, entertainer
May 14th - Mohammed Ayub Khan, general/premier/president (Pakistan)
May 14th - Hans von der Groeben, German diplomat (d. 2005)
May 14th - Johnny Moss, American poker player (d. 1995)
May 15th - Josef Alexander, composer
May 15th - Phillip Piratin, communist
May 15th - Sukhdev Thapar, Indian freedom fighter (d. 1931)
May 16th - Robert Tisdall, Ireland, 400m hurdler (Olympic-gold-1932)
May 17th - Charles Cawley, British chief scientist/minister of power
May 17th - Horace McMahon, South Norwalk Ct, actor (Martin Kane Private Eye)
May 17th - Ilona Schacherer Elek, Budapest Hung, fencer (Olympic-gold-1936, 48)
May 18th - Clifford Curzon, pianist (MacFarren Gold Medal), born in London, England
May 18th - Robley D Evans, nuclear physicist
May 18th - Carl Mydans, American photographer (d. 2004)
May 22nd - Laurence Olivier, English actor (Rebecca, Hamlet, Jazz Singer), born in Dorking, Surrey (d. 1989)
May 22nd - Hergé, Belgian comic book creator (d. 1983)
May 23rd - Kenneth Allen, engineer
May 23rd - Matthew Campbell, British senior civil servant
Marine Biologist and Writer Rachel CarsonMarine Biologist and Writer Rachel Carson (May 25th) May 25th - Rachel Carson, conservationist/writer (silent springs)
May 25th - U Nu, Wakema, Myaungmya District, 1st Prime Minister of Burma (1948-56, 1960-62)
May 26th - Carleton Young, NY, actor (Reefer Madness, Pride of the Bowery)
May 26th - John Wayne [Marion Mitchell Morrison], Winterset IA, actor (Green Berets, True Grit)
May 26th - Jean Bernard, French physician (d. 2006)
May 27th - Felix de Nobel, Dutch orchestra leader
May 27th - Rachel Louise Carson, biologist/ecologist/writer (Silent Spring)
May 28th - Frederick George Emmison, archivist/historian
May 28th - Henry Ritz, comedian/dancer (Ritz Brothers)
May 28th - Patrick Browne, British Lord justice of appeal
May 29th - Desmond Shawe-Taylor, critic
May 29th - Hartland Molson, Canadian businessman and senator (d. 2002)
Actor John WayneActor John Wayne (May 26th) May 30th - Elly Beinhorn, German pilot (d. 2007)
May 30th - Germaine Tillion, French anthropologist, member of French Resistance (d. 2008)
May 31st - Valston Hancock, British air marshal
Jun 1st - Frank A Whittle, England inventor (jet engine)
Jun 2nd - Dorothy West, US journalist/author (Living is Easy)
Jun 3rd - Antonio Emmanvilovich Spadavecchia, composer
Jun 4th - Marjan Kozina, composer
Jun 4th - Jacques Roumain, Haitian writer (d. 1944)
Jun 4th - Patience Strong, English poet and journalist (d. 1990)
Jun 5th - Rolf Bongs, writer
Jun 5th - Rudolf Peieris, physicist
Jun 6th - Bill Dickey, NY Yankee hall-of-fame catcher (1928-43)/manager (1946)
Jun 10th - Fairfield Porter, American painter (d. 1975)
Jun 11th - Anton D Hildebrand, children's book writer (Man in the Moon)
Jun 11th - Jose Bernabe Marino Barreto y Casanova, pianist vocalist bandleader
Jun 11th - Paul Mellon, US, oil magnate/pres (Washington National Gallery of Art)
Jun 12th - Giorgio Nataletti, composer
Jun 14th - René Char, French poet/painter
Jun 14th - Nicolas Bentley, British writer and illustrator (d. 1978)
Jun 14th - Chico Landi, Brazilian racing driver (d. 1989)
Jun 16th - Jack Albertson, Malden Mass, actor (Thin Man)
Jun 16th - John Hadfield, author/publisher (Love on a Branch Line)
Jun 17th - Maurice Cloche, French film director and screenwriter (d. 1990)
Jun 17th - Charles Eames, American designer and architect (d. 1978)
Jun 18th - Benny Payne, Phila, pianist (Billy Daniels Show)
Jun 18th - Froelich Rainey, Wisc, quiz moderator (What in the World)
Jun 19th - Clarence Wiseman, 10th General of The Salvation Army (d. 1985)
Jun 20th - Lillian Hellman, playwright (Toys in the Attic, Little Foxes)
Jun 20th - Jimmy Driftwood, American songwriter and musician (d. 1998)
Jun 23rd - Dercy Gonçalves, Brazilian comedienne (d. 2008)
Jun 24th - Jose de Lima Siquiera, composer
Jun 24th - Arseny Tarkovsky, Russian poet (d. 1989)
Jun 25th - J Hans D Jensen, Germany, physicist (atomic nucleus-Nobel 1963)
Jun 26th - Debs Garms, American baseball player (d. 1984)
Jun 27th - John McIntire, Spokane WA, actor (Naked City, Wagon Train, Virginian)
Jun 27th - Valerie Cossart, actress (Hartmans), born in London, England
Jun 28th - Paul-Emile Victor, French pole explorer (La civilisation du phoque)
Jun 29th - Joan Davis, St Paul Minn, actress (I Married Joan)
Jun 29th - Paul O'Dwyer, pres of City Council (D-NYC)
Jun 30th - Roman Shukhevych, Ukrainian politician (d. 1950)
Jul 1st - Bill Stern, sportscaster (Saturday Night Fights), born in Rochester, New York
Jul 2nd - Eppo Doeve, Dutch cartoonist/painter
Jul 2nd - Leo O'Brien, cricketer (Australian batsman in 5 Tests 1932-36)
Jul 3rd - Arthur Steel, Dutch architect (Group '32)
Jul 3rd - Gene Gutche, composer
Jul 4th - Elliott Sullivan, actor (Sergeant), born in San Antonio, Texas
Jul 4th - Gordon Griffith, American director (d. 1958)
Jul 4th - Howard Taubman, American music and theater critic (d. 1996)
Jul 6th - M C Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter and wife of Diego Rivera
Jul 7th - Helene Johnson, poet
Jul 7th - Robert A[nson] Heinlein, US, sci-fi author (4 Hugos, Red Planet)
Jul 8th - George W Romney, (Gov-R-Mich)/US Secretary of HUD (1969-73)
Jul 8th - Kishio Hirao, composer
Jul 15th - Paterson Fraser, British air marshal
Jul 16th - Barbara Stanwyck, Bkln, actress (Dynasty II, Big Valley, Thorn Birds)
Businessman Orville RedenbacherBusinessman Orville Redenbacher (Jul 16th) Jul 16th - Orville Redenbacher, Brazil Indiana, American popcorn King (Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet)
Jul 16th - Frances Horwich, American educator and television personality (d. 2001)
Jul 18th - Yvonne Desportes, composer
Jul 19th - Gunter Bialas, composer
Jul 19th - Isabel Jewell, American actress (d. 1972)
Jul 21st - Ross Alexander, actor (Boulder Dam, Capt Blood), born in Brooklyn, New York
Jul 22nd - Zubir Said, Singaporean composer who composed Singapore's national anthem (d. 1987)
Jul 23rd - Elspeth Josceline Huxley, English author
Jul 24th - Hugh Charles, songwriter/impressario
Jul 25th - Jack Gilford, actor (Save the Tiger, Cocoon, Arthur 2), born in NYC, New York
Jul 25th - Johnny Hodges, American saxophonist (d. 1970)
Jul 26th - Gioconda de Vito, violinist
Jul 26th - Istvan Pelle, Hungary, gymnist (Olympic-gold-1932)
Jul 27th - Denis Rickett, private secretary to Clement Attlee
Jul 27th - Mollie Doreen Phillips, British figure skater/judge (Olympics 1932,36)
Jul 28th - Earl S Tupper, inventor (Tupperware)
Jul 29th - Melvin Mouron Belli, Sonora California, lawyer (SF's "King of Torts")
Aug 2nd - Mary Hamman, American writer (d. 1984)
Aug 3rd - Adrienne Ames, Fort Worth TX, actress (Death Kiss, Panama Patrol)
Aug 3rd - Ernesto Geisel, politician
Aug 3rd - Irene Tedrow, actress (Lucy-Dennis the Menace, Mr Novak), born in Denver, Colorado
Aug 3rd - Lawrence Brown, US trombonist (Duke Ellington Orchestra)
Aug 5th - Ernestine "Tiny" Davis, jazz vocalist/trumpeter
Aug 7th - Ben Carter, actor (Dark Alibi, Dressed to Kill), born in NYC, New York
Aug 7th - Albert Kotin, American abstract painter (d. 1980)
Aug 8th - Benny Carter, musician/composer (Easy Money, King Carter), born in NYC, New York
Aug 9th - Berta Waterstradt, writer
Aug 11th - Ted a'Beckett, cricketer (Australian Test player)
Aug 12th - James Herbert Lloyd Morrell, bishop
Aug 12th - Joe Besser, American actor and comedian (d. 1988)
Aug 13th - Alfred Alwin Felix Krupp, Essen Germany, arms manufacturer

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