Famous Birthdays for April 1911

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1st - Evert H "Bep" Bakhuys, Dutch soccer star/writer
1st - Ferdinand J Kranenburg, Dutch Secretary of Defense (soc dem)
1st - Gunther Rennert, Essen Germany, opera director/producer
2nd - Charles "Honi" Coles, American actor and tap dancer (Tito Suarez-Dirty Dancing), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1992)
3rd - Harold Watkins Shaw, musicologist
3rd - Michael Woodruff, FRS, surgeon
3rd - W R Lee, language teacher
3rd - Stanislawa Walasiewicz [Stella Walsh], Polish-born American sprinter (Olympic gold 1932), born in Wierzchownia
4th - Max Dupain, Australian photographer (d. 1992)
5th - Goddard Lieberson, Hanley Staffordshire England, recording exec
5th - Gordon Jones, Alden Iowa, actor (Mike the Cop-Abbott & Costello)
6th - Phyllis Margaret Duncan Tate, composer
7th - Kenneth Oakley, Amersham Buckinghamshire, English Anthropologist, Palaeontologist, and Geologist whose method for the relative dating of fossils using fluorine content was instrumental in exposing the Piltdown Man hoax
8th - Douglas Hyde, socialist/Christian
8th - Emil Mihai Cioran, writer/aphorist
8th - Melvin Calvin, US chemist (photosynthesis, Nobel 1961)
9th - Albert Remy, Sevres France, actor (Grand Prix, Gigot, Train)
9th - Lord Deramore, architect
10th - Maurice Schumann, French statesman/writer (La Voix du couvre-feu)
12th - Darrell A Amyx, US archaeologist (Greek Ceramics)
12th - Geoff Chubb, cricketer (S Afr pace bowler v England 1951-52 aged 40)
12th - Mahmoud Younis, Suez Canal nationalization Engineer (d. 1976)
13th - Nino Sanzogno, composer
13th - Ico Hitrec, Croatian footballer (d. 1946)
13th - Jean-Louis Lévesque, Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist (d. 1994)
15th - Jacob Fresco, Dutch architect (Antilles Brewery/Autonomy Monument)
16th - Christine McIntyre, actress (3 Stooges movies)
16th - William Stearn, botanist
17th - Jean-Pierre Herve Bazin, writer
17th - Mikhail Botvinnik, of USSR, world chess champion (1948-63)
18th - Francis Frederick Johnson, architect
18th - George Huntington Hartford II, heir (A&P), born in NYC, New York
19th - Francesco Maria Saraceni, composer
20th - Kukrit Pramoj, politician
21st - Leonard Warren, American baritone (Met-1939-60) who died on stage, born in NYC, New York (d. 1960)
21st - Ivan Combe, American inventor (d. 2000)
23rd - Ronald Neame, director (1st Monday in Oct, Poseidon Adventure)
23rd - Simone Simon, France, actress (All Money Can Buy, Ladies in Love)
24th - Jack E Leonard, comedian (Disorderly Orderly), born in Chicago, Illinois
24th - Karl O Schiller, German economist (Minister of Economics)
24th - Robert Joseph Kane, Ithaca NY, Pres of US Olympic Comm (1976)
24th - Sigursveinn David Kristinsson, composer
26th - Marianne Hoppe, Rostock Germany (Bei Thea, Liebrauen)
27th - Colin Gordon, Ceylon, actor (John-Baron)
27th - Georges Dargaud, French publisher (Asterix, Tintin)
28th - Frans Vroons, actor/tenor/director (Neth Opera)
28th - Lee Falk, American comic strip writer (d. 1999)
30th - Hans Studer, composer
30th - John-Baptist J Walgrave, [Henricus/Humanus], Flemish, theologist
30th - Luise Rinser, writer

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