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Jul 27th - Wilfrid Ewart Oulton, airman
Jul 27th - Rayner Heppenstall, British novelist (d. 1981)
Jul 28th - Ann Doran, Amarillo Tx, actress (Longstreet, Shirley)
Jul 28th - Gerhard Stoeck, Germany, javelin thrower (Olympic-gold-1936)
Jul 29th - Jan Cikker, composer
Jul 29th - Foster Furcolo, 60th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1995)
Jul 29th - Iakovos, Archbishop of America (d. 2005)
Jul 31st - George Liberace, Menasha Wisc, violinist (Liberace Show)
Aug 1st - Kenneth Norman Joseph Loveless, priest folk musician
Aug 1st - Ronald MacDonald, British major-general (WWII), born in Quetta, India (d. 2005)
Aug 1st - Jackie Ormes, American cartoonist (d. 1985)
Aug 3rd - Karel G Bakker, Dutch actor (Lady Windermere's Fan)
Aug 3rd - Alex McCrindle, Scottish actor (d. 1990)
Aug 5th - Robert Taylor, Filley Neb, actor (Death Valley Days)
Aug 6th - Lucille Ball, Jamestown NY, comedienne/actress (I Love Lucy, Mame), (d. 1989)
Aug 6th - Norman Gordon, S Afri cricket pace bowler (against England 1938-39)
Aug 7th - R Nicholas Ray, Galesville WI, director (Rebel Without a Cause)
Comedienne/Actress Lucille BallComedienne/Actress Lucille Ball (Aug 6th) Aug 8th - Rosetta LeNoire, actor (Grandma Winslow-Family Matters), born in NYC, New York
Aug 9th - Khurshed Meher-Homji, cricketer (Indian wicket-keeper 1936)
Aug 9th - Robert McCormick, Danville Ky, NBC newscaster (Current Opinion)
Aug 9th - William A Fowler, US, astrophysicist (Nobel 1983)
Aug 9th - Eddie Futch, American boxing trainer (d. 2001)
Aug 10th - A. N. Sherwin-White, English historian (d. 1993)
Aug 11th - Alphonse de Waelhens, Flemish philosopher (Psychosis)
Aug 11th - Benny Lee, entertainer
Aug 11th - Henry Kulky, Hastings-on-Hudson NY, actor (Otto-Life of Riley)
Aug 11th - Prem Bhatia, journalist
Aug 11th - Ronald Batty, bookseller
Aug 11th - Thanom Kittikachorn, general/premier Thailand (1958..73)
Aug 12th - Cantinflas, [Mario Moreno], Mexico, actor (Around World in 80 Days)
Aug 13th - William Bernbach, Famous Advertiser (d. 1982)
Aug 14th - Ethel Lois Payne, American civil rights journalist and "1st Lady of the Black Press", born in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 14th - Jan Koetsier, composer
Aug 14th - Pieter Platteel, last governor Neth New-Guinea
Aug 17th - Frederik de Merode, Belgian prince
Aug 17th - Jan Lode Cantens, Flemish dramatist (God's Murderer)
Aug 20th - Ronald Udell, England, production designer (Pinewood Studios)
Aug 22nd - Edith Atwater, Chic, actress (Phyllis-Love on a Rooftop)
Aug 22nd - Somerset de Chair, MP
Aug 23rd - Albert Alberts, writer/journalist (French battle)
Aug 23rd - Birger Ruud, Norway, 90m ski jumper (Olympic-gold-1932, 36)
Aug 23rd - Carl Dolmetsch, director (Haslemere Festival)
Aug 23rd - Elizabeth "Betty" Robinson, US 100m sprinter (Olympic-gold-1928)
Aug 24th - Karl AF Schiller, West German economist/SPD-minister
Aug 25th - Jacopo Napoli, composer
Aug 25th - Vo Nguyen Giap (Võ Nguyên Giáp), Vietnamese general and statesman, (d. 2013)
Aug 26th - Lester Lanin, orchestra leader (40 Beatle Hits)
Aug 27th - Patience Edney, nurse/communist
Aug 27th - Kay Walsh, British actress (d. 2005)
Aug 28th - Jose Antonio Giron de Velasco, politician
Aug 28th - Joseph MAH Luns, foreign minister/secr-general (NATO)
Aug 31st - Hilde Jarecki, educationist
Sep 1st - Komei Abe, composer
Sep 1st - Marinus Ruppert, Dutch chairman (CNV)/trade union leader
Sep 2nd - Eileen Way, actress (Les Miserables, Rainbow, Vikings, Assassin)
Sep 2nd - Rene Amengual, composer
Sep 2nd - Romare Bearden, African American painter (d. 1988)
Sep 3rd - Bernard Mammes, American cyclist (d. 2000)
Sep 6th - Bentley Bridgewater, British Museum secretary
Sep 6th - Harry Danning, American baseball player (d. 2004)
Sep 7th - Todor C Zjivkov, Bulgaria partizan/premier/president
Sep 9th - John Gorton, Australian politician (d. 2002)
Sep 9th - Paul Goodman, American poet and writer (d. 1972)
Sep 11th - Bola de Nieve, Cuban pianist (d. 1971)
Sep 13th - Bill Monroe, Rosine Ky, country singer (Blue Moon of Kentucky)
Sep 15th - Silas Hogan, blues singer/guitarist
Sep 15th - Karsten Solheim, Norwegian-born American golf entrepreneur (d. 2000)
Sep 16th - Wilfred Burchett, Australia, communist/writer (Catapult to Freedom)
Sep 18th - Syd Howe, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1976)
Sep 19th - Gustaf Allan Pettersson, composer
Sep 19th - Weldon Hart, composer
Nobel Laureate and Novelist William GoldingNobel Laureate and Novelist William Golding (Sep 19th) Sep 19th - William Golding, Cornwall England, novelist (Lord of the Flies-Nobel 1983), (d. 1993)
Sep 20th - Frank Devol, Moundsville WV, orchestra leader (I'm Dickens He's Fenster)
Sep 20th - Jan Mul, composer
Sep 20th - Shriram Sharma Acharya, Indian spiritual leader (d. 1991)
Sep 23rd - Frank Moss, United States Senator from Utah (d. 2003)
Sep 24th - Konstantin Chernenko, USSR leader
Sep 25th - Lionel Henry Nowak, composer
Sep 25th - Eric Williams, first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago (d. 1981)
Sep 26th - Jan F Hampe, pathologist-anatomy (Fabric & Stoflongen)
Sep 27th - Peter Muir Doig, politician
Sep 28th - Henry Ellsworth Vines Jr, tennis (US Open 1931, 32)/golfer
Sep 29th - Reginald Victor Jones, CH, FRS natural philosopher
Oct 1st - Edward P Boland, (Rep-D-MA, 1953- )
Oct 1st - Irwin Kostal, orchestra leader (Garry Moore Show), born in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 1st - Richard Torriani, Switzerland, took Olympic oath (1948)
Oct 2nd - Stuart Rose, designer (British Post Office)
Oct 2nd - Jack Finney, American author (d. 1995)
Oct 3rd - Michael Hordern, Hertfordshire England, actor (Friar Domingo-Shogun)
Oct 5th - Flann O'Brien, Irish humorist (d. 1966)
Oct 7th - Joe Jones, drummer, born in Chicago, Illinois
Oct 7th - Vaughn Monroe, Akron Oh, singer/orchestra leader (Vaughn Monroe Show)
Oct 7th - Shura Cherkassky, Ukrainian classical pianist (d. 1995)
Oct 9th - Joe Rosenthal, American photographer (d. 2006)
Oct 12th - Maribel Vinson, American figure skater (9x US National Champion), born in Winchester, Massachusetts (d. 1961)
Oct 12th - Louis M de Guiringaud, French foreign minister (1976-78)
Oct 12th - Vijay Merchant, cricketer (all-time great Indian batsman)
Oct 13th - Ticker Freeman, Paterson NJ, pianist (Dinah Shore Show)
Oct 13th - Ashok Kumar, Indian actor (d. 2001)
Oct 14th - Lê Ðức Thọ, Vietnamese revolutionary general, politician and negotiator in Paris (1975)
Oct 15th - James H[enry] Schmitz, Germany, sci-fi author (Lion Game)
Oct 19th - George Cates, orchestra leader (Lawrence Welk Show), born in NYC, New York
Oct 19th - Hilde Spiel, writer
Oct 20th - Will Rogers Jr, NY, actor (Down to Earth)
Oct 21st - Peter Graves, English actor (Derby Day/Admirable Crichton), born in London, England
Oct 21st - Vladimir Ussachevsky, Manchurian/US composer (Creation) [NS=Nov 3]
Oct 24th - Clarence M Kelley, FBI head
Oct 24th - Sonny Terry, rocker
Oct 24th - Paul Grégoire, French Canadian archbishop of Montreal (d. 1993)
Oct 24th - Nathaniel Wyeth, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, USA, American chemist and inventor (created PET plastic beverage bottle)
Gospel Singer Mahalia JacksonGospel Singer Mahalia Jackson (Oct 26th) Oct 26th - Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer (Whole World in his Hands), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
Oct 26th - Sid Gillman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, NFL hall of fame coach/player (LA, San Diego, Houston)
Oct 26th - Sorley MacLean Somhairle MacChaluim, poet
Oct 27th - Leif Erickson, California, actor (Invaders from Mars, On the Waterfront)
Oct 29th - Phillip Jack Oppenheimer, diamond trader
Oct 30th - Ruth Hussey, American actress (d. 2005)
Nov 1st - Henri Troyat, French author and historian (d. 2007)
Nov 1st - Donald William Kerst, Madison, Wisconsin, American Physicist who developed the betatron (device to accelerate electron beams)
Nov 2nd - Odysseus Elytis Alepoudellis, Greece, poet (Nobel 1979)
Nov 2nd - Raphael Robinson, US mathematician (d. 1995)
Nov 3rd - Vladimir Ussachevsky, Hailar Manchuria, composer (Creation)
Nov 4th - Jack Rose, screenwriter
Nov 4th - Ssamu Shimizu, composer
Nov 5th - Roy Rogers, Cincinnati Ohio, cowboy (Happy Trails, Roy Rogers Show)
Nov 7th - Walter Shlomo Gross, journalist
Nov 9th - Tabish Dehlvi, Pakistani poet (d. 2004)
Nov 10th - Harry Andrews, Kent England, actor (Equus, Man of La Mancha)
Nov 11th - Patric Knowles [Reginald Lawrence Knowles], Horsforth, Yorkshire, English actor (Chisum, Arnold, Mutiny)
Nov 12th - Luc Estang, [Lucien Bastard], French writer (Stigmates)
Nov 12th - William Thomas Pennar Davies, poet author/theologian
Nov 12th - Buck Clayton, American jazz trumpet player (d. 1991)
Nov 13th - Buck O'Neil, American baseball player (d. 2006)
Nov 17th - Charles Walters, US, actor/choreographer/director (Easter parade)
Nov 17th - Nobutaka Shikanai, Japans media CEO (Fujisankei Com Group)
Nov 17th - William Tannen, actor (Jailhouse Rock, Sitting Bull), born in NYC, New York
Nov 17th - Christian Fouchet, French diplomat (d. 1974)
Nov 18th - Attilio Bertolucci, Italian poet and writer (d. 2000)
Nov 20th - Jean Shiley, US, high jumper (Olympic-gold-1932)
Nov 23rd - Peter Saunders, English theater producer (Legend of the Werewolf)
Nov 24th - Kirby Grant, Butte Mont, actor (Sky King)
Nov 24th - Walter Goetz, illustrator cartoonist/painter
Nov 24th - Joe Medwick, baseball player (d. 1975)
Nov 25th - Roelof Frankot, Dutch painter (d. 1984)
Nov 26th - Raymond Scheyven, Belgian minister of Economic Affairs
Nov 26th - Ronald Diggens, English fabric manufacturer/multi-millionaire
Nov 26th - Samuel H Reshevsky, Polish/US chess grandmaster/prodigy
Nov 27th - Georges Dargaud, French publisher (Asterix/Kuifje)
Nov 27th - Fe del Mundo, Filipino pediatrician and National Scientist
Nov 28th - Václav Renč, Czech poet (d. 1973)
Nov 29th - Klaus E J Fuchs, Rüsselsheim Germany, German/British atomic physicist/spy

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