Famous Birthdays for September 1912

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2nd - Johan Daisne, [Herman Thiery], Belgian writer (magic realism)
2nd - Ernest Bromley, Australian cricketer (d. 1967)
4th - Alexander Liberman, editor/painter/photographer (639)
5th - John Cage, composer (Imaginary Landscape No 1/O'O), born in Los Angeles, California
5th - Kristina Söderbaum, German actress and photographer (d. 2001)
5th - Frank Thomas, American animator (d. 2004)
6th - Stephen Murray, Partney England, actor (Alice in Wonderland)
6th - Vincent DiMaggio, baseball player (Giants, Phils, Reds, Braves)
6th - Wayne Barlow, composer
7th - David Packard, electronic engineer/businessman
8th - Alexander Mackendrick, director (Man in the White Suit, Mandy), born in Boston, Massachusetts
8th - Leo Cherne, economist/commentator (All Star News), born in NYC, New York
10th - Brother William Oliver Antoninus Everson, poet
10th - Mary Walter, Filipina actress (d. 1993)
13th - Reta Shaw, South Paris Maine, actress (Ghost & Mrs Muir)
15th - Gisela Hernandez Gonzalo, composer
16th - Jerry Wald, producer (Mildred Pierce, Johnny Belinda), born in NYC, New York
17th - Pauline Parsons, matron in chief (PMRAFNS)
17th - Irena Kwiatkowska, Polish actress and comedian
18th - Kurt Lotz, German business executive, second postwar CEO of Volkswagen (d. 2005)
19th - Kurt Sanderling, Arys Germany, conductor (E Berlin Symph 1960-77)
19th - Emma "Nono" Batenburg, actress (Noah)
20th - Marianne Kunvari, writer
21st - Chuck Jones, animator (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck)
21st - György Sándor, Hungarian pianist (d. 2005)
22nd - Alfred G Vanderbilt, thoroughbred horse owner (Native Dancer)
22nd - Martha Scott, Jamesport, Missouri, American actress (Our Town, Ben-Hur)
23rd - Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Pakistani researcher, critic and linguist (d. 2005)
23rd - Tony Smith, American sculptor (d. 1980)
24th - Don Porter, Miami Oklahoma, actor (Russ Lawrence-Gidget, Ann Sothern Show)
24th - Ian Serraillier, children author
27th - Gerben Wagenaar, resistance fighter/Dutch Communist MP
27th - Tauno Marttinen, composer
27th - Mary Grierson, Bangor, Wales, botanical artist, (d. 2012)
29th - Lukas Ammann, Basel, actor (Day of Anger, Class Reunion, Palace Hotel)
29th - Michelangelo Antonioni, Ferrara Italy, director (Blow-up, Red Desert)
29th - Viscount Lambert
30th - Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist

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