Famous Birthdays for April 1913

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3rd - F H Tate, vice-CEO (Tate & Lyle)
3rd - George Barati, composer
3rd - Per Borten, Premier of Norway (d. 2005)
4th - Frances Langford, Lakeland Fla, singer (Armed Forces Hour, Star Time)
4th - Jerome Weidman, US writer (Tenderloin)
4th - Rosemary Lane, Indianola IA, actress (4 Mothers, Harvest Melody)
4th - Muddy Waters, [McKinley Morganfield], American blues guitarist (Hoochie Coochie Man)
4th - Jules L├ęger, Quebec diplomat and Governor general of Canada (d. 1980)
5th - Alan Cheales, dominican priest
7th - Charles Vanik, American politician (d. 2007)
8th - H Ernst, bishop (Breda Neth)
10th - Stefan Heym, German/US author (Crusaders, Family Benda)
11th - Oleg Cassini, Paris France, fashion designer (Jackie Kennedy)
12th - Gabor Jodal, composer
12th - Keiko Fukuda, Tokyo, Japan, martial artist, (d. 2013)
13th - Bernard Chacksfield, Air Vice-Marshal
Blues Musician Muddy WatersBlues Musician Muddy Waters (4th) 13th - David Donald Albritton, Danville Al, high jumper (Olympic-silver-1936)
14th - Everhard van Royen, Dutch flautist/founder (Alma musica)
14th - Jean Fournet, French conductor
14th - John Howard, Cleve Ohio, actor (Dave-My Three Sons)
16th - Constance Shacklock, opera singer
16th - Les Tremayne, actor (Angry Red Planet, War of the Worlds), born in London, England
16th - Lord Aberconway, CEO (John Brown & Co)
17th - Paul Langton, Salt Lake City Utah, actor (Leslie-Peyton Place)
17th - Richard Travis, Carlsbad NM, actor (Missile to the Moon)
18th - Al Hodge, actor (Capt Video)
18th - Kent Wheeler Kennan, composer
18th - Milos Sokola, composer
18th - Susan Bosence, textile designer
19th - Cyril English, British educator
20th - Dick Wessel, WI, actor (Dick Tracy vs Cueball, Beware of Blondie)
21st - Choh Hao Li, bio-chemist professor, isolated growth hormones)
21st - Kai-Uwe von Hassel, German politician
21st - Norman Parkinson, England, fashion photographer, Harper's Bazaar)
23rd - Jan Meyerowitz, composer
25th - Earl Bostic, alto sax player (Flamingo, Temptation), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
25th - Russ Conway, Brandon Manitoba, actor (Richard Diamond Private Eye)
27th - Philip Hauge Abelson, American physicist (d. 2004)
29th - Jack Alexander Bently, trombonist
29th - Thomas Chalmers, broadcaster
30th - Bernard Charles Sendall, deputy director general (ITA)
30th - Edith Fowke, folklorist

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