Famous Birthdays for July 1913

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1st - Jo Sinclair, writer
2nd - Edith Heerdegen, Dresden Germany, actress (Serpent's Egg, Monpti)
3rd - Hugh Stirling MacKenzie, British vice admiral
3rd - William Deakin, warden (St Anthony's College Oxford)
5th - Smiley Lewis, Louisiana, vocalist (I Hear You Knockin')
8th - Walter Kerr, NY drama critic (Sad Clowns)
10th - Ljuba Welitsch, Borisovo, Bulgaria, opera soprano (Nedda-Pagliacci)
10th - Salvador Espriu, Spanish poet (d. 1985)
11th - Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger, US, sci-fi author (Space Lords)
11th - Cordwainer Smith, American writer (d. 1966)
12th - Willis Lamb, American physicist, Nobel laureate (d. 2008)
13th - Carolina Gisolf, Holland, high jumper (Olympic-silver-1928)
13th - Dave Garroway, Schnectady NY, TV host (Today Show)
13th - Ladislav Holoubek, composer
13th - Walter Landor, designer
13th - Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller, Hellerup Denmark, Danish shipping magnate, (d. 2012)
14th - Fritz Erler, German politician (SDP)
14th - Gerald R Ford, [Leslie King], 41st US VP (1973-74)/38th US President (R-1974-77), born in Omaha, Nebraska (d. 2006)
38th US President Gerald Ford38th US President Gerald Ford (14th) 14th - Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, politician
15th - Murvyn Vye, Quincy Mass, actor (Bob Cummings Show)
15th - Ralph Hammond Innes, English author
15th - Cowboy Copas, American country singer (d. 1963)
15th - Dorothy Schwartz, American violinist (d. 2007)
15th - Abraham Sutzkever, Yiddish language poet and memoirist.
16th - Hugh Ford, FRS mechanic engineer
16th - Peter Van Eyck, Steinwehr Germany, actor (Brain, Wages of Fear)
17th - Everett Helm, composer
17th - Roger Garaudy, French philosopher
17th - Bertrand Goldberg, American architect (d. 1997)
18th - Jan Slot, Dutch mayor (Eethen/Hardenberg/Ede)
18th - Marvin Miller, St Louis Mo, actor (Space Patrol, Millionaire)
18th - Red Skelton, [Richard], Vincennes Ind, comedian (Red Skelton Show)
22nd - Gorni Kramer, Italian bandleader (d. 1995)
23rd - Coral Browne, Australian actress (Margaret-Time Express), born in Melbourne, Victoria
23rd - Michael Foot, MP
24th - George H Brown, film producer
24th - Johnny McAfee, singer (Sammy Kaye Show), born in Dallas, Texas
25th - John Cairncross, linguist (5th Man)
26th - Lou Salica, US, flyweight boxer (Olympic-bronze-1932)
27th - Eva Jones, poet/novelist
27th - Mary Green, headmistress (Kidbrooke School)
27th - Vittorio Sereni, Italian poet (Diario d'Algeria)
27th - George L. Street III American Navy Submariner (d. 2000)
29th - Stephen McNally, actor (Split Second, 30 Seconds over Tokyo), born in NYC, New York
29th - Erich Priebke, Nazi war criminal
30th - Ivo Lhotka-Kalinski, composer
30th - Karl Guttmann, Austrian/Neth playwright/director (Albee/Pinter)
31st - Bryan Hextall, NHL hall of famer (NY Rangers)

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