Famous Birthdays for June 1913

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1st - Bill Deedes, British journalist (d. 2007)
2nd - Barbara Pym, romantic author (Very Private Eye), (d. 1980)
2nd - Bert Farber, American orchestra leader (Arthur Gudfrey, Vic Damone), born in Brooklyn, New York
2nd - Walter Andreas Schwarz, German singer and author (d. 1992)
3rd - Pedro Mir, Dominican Poet Laureate (d. 2000)
4th - Bruno Bettinelli, composer
5th - Friedrich Wildgans, composer
6th - Jiri Hajek, Czech jurist/foreign minister
6th - Carlo L. Golino, American scholar (d. 1991)
7th - Anthony David Machell Cox, medievalist
8th - Graham Watson, British-born literary agent (Curtis Brown)
8th - Janos Jagamas, composer
8th - Peter Diamand, artistic administrator
9th - Alida Margaretha Bosshardt, lt-colonel of Dutch Salvation Army
9th - Patrick Steptoe, scientist (developed in vitro fertilization)
10th - John Edmunds, composer
10th - Thor Johnson, Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin, conductor (Cin Symph 1958)
10th - Tikhon Nikoleyevich Khrennikov, composer
10th - Van Carlyle Wilton-Davies, archdeacon Emeritus (Oxford)
10th - Wilbur J Cohen, 1st employee of Social Security System
11th - John Elliott Terry, managing director (National Film Finance Corp)
11th - Revaz Kondrat'yevich Gabichvadze, composer
Coach Vince LombardiCoach Vince Lombardi (11th) 11th - Vince Lombardi, NFL coach (Green Bay Packers), born in Brooklyn, New York
12th - Jean Victor Allard, Canadian army general (d. 1996)
13th - Ralph Edwards, American TV host (This is Your Life), born in Merino, Colorado (d. 2005)
13th - Etienne Leroux, major Afrikaans author.
15th - Trevor Huddleston, English pastor/chairman (Anti-Apartheid)
17th - Felix Hartlaub, writer
18th - Sammy Cahn, lyricist (3 Coins in a Fountain)
18th - Sylvia Porter, financial writer (Sylvia Porter's Money Book)
21st - Irving Shulman, author/screenwriter
22nd - Wladyslaw Sila-Nowicki, Poland, lawyer (Solidarity)
23rd - Jacques Rabemananjara, Hungarian author/vice-president (Antsa)
23rd - Molly Harris, actress/writer (Immortal)
23rd - William P Rogers, Norfolk NY, US secretary of state (1969-73)
24th - John Kubris, Czech resistance fighter
24th - Max van Praag, Dutch singer
25th - Cyril Fletcher, British comedian (d. 2005)
26th - Maurice Wilkes, inventor (stored program concept for computers)
26th - Aimé Césaire, French Martinican poet and politician (d. 2008)
27th - Willie Mosconi, world champion pool player (1941-57)
28th - George Walter Selwyn Lloyd, English composer (Serf, John Socman)
28th - Franz Antel, Austrian filmmaker (d. 2007)
28th - Walter Oesau, German pilot (d. 1944)
30th - Harry Wismer, Port Huron Mich, AFL owner (NY Titans)
30th - Alfonso López Michelsen, 32nd Colombian President (d. 2007)

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