Famous Birthdays for July 1914

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1st - Cristyl Cranz, Germany, slalom (Olympic-gold-1936)
1st - Earle Warren, alto sax player
1st - Magda Gabor, Budapest Hungary, actress (People vs Zsa Zsa Gabor)
2nd - Frederick Fennell, conductor (Time & Winds), born in Cleveland, Ohio
2nd - Mário Schenberg, Brazilian physicist (d. 1990)
4th - Giuseppe 'Nuccio' Bertone, car designer
5th - Jacob Soetendorp, Dutch rabbi
6th - Jens Rohiner, composer
7th - Cor de Groot, pianist/conductor/composer (Old-Dutch Suite)
7th - Serafim Sergeyevich Tulikov, composer
8th - Billy Eckstine, jazz singer (Tenderly, A Fool in Love), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
8th - Jyoti Basu, Indian politician
9th - Bill Tallon, cricketer (brother of Don, Queensland leggie)
9th - Willi Stoph, president German DR
10th - Joe Shuster, Canadian-born cartoonist (d. 1992)
11th - Ahti Sonninen, composer
14th - Sidney George Gray, company secretary
15th - Akhtar Hameed Khan, pioneer of Microcredit in developing countries (d. 1999)
15th - Howard Vernon, Swiss actor (d. 1996)
17th - Lucille Benson, Scottsboro Ala, actress (Lilly-Bosom Buddies)
17th - James Purdy, Hicksville, Ohio, writer (The House of the Solitary Maggot), (disputed birthdate, 1923), (d. 2009)
18th - Herbert Collum, composer
18th - John G Bearer, writer (Metro, Drunken Canary, Fast Heartbeat)
18th - Jozef MLT Cals, Dutch premier (KVP, Mammoth Law)
18th - Mack Robinson, US, 200m dash (Olympic-silver-1932)
18th - Gino Bartali, Italian cyclist (d. 2000)
19th - Josef Palenicek, composer
19th - Marius Russo, baseball player (d. 2005)
20th - William John Phillips, actor (Nothing but a Man)
22nd - Cecil Effinger, composer
23rd - Alastair Down, CEO (Burmah Oil)
24th - David Miles Bensuan-Butt, economist
24th - Edwin Mirvish, owner (Old Vic)
24th - Frank Silvera, Kingston Jamaica, actor (High Chaparral)
24th - Kenneth B Clark, Canal Zone, civil rights activist (Dark Ghetto)
24th - Riccardo Malipiero, composer
24th - Robert Emhardt, actor (Mac-Another World, Underworld USA, Mooncussers)
24th - Frances Oldham Kelsey, Canadian-American FDA Director (stopped thalidomide use in the US), born in Cobble Hill, British Columbia (d.2015)
Actor and Sportsman Woody StrodeActor and Sportsman Woody Strode (25th) 25th - Woody Strode, African American actor (Posse, Cotton Club, Vigilante, Scream)
26th - Ralph Hunsecker Blane, songwriter
26th - Erskine Hawkins, American musician and bandleader (d. 1993)
26th - Ellis Kinder, American baseball player (d. 1968)
28th - Carmen Dragon, American composer (d. 1984)
29th - "Professor" Irwin Corey, comedian (Car Wash)
29th - Abram Games, graphic artist
29th - Dovie Hudson, community activist in rural Mississippi
30th - Lord Killanin, Irish IOC president (d. 1999)
31st - Jose Ignacio Domecq, wine maker
31st - Louis De Funes, Courbevoie France, actor (I Tartassati, Fantomas)
31st - Raymond Aubrac, Paris, French resistance leader, (d. 2012)

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