Famous People Born in 1917

Birthdays 1 - 200 of 495

  • Jan 1st Jule Gregory Charney, American meteorologist (d. 1981)
  • Jan 1st Albert Mol, Dutch actor (d. 2004)
  • Jan 2nd Vera Zorina, German dancer (d. 2003)
  • Jan 3rd Vernon Walters, US permanent rep to the UN, born in NYC, New York
  • Jan 3rd Roger W. Straus, Jr., American publisher (d. 2004)
  • Jan 4th Maurice Wohl, English broker/multi-millionaire
  • Jan 5th Reginald Smith Brindle, composer
  • Jan 5th Wieland Wagner, German opera director
  • Jan 5th Jane Wyman, St. Joseph, Missouri, American actress (Magnificent Obsession) and 1st wife of Ronald Reagan (d. 2007)
  • Jan 5th Francis L. Kellogg, U.S. diplomat and prominent socialite (d. 2006)
  • Jan 6th Guillermo Rosario, Dutch Antilles, writer (E rais ku no ke muri)
  • Jan 6th Koo Chen-fu, Chinese negotiator (d. 2005)
  • Jan 7th Ulysses Sipmson Kay, composer
  • Jan 8th Peter Taylor, US writer
  • Jan 8th Stanley Prager, comedian (College Bowl), born in NYC, New York
  • Jan 9th Herbert Lom, Czech, actor (Pink Panther Strikes Again, Dorian Gray)
  • Jan 10th Jerry Wexler, music producer (Aretha Franklin/Bob Dylan)
  • Jan 12th Walter Hendl, West New York NJ, conductor
  • Jan 12th Jimmy Skinner, Canadian hockey coach (d. 2007)
  • Jan 12th Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Indian spiritualist (d. 2008)
  • Jan 13th Felix Guerro Diaz, composer
  • Jan 16th Buddy Lester, actor (Nick-Phil Silvers Show), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Jan 16th Carl Karcher, founded the Carl's Jr. hamburger chain (d. 2008)
  • Jan 17th Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran, (MGR), Indian film star, politician
  • Jan 17th Oskar Morawetz, Svetla Czechoslovakia, composer
  • Jan 17th Ulyses Simpson Kay, composer
  • Jan 17th Ramón Cardemil, Chilean huaso (d. 2007)
  • Jan 18th Oscar Lewenstein, impressario
  • Jan 18th Wang Yung-ching, Taiwanese businessman
  • Jan 19th John Raitt, Bonnie Raitt's father/singer/actor (Pajama Game)
  • Jan 19th Rudolf Maros, composer
  • Jan 21st Rohan Butler, historian
  • Jan 22nd Albert "Pud" Brown, clarinetist/saxophonist
  • Jan 22nd Herwig Hensen, [Flor Mielants], Flemish poet/playwright
  • Jan 24th Ernest Borgnine, Hamden Ct, actor (Ice Station Zebra, McHale, Marty), (d. 2012)
  • Jan 25th Ilya Prigogine, Russian scientist Nobel Laureate (d. 2003)
  • Jan 25th Jânio Quadros, Brazilian politician (d. 1992)
  • Jan 29th John Raitt, Santa Ana California, actor/singer (Chevy Show, Pajama Game)
  • Jan 30th Paul Frère, Belgian racing driver and motorsport journalist d. 2008)
  • Jan 31st Erich Geiringer, general practitioner campaigner
  • Jan 31st José Maceda, Filipino composer, born in Manila, Philippines (d. 2004)
  • Feb 4th Aga Yahya Khan, Pakistan military/politician
  • Feb 6th Zsa Zsa Gabor, [Zsa Sari], Budapest, actress (Queen of Outer Space)
  • Feb 6th Arthur Gold, pianist, born in Toronto, Ontario
  • Feb 6th Liberato Firmino Sifonia, composer
  • Feb 11th Richard Jock Kinneir, graphic designer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 11th Sidney Sheldon, novelist (1947 Academy Award, 1959 Tony, Bloodline)

Novelist Sidney Sheldon
Sidney Sheldon
  • Feb 11th T. Nagi Reddy, Indian revolutionary (d. 1976)
  • Feb 12th Thomas K Scherman, conductor (Little Orch Society 1947-75), born in NYC, New York
  • Feb 12th Raizo Matsuno, Japanese politician (d. 2006)
  • Feb 13th Polly Rose, actress (Myrtle-Love That Jill)
  • Feb 14th Herbert A Hauptman, x-ray crystallographer (Nobel 1985), born in NYC, New York
  • Feb 17th Abdur Rahman Badawi, Egyptian philosopher (d. 2002)
  • Feb 17th Guillermo González Camarena, Mexican inventor (d. 1965)
  • Feb 19th Dick Emery, actor (Yellow Submarine, Loot, Baby Love), born in London, England
  • Feb 19th Carson McCullers, US, novelist (Heart Is a Lonely Hunter)
  • Feb 20th Frederick Page, CEO (British Aerospace Aircraft Group)
  • Feb 21st Victor G M Marijnen, Dutch premier (1963-65)
  • Feb 22nd Harmen van Rossum, civil servant/resistance fighter (WW II)
  • Feb 22nd Jack Robertson, cricketer (superb England batsman only played 11 Tests)
  • Feb 22nd Jane Bowles, American writer, born in New York City (d. 1973)
  • Feb 23rd Kenneth Tobey, actor (Chuck-Whirlybirds) [or Mar 23]
  • Feb 24th William Fairbank, physicist (superconductivity), born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Feb 25th Alex Gordon, architect

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 25th [John] Anthony Burgess [Wilson], essayist/novelist (A Clockwork Orange), born in Harpurhey, Lancashire (d. 1993)

Novelist Anthony Burgess
Anthony Burgess
  • Feb 25th Asta E R Elstak, Suriname/Dutch social worker
  • Feb 26th Robert Taft Jr, (Sen-R-Oh)
  • Feb 27th John Connally, (Gov-D/R-Texas), shot in Kennedy motorcade
  • Feb 28th Hans Deutgen, Sweden, world champion archer
  • Feb 28th John B Connally, (Gov/Sen-D/R-Tx), took a bullet with JFK
  • Mar 1st Dinah Shore, singer (See the USA in a Chevrolet), born in Winchester, Tennessee
  • Mar 1st Robert Lowell, American poet/pacifist (Lord Weary's Castle, Near the Ocean), born in Boston, Massachusetts

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 2nd Desi Arnaz, Cuban-American actor (I Love Lucy), born in Santiago de Cuba (d. 1986)

Actor Desi Arnaz
Desi Arnaz
  • Mar 2nd Jim Konstanty, baseball player (NL MVP 1950)
  • Mar 2nd John Gardner, composer
  • Mar 2nd David Goodis, American writer (d. 1967)
  • Mar 3rd Bert van Aerschot, Flemish writer (Elevator, Women)
  • Mar 3rd Sameera Moussa, Egyptian nuclear scientist (d. 1952)
  • Mar 4th Clyde McCullough, American baseball player (d. 1982)
  • Mar 6th J A Mommersteeg, Dutch asst sect of Defense (KVP)
  • Mar 6th Roy Scott, cricketer (one Test NZ v England 1947, 18, 1-74)
  • Mar 6th Will Eisner, American illustrator and cartoonist (d. 2005)
  • Mar 6th Frankie Howerd, English comedian (d. 1992)
  • Mar 7th Davis Roberts, actor (Mr Johnson-Boone), born in Mobile, Alabama
  • Mar 7th Janet Collins, ballerina
  • Mar 7th Robert Erickson, composer
  • Mar 8th A Marja, [ATE Mooy], Dutch literary (Shreds on the River)
  • Mar 9th Dante B Fascell, (Rep-D-FL, 1955- )
  • Mar 10th Frank Perconte, American sergeant from Easy Company during WWII.
  • Mar 11th Robert L Carter, Caryville, Florida, American civil rights activist and judge (Brown v. Board of Education, NAACP v. Alabama) (d. 2012)
  • Mar 12th Googie Withers, Karachi India, actress (1 of Our Aircraft is Missing)
  • Mar 12th Tom Normanton, British MP
  • Mar 13th Ina Ray Hutton, orchestra leader (Ina Ray Hutton Show), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Mar 13th Maria Vlamynck, Flemish author
  • Mar 13th Tessie O'Shea, England, actress (Entertainers)
  • Mar 14th Macha Louis Rosenthal, critic/poet
  • Mar 16th Samael Aun Weor, Colombian writer (d. 1977)
  • Mar 17th Arthur Basil Cotle, medievalist
  • Mar 17th Brian Boydell, composer
  • Mar 19th Dino Lipatti, composer
  • Mar 19th Laszlo Szabo, Hungarian chess player (d. 1998)
  • Mar 20th Dolf Verspoor, literary/interpreter (M Nijhoff Prize 1958)
  • Mar 20th Peter Caddy, founder (Findhorn Community)
  • Mar 20th Vera Lynn, singer (Anniversary Waltz)
  • Mar 21st Frank Hardy, Australian author (d. 1994)
  • Mar 22nd Charles Pick, British publisher (William Heinemann), (d. 2000)
  • Mar 22nd Virginia Grey, LA, actress (Another Thin Man, Idiot's Delight, Idaho)
  • Mar 23rd H C Allen, American historian
  • Mar 23rd Johnny Guarnieri, jazz pianist (Morey Amsterdam Show), born in NYC, New York
  • Mar 23rd Kenneth Tobey, actor (The Thing, Strange Invaders) [or Feb 23]
  • Mar 23rd Patricia Burke, Milan Italy, actress (Forbidden)
  • Mar 24th John Kendrew, British molecular biologist, Nobel laureate (d. 1997)
  • Mar 24th Constantine Andreou, Greek-Brazilian artist (d. 2007)
  • Mar 26th Jean Graham Hall, circuit court judge (England)
  • Mar 26th Rufus Thomas, Miss, singer (Walking the Dog)
  • Mar 27th Cyrus Vance, US Secretary of State (1977-80), born in Clarksburg, West Virginia (d. 2002)
  • Mar 27th Harry West, Unionist party leader (Unionist)
  • Mar 29th Arthur Knight, CEO (Courtaulds)
  • Mar 29th Man o' War, American thoroughbred racehorse (winner of 20 out of 21 races & $249,465) (d. 1947)
  • Mar 30th Els Aarne, Estonian composer, born in Makiivka, Russian Empire (d. 1995)
  • Mar 30th Herbert Anderson, actor (Henry-Dennis The Menace)
  • Mar 30th Rudolf Bruci, composer
  • Apr 1st Johnny Andrews, singer/host (Songs at Twilight), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Apr 1st Leon Janney, Ogden Ut, actor (Hawk)
  • Apr 2nd Dabbs Greer, Fairview Mo, actor (Gunsmoke, Little House on Prairie)
  • Apr 2nd Lou Monte, NJ, singer (Peppino the Italian Mouse)
  • Apr 3rd Bill Finegan, (Sauter-Finegan Band, Sat Night Revue), born in Newark, New Jersey
  • Apr 3rd Tibor Andrasovan, composer
  • Apr 4th Joseph Ortiz, French-Algerian extremist (barricade uprising)
  • Apr 5th Richard Yardumian, composer (Come Creator Spirit), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Apr 5th Robert [Albert] Bloch, US, sci-fi author (Hugo, Psycho)
  • Apr 6th Julian Faber, CEO (Willis Faber)
  • Apr 6th Shakey, [Walter Horton], Miss, harmonicist (Everybody's Fishin')
  • Apr 6th Leonora Carrington, Clayton-le-Woods UK, British-Mexican Surrealist artist
  • Apr 7th R G Armstrong, actor (T.H.E. Cat), born in Birmingham, Alabama (d. 2012)
  • Apr 9th Johannes Bobrowski, writer
  • Apr 9th Vincent O'Brien, racehorse trainer
  • Apr 9th Brad Dexter, American actor (d. 2002)
  • Apr 10th Robert Burns Woodward, organic chemist (Nobel 1965)
  • Apr 11th Danny Gallivan, Canadian radio and television sportscaster (d. 1993)
  • Apr 11th David Westheimer, American novelist (d. 2005)
  • Apr 12th M Marie Widlow, softball pitcher (Hall of Fame 1957), born in St Louis, Missouri
  • Apr 12th Vinoo Mankad, cricketer (India's greatest all-rounder to his time)
  • Apr 12th Helen Forrest, American singer (d. 1999)
  • Apr 13th Howard Keel, Ill, actor/singer and president of the Screen Actors Guild (7 Brides for 7 Brothers, Kiss Me Kate)
  • Apr 14th Valerie Hobson, North Ireland, actress (Great Expectations)
  • Apr 14th Marvin Miller, American labor activist, (d. 2012)
  • Apr 15th Hans Conried, Balt Md, actor (Bullwinkle Show, Make Room for Daddy)
  • Apr 15th Pietro Grossi, composer
  • Apr 16th Barry Nelson, American actor, first actor to play James Bond, born in San Francisco, California (d. 2007)
  • Apr 16th Charlotte Salomon, German-Jewish artist, born in Berlin, Germany
  • Apr 17th Bill Clements, American politician
  • Apr 18th Louise Frederika, Queen of Greece
  • Apr 18th Ty LaForest, Canadian baseball player (d. 1947)
  • Apr 19th Johnny Hoes, Dutch musician/producer (Wished I'd stayed with my Mom)
  • Apr 21st Emanuel Vardi, Jerusalem Israel, violist, SD Symph 1978-82)
  • Apr 22nd Leo Abse, biographer/MP
  • Apr 22nd Sidney Nolan, Australia, painter/illustrator (Ned Kelly)
  • Apr 23rd Jacob Kistemaker, nuclear physicist (ultra centrifuge)
  • Apr 23rd Dorian Leigh, American supermodel (d. 2008)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 25th Ella Fitzgerald, American jazz singer (Is it live or Memorex), born in Newport News, Virginia (d. 1996)

Jazz Musician Ella Fitzgerald
Jazz Musician
Ella Fitzgerald
  • Apr 26th I[eoh] M[ing] Pei, Canton, China, architect (1961 Brunner Prize)
  • Apr 26th Sal "The Barber" Maglie, pitcher (NY Giants, 8th best won-lost pct)
  • Apr 28th Joop Waasdorp, Dutch writer (Naked Life)
  • Apr 28th Robert Woodruff Anderson, New York, writer (Tea & Sympathy, Never Sang for My Father)
  • Apr 28th Robert Cornthwaite, St Helen Oregon, actor (Thing, War of the Worlds)
  • Apr 29th Celeste Holm, American actress (Gentleman's Agreement, All About Eve), born in NYC, New York (d. 2012)
  • Apr 29th Maya Deren (born Eleanora Derenkowskaia), Kiev Ukraine, American filmmaker
  • Apr 30th Bea Wain, US singer/radio host (Lucky Strike Hit Parade)
  • May 1st Danielle Darrieux, France, actress (Alexander the Great, Mayerling)
  • May 1st John Beradino, actor (Steve Hardy-General Hospital), born in Los Angeles, California
  • May 1st Louis G "Lo" van Hensbergen, actor/author (Amsterdam Affair)
  • May 1st Ahron Soloveichik, Orthodox Jewish rabbi, born in Khislavichi, Russia (d. 2001)
  • May 2nd Albert Castelyns, Belgian water polo player and bobsledder
  • May 3rd James Penberthy, composer
  • May 3rd Betty Comden, American lyricist, (d. 2006)
  • May 3rd Kiro Gligorov, Macedonia, President of the Republic of Macedonia 1991-1999 (d. 2012)
  • May 4th Edward Toner Cone, composer
  • May 5th Ron Saggers, cricket wicket-keeper (effective NSW & Aussie late 40's)
  • May 6th Kal Mann, American lyricist (d. 2001)
  • May 7th David Tomlinson, Scotland, actor (Mary Poppins, Helter Skelter)
  • May 7th William Geoffrey Biddle, bomb disposal expert
  • May 9th George Fleming, cyclist
  • May 9th John Arnatt, actor (Circumstantial Evidence)
  • May 11th Hon Montague Woodhouse, Greek resistance organiser
  • May 12th Andre A Rieu, Dutch conductor
  • May 13th Paul Osmond, British senior civil servant
  • May 13th Wilhelmus C Wijen, [Broeder Pius], social worker (Curacao)
  • May 14th Herta Ryder, literary agent
  • May 14th Lou Harrison, Portland, Oregon, American composer (Rapunzel)
  • May 15th Hugh Edward Lance Falkus, filmmaker/naturalist
  • May 16th George Gaynes, actor (Tootsie, Police Academy), born in Helsinki Finland (d. 2016)
  • May 16th Geraint Jones, conductor/organist
  • May 18th Charles Wintour, journalist
  • May 18th James Donald, Aberdeen Scotland, actor (Bridge on River Kwai, Vikings)
  • May 20th Enyss Djemil, composer
  • May 20th Richard Charles Cobb, historian
  • May 20th Guy Favreau, French Canadian lawyer (d. 1967)
  • May 20th Bergur Sigurbjörnsson, Icelandic politician (d. 2005)
  • May 21st Dennis Day, Irish tenor/comedian (Jack Benny Show, Danny Boy)