Famous Birthdays for June 1919

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1st - Boris Lazarevich Klyuzner, composer
2nd - Nat Mayer Shapiro, American painter (d. 2005)
5th - Akeo Watanabe, Tokyo Japan, conductor (Nippon Phil Orch 1956-68)
5th - Richard McClure Scarry, children's author/illustrator
6th - Charles Pringle, British air marshal
8th - Guy Overton, cricketer (NZ pace bowler in 3 Tests on 1953-54 SA tour)
9th - Izaak Boleslavski, Russian chess player
10th - Kevin O'Flanagan, Irish athlete and physician (d. 2006)
10th - Haidar Abdel-Shafi, Palestinian Negotiator and community leader (d. 2007)
11th - Richard Todd, Ireland, actor (Dorian Gray, Assassin Yangtse Incident)
12th - Uta Hagen, Germany, actress (Boys From Brazil)/teaches acting
12th - Vera Hruba Ralston, Czech, actress (Dakota, Accused of Murder)
13th - Leif Kayser, composer
14th - Sam Wanamaker, actor (Holocaust, Competition, Raw Deal), born in Chicago, Illinois
14th - Gene Barry [Eugene Klass], American actor (The Atomic City, Bat Masterson), born in NYC, New York
15th - Alberto Sordi, Rome Italy, actor (Miser, Taxi Driver in NY)
15th - Van Barfoot, Edinburg, Mississippi, Army colonel and Medal of Honour recipient, (d. 2012)
16th - Lord Aberdare, committee chairman (House of Lords)
17th - Antonius C "Ton" Lutz, Dutch actor/director (Lucifer)
17th - Galina Ivanova Ustvol'skaya, composer
17th - Kingman Brewster, college president (Yale)
17th - Max Dendermonde, [Henk Hazelhoff], Dutch literary
18th - Edward Leadbitter, politician
18th - Edwin Clarke, historian/neurologist
18th - Mel Brandt, American actor (Faraway Hill), born in Brooklyn, New York
18th - Ted Leadbitter, British MP (Lab)
18th - Jerome Karle, New York, chemist (Nobel 1985) and Manhattan Project member, (d. 2013)
19th - Louis Jourdan, French actor (Gigi, Octopussy), born in Marseille, France (d. 2015)
19th - Pauline Kael, movie critic (NY Times, For Keeps)
20th - Bruce Gordon, actor (Frank Nitti-Untouchables), born in London, England
20th - Ronald Hines, Dutch/British actor (Pack of Lies)
21st - GĂ©rard Pelletier, French Canadian journalist, politician, and diplomat (d. 1997)
21st - Paolo Soleri, Italian-born American architect
23rd - Muhammad Boudiaf, Algerian political leader (d. 1992)
24th - Al Molinaro, actor (Murray-Odd Couple, Al-Happy Days), born in Kenosha, Wisconsin (d. 2015)
26th - Lord Rawlinson, British attorney general (Ewell)
29th - Slim Pickens, Kingsburg California, actor (Dr Strangelove, Blazing Saddles)
29th - Lloyd Richards, American director (d. 2006)
30th - Lee Krieger, MD, actor (Clambake, One Way Wahini)
30th - Ed Yost, American inventor (d. 2007)

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