Famous Birthdays for Year 1919 (Part 2)

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May 1st - Alwyn Farquharson, Scottish clan-captain/large landowner
May 1st - Dan O'Herlihy, Ireland, actor (Fail Safe, Last Starfighter, Robocop)
May 2nd - Than Wyenn, actor (Pete Kelly's Blues), born in NYC, New York
May 3rd - Pete Seeger, folk singer (Weaver, Goodnight Irene), born in NYC, New York
May 3rd - John Cullen Murphy, American comic strip artist (d. 2004)
May 4th - Dimiter Petkov, composer
May 4th - Mary Ann McCall, singer
May 5th - George London, bass-baritone (Monterone-Rigoleto), born in Montreal, Quebec
May 5th - Tony Canadeo, NFL hall of fame halfback (Green Bay Packers), born in Chicago, Illinois
May 5th - Georgios Papadopoulos, Greek dictator (d. 1999)
May 6th - Frank Ereaut, Balliff of Jersey
May 7th - Eva Perón [Evita], Argentine First Lady and actress, born in Los Toldos (d. 1952)
May 8th - Sultan Ismail Hajibeyov, composer
May 9th - Arthur English, comedian/actor (Malachi's Cove)
May 10th - Ella Grasso, (Gov-D-Ct)
First Lady of Argentina Eva PerónFirst Lady of Argentina Eva Perón (May 7th) May 10th - Louis Sen A Kaw, Surinam dam builder
May 10th - Tibor Sarai, composer
May 14th - Heloise Bowles, columnist Heloise's mother (Hints from Heloise)
May 14th - Maarten Vrolijk, Dutch soc-dem party minister (CRM 1965-66)
May 14th - Solange Chaput-Rolland, French-Canadian journalist and politician (d. 2001)
May 14th - John Hope, American meteorologist (d. 2002)
May 15th - Charles Palmer, cricketer (one Test 1955, later MCC president)
May 16th - Richard Mason, author
May 16th - [Wladziu Valentino] Liberace, West Allis Wisconsin, pianist (Liberace Show, Evil Chandell-Batman)
May 16th - Ramon Margalef, Spanish scientist (d. 2004)
May 17th - Antonio Aguilar, Mexican singer and actor (d. 2007)
May 17th - Merle Miller, American biographer (d. 1986)
Pianist LiberacePianist Liberace (May 16th) May 18th - Margot Fonteyn, Surrey England, prima ballerina (Giselle)
May 19th - Betty Jameson, Norman OK, LPGA golfer (1947 US Women's Open)
May 19th - Mitja Ribičič, Trieste, Italy, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia (1969-71), (d. 2013)
May 20th - George Gobel, comedian/TV personality (I Love My Wife), born in Chicago, Illinois
May 21st - Lord Maxwell, senator/prof (college of Justice Scotland)
May 21st - Mark Wood, bishop (Ludlow)
May 22nd - Paul Vanden Boeynants, premier Belgium (1966-68, 1978-79)
May 23rd - Betty Garrett, St Joseph Mo, actress (Irene-All in the Family)
May 23rd - Robert KJE Antonissen, South African literary
May 23rd - Ruth Fernandez, Ponce, Puerto Rico, singer (When you Return), politician, (d. 2012)
May 24th - Sid Couchey, comic book artist (Richie Rich), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2012)
May 25th - Gino Negri, composer
May 25th - Lindsey Nelson, Pulaski Tn, sportscaster (NY Mets)
May 26th - Jay Silverheels, Canadian actor (Tonto-Lone Ranger)
May 26th - Peter Malcolm Gordon Raleigh, journalist
May 27th - Kam Fong, actor (Hawaii Five-0), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
May 28th - Charles John Robert Manners, 10th Duke of Rutland, British land owner/multimillionaire
May 28th - Frank Middlemass, actor (Island, Oliver Twist)
May 28th - John Eldridge, CEO (Matthews Wrightmson)
May 30th - René Barrientos, President of Bolivia (d. 1969)
May 31st - Chet Gierlach, music publisher/composer
May 31st - Emmanual Tettey Mensah, musician
Jun 1st - Boris Lazarevich Klyuzner, composer
Jun 2nd - Nat Mayer Shapiro, American painter (d. 2005)
Jun 5th - Akeo Watanabe, Tokyo Japan, conductor (Nippon Phil Orch 1956-68)
Jun 5th - Richard McClure Scarry, children's author/illustrator
Jun 6th - Charles Pringle, British air marshal
Jun 8th - Guy Overton, cricketer (NZ pace bowler in 3 Tests on 1953-54 SA tour)
Jun 9th - Izaak Boleslavski, Russian chess player
Jun 10th - Kevin O'Flanagan, Irish athlete and physician (d. 2006)
Jun 10th - Haidar Abdel-Shafi, Palestinian Negotiator and community leader (d. 2007)
Jun 11th - Richard Todd, Ireland, actor (Dorian Gray, Assassin Yangtse Incident)
Jun 12th - Uta Hagen, Germany, actress (Boys From Brazil)/teaches acting
Jun 12th - Vera Hruba Ralston, Czech, actress (Dakota, Accused of Murder)
Jun 13th - Leif Kayser, composer
Jun 14th - Sam Wanamaker, actor (Holocaust, Competition, Raw Deal), born in Chicago, Illinois
Jun 14th - Gene Barry [Eugene Klass], American actor (The Atomic City, Bat Masterson), born in NYC, New York
Jun 15th - Alberto Sordi, Rome Italy, actor (Miser, Taxi Driver in NY)
Jun 15th - Van Barfoot, Edinburg, Mississippi, Army colonel and Medal of Honour recipient, (d. 2012)
Jun 16th - Lord Aberdare, committee chairman (House of Lords)
Jun 17th - Antonius C "Ton" Lutz, Dutch actor/director (Lucifer)
Jun 17th - Galina Ivanova Ustvol'skaya, composer
Jun 17th - Kingman Brewster, college president (Yale)
Jun 17th - Max Dendermonde, [Henk Hazelhoff], Dutch literary
Jun 18th - Edward Leadbitter, politician
Jun 18th - Edwin Clarke, historian/neurologist
Jun 18th - Mel Brandt, American actor (Faraway Hill), born in Brooklyn, New York
Jun 18th - Ted Leadbitter, British MP (Lab)
Jun 18th - Jerome Karle, New York, chemist (Nobel 1985) and Manhattan Project member, (d. 2013)
Jun 19th - Louis Jourdan, French actor (Gigi, Octopussy), born in Marseille, France (d. 2015)
Jun 19th - Pauline Kael, movie critic (NY Times, For Keeps)
Jun 20th - Bruce Gordon, actor (Frank Nitti-Untouchables), born in London, England
Jun 20th - Ronald Hines, Dutch/British actor (Pack of Lies)
Jun 21st - Gérard Pelletier, French Canadian journalist, politician, and diplomat (d. 1997)
Jun 21st - Paolo Soleri, Italian-born American architect
Jun 23rd - Muhammad Boudiaf, Algerian political leader (d. 1992)
Jun 24th - Al Molinaro, actor (Murray-Odd Couple, Al-Happy Days), born in Kenosha, Wisconsin (d. 2015)
Jun 26th - Lord Rawlinson, British attorney general (Ewell)
Jun 29th - Slim Pickens, Kingsburg California, actor (Dr Strangelove, Blazing Saddles)
Jun 29th - Lloyd Richards, American director (d. 2006)
Jun 30th - Lee Krieger, MD, actor (Clambake, One Way Wahini)
Jun 30th - Ed Yost, American inventor (d. 2007)
Jul 1st - Hans Bender, German poet
Jul 2nd - Johnny Bradford, Long Branch NJ, actor (Ransom Sherman Show)
Jul 2nd - Jean Craighead George, American writer
Jul 7th - Jon Pertwee, English comic/actor (Dr Who, Worzel Gummidge)
Jul 7th - William Moses Kunstler, defense attorney (Chicago 8)
Jul 8th - Walter Scheel, German Foreign minister/president
Jul 9th - Peggy Braithwaite, lighthouse-keeper
Jul 10th - Rusty Gill, St Louis Mo, singer (Polka Time)
Jul 12th - Vera Hruba Ralston, Prague Czech, actress (Dajkota) [or 6/12/1921]
Jul 14th - Lino Ventura, Parma Italy, actor (Happy New Year, Pain in the A--)
Jul 15th - Iris Murdoch, novelist (Severed Head, Unicorn), born in Dublin, Ireland
Jul 16th - Charles Graham, lord-lt of Cumbria UK
Jul 16th - Choi Kyuha, President of South Korea (d. 2006)
Jul 16th - Hermine Braunsteiner, Nazi war criminal (d. 1999)
Jul 17th - Alex Moir, cricketer (New Zealand leg-spinner in 17 Tests 1950-59)
Jul 19th - Patricia Medina, actress (High-Low), born in Liverpool, England (d. 2012)
Jul 19th - Robert Pinget, novelist/playwright
Mountaineer and Explorer Edmund HillaryMountaineer and Explorer Edmund Hillary (Jul 20th) Jul 20th - Edmund Hillary, Auckland NZ, Explorer and Mountaineer (1st to scale Mt Everest with Tenzing Norgay), (d. 2008)
Jul 23rd - [Harold] Pee Wee Reese, Hall of Fame shortstop (Dodgers)
Jul 24th - Robert Marsden Hope, Australian Justice (d. 1999)
Jul 24th - Ferdinand Kübler, Swiss cyclist
Jul 25th - Hubert Booi, Bonairian poet (Golgotha/Muchila)
Jul 26th - James Lovelock, scientist
Jul 26th - Kenneth Snowman, antiquarian
Jul 26th - Virginia Gilmore, American actress (d. 1986)
Jul 29th - Miltos Sachtouris, Greek poet (d. 2005)
Jul 30th - Berniece Baker Miracle, half-sister of Marilyn Monroe
Jul 31st - Curt Gowdy, Green River Wyo, sportscaster (ABC)
Jul 31st - Hemu Ramchandra Adhikari, cricketer (Indian righty batsman 1947-59)
Jul 31st - Norman Del Mar, composer
Jul 31st - Primo Levi, Italy, chemist/writer (Survival in Aushchwitz)
Aug 1st - Stanley Middleton, Bulwell, Nottinghamshire, British novelist (Holiday, Three Wise Men)
Aug 2nd - John Pinkerton, compuer scientist
Aug 6th - Pauline Betz Addie, Dayton Ohio, tennis champ (Wimbledon 1946)
Aug 7th - John Hogan, Lowes, Kentucky, chemist (discovered methods of producing polypropylene), (d. 2012)
Aug 8th - Dino De Laurentiis, Torre Annunziata Italy, producer (King Kong)
Aug 9th - Joop [Johannes] den Uyl, Dutch Premier (PVDA, 1973-77)
Aug 9th - Ralph Houk, baseball manager (Yankees, Tigers)
Aug 10th - Elizabeth Thomas, literary consultant
Aug 10th - Sacha Vierny, French cinematographer (d. 2001)
Aug 11th - Ginette Neveu, French violinist (d. 1949)
Aug 12th - Michael Kidd, [Milton Greenwald] choreographer (7 Brides for 7 Bros)
Aug 12th - Peter Ambrose Cyprian Luke, playwright
Aug 12th - Vikram Sarabhai, Indian physicist (d. 1971)
Aug 13th - Rex Humbard, televanglist
Aug 15th - Huntz Hall, actor (Cyclone, Gas Pump Girls, The Rating Game), born in NYC, New York
Aug 15th - Benedict Kiely, Irish author
Aug 18th - Walter J Hickel, (Gov-R-Alaska)/US Secretary of Interior (1969-71)
Publisher Malcolm ForbesPublisher Malcolm Forbes (Aug 19th) Aug 19th - Malcolm Forbes, publisher (Forbes Magazine), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 1990)
Aug 22nd - Earl Cathcart, British major-general
Aug 22nd - Leo Pliatzky, senior civil servant
Aug 23rd - James Quinn, film producer/actor (Joey, Hammett, Overlord)
Aug 23rd - Robert Crichton-Brown, CEO (Rothmans International)
Aug 24th - "Drs P" [Heinz H Polzer], Swiss/Dutch songwriter/singer
Aug 24th - Nils Viggo Bentzon, composer
Aug 24th - Enrique Llanes, Mexican professional wrestler (d. 2004)
Aug 25th - George C Wallace, Clio Ala, (gov-D-Ala)/pres candidate
Aug 26th - Ronny Graham, Phila Pa, actor (Bob Crane Show, Chico & the Man)
Aug 27th - John Cox, Flemish/US painter/dir (Museum of Fine Physician, Boston)
Aug 27th - Lord Dormand, of Eastington, British MP (Labour)
Aug 28th - Ernest H Martin, [Markowitz], producer (Feuer & Martin-Chorus Line)

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