Famous Birthdays for August 1922

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1st - Arthur Hill, Saskatchewan Canada, actor (Owen Marshall, Glitter)
1st - Frank Hauser, British theatrical director (Oxford Playhouse), born in Cardiff (d. 2007)
2nd - Lord Murray of Epping Forest [Lionel], Hadley, Telford, British labour politician and union leader (General Secretary TUC)
2nd - Paul Laxalt, (Sen-R-NV, 1974- )
3rd - Robert Sumner, American evangelist and author
5th - L. Tom Perry, LDS apostle
6th - Freddie Laker, CEO (Laker airlines)
8th - Michael Parkin, journalist
8th - Rory Calhoun, actor (Blue & Gray, Judson Tyler-Capitol)
8th - Rudi Gernreich, designer (1st women's topless swimsuit, miniskirt)
8th - Gertrude Himmelfarb, American historian
9th - Philip Larkin, Coventry England, writer (North Ship, Jill)
12th - Andre Kloos, Dutch trade union leader (NVV/VARA)
12th - Lord Colinbrook, British government minister
15th - Lukas Foss, [Fuchs], composer (Prairie), born in Berlin, Germany
16th - Louis Lomax, African-American author and journalist, born in Valdosta, Georgia (d. 1970)
17th - Paul Wiens, writer
17th - Ralph Roberts, Salisbury NC, actor (Tradition, Gone are the Days)
17th - Roy Tattersall, cricketer (brilliant England off-spinner early 50's)
18th - Alain Robbe-Grillet, France, novelist (Voyeur)
18th - Eric William Hunter Christie, barrister
19th - Douglas MacKenzie Davey, psychometrist
20th - Akutsu Tetsuzo, Japan, Japanese surgeon who built the first artificial heart
22nd - Micheline Presle, Paris, actress (Nea, Donkey Skin)
23rd - Brian Young, Chairman (Christian Aid)
23rd - Jack Boddy, British trade union leader
23rd - George Kell, baseball player
23rd - Jean Darling, American child actress (Our Gang), born in Santa Monica, California (d. 2015)
23rd - Pierre Gauvreau, Quebec painter, television writer and producer
24th - René Lévesque, Premier of Quebec (d. 1987)
24th - Howard Zinn, American historian and activist
25th - Ronnie Potsdammer, Dutch singer/song writer/programmer
26th - Lazar Nikolov, composer
26th - Irving R. Levine, American journalist
29th - Emile Habibi, writer
29th - Yorgos Sicilianos, composer
29th - Mr. Blackwell, American fashion critic
30th - Regina Resnik, mezzo-soprano (Sieglinde-Bayreuth), born in NYC, New York (d. 2013)
30th - Lionel Murphy, Australian politician (d. 1986)

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