Famous Birthdays for July 1928

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1st - Constance Ford, US actress (Cabinet of Calgary, Ada-Another World)
1st - Volker Wangenheim, composer
2nd - Estelita Rodriguez, Cuban actress (Cuban Fireball, Havana Rose), born in Guanajay, Cuba (d. 1966)
2nd - Pavel Kohout, Czech, director/author (Poor Murderer)
3rd - Evelyn Anthony, English historical writer (Poellenberg Inheritance)
3rd - G B Fuchs, writer
3rd - John Wills, lord-lt of Avon England
4th - Cathy Berberian, Armenia, US singer
4th - Lloyd Lambert, bassist
4th - Patrick Tilley, UK, sci-fi author (1st Family, Blood River)
4th - Paul de Wispelaere, Flemish writer/essayist/critic
4th - Sylvius G M "Boy" Rozendal, premier (Netherland's Antilles)
5th - Warren Oates, Depoy Ky, actor (East of Eden, Stoney Burke)
5th - Pierre Mauroy, French politician (Prime Minister, 1981-4), (d. 2013)
7th - Colleen Summers, Pasadena California, vocal overdubber
8th - Carol Henry, Newark NJ, choreographer (Garry Moore Show)
8th - Norma Donaldson, singer/actress (Poetic Justice, 5 Heartbeats)
9th - Vince Edwards, American actor (Ben Casey, Matt Lincoln, Firehouse), born in Brooklyn, New York
9th - Federico Bahamontes, Spanish cyclist
10th - Jack Nel, cricketer (South African opening bat in 6 Tests 1949-57)
10th - Moshe Greenberg, American-Israeli Bible scholar
10th - Alejandro de Tomaso, Argentine-Italian racing driver and car manufacturer (d. 2003)
10th - Bernard Buffet, French painter (d. 1999)
11th - Nic Jonk, sculptor/painter (Jonas & the Whale)
11th - Robert Washburn, composer
12th - Elias James Corey, American chemist, Nobel laureate
13th - Bob Crane, Waterbury Ct, actor (Col Hogan-Hogan's Heroes, Donna Reed)
13th - Donal Michalsky, composer
13th - Tommaso Buscetta, Sicilian mafioso and pentito (d. 2000)
13th - Leroy Vinnegar, American jazz bassist
14th - Elizabeth Jane Lloyd, artist/teacher
14th - Nancy Olson, Milwaukee, actress (Absent-Minded Professor, Pollyanna)
14th - Ole Schmidt, composer
14th - Pierre Olaf, Cauderan France, actor (Kraft Music Hall)
15th - Carl Woese, American microbiologist
16th - Bella Davidovich, Baku Russia, pianist (Chopin, Beethoven, Ravel)
16th - James Kilfedder, MP (Ulster Popular Unionist)
16th - Ray Thornton, (Rep-D-Arkansas)
16th - Robert Sheckley, US, sci-fi author (10th Victim, Mindswap)
16th - Anita Brookner, English novelist
16th - Ticho Parly, Danish tenor (d. 1993)
17th - Jean Muir, British fashion designer and dressmaker, born in London (d. 1995)
17th - Vince Guaraldi, American musician and composer (d. 1976)
18th - Simon Vinkenoog, Dutch writer
19th - John Bratby, painter/writer (Breakdown)
20th - Jan Meyers, (Rep-R-Kansas, 1985- )
20th - Pavel Kohout, writer
20th - Peter Ind, jazz musician
20th - Charles David Ganao, Djambala, French Equatorial Africa, Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo (1996-1997), (d. 2012)
21st - Marcel Gauthier, Canadian wrestler (d. 1998)
22nd - Georg Dreyfus, composer
22nd - Orson Bean, Burlington VT, actor/comedian (To Tell the Truth)
22nd - Keter Betts, American jazz bassist (d. 2005)
23rd - Leon Fleisher, pianist/conductor (Annapolis Symph 1973-77), born in San Franciso, California
23rd - Hubert Selby Jr., American author (d. 2004)
25th - Mario Montenegro, Filipino actor (d. 1988)
26th - Hans Haselbock, composer
Film Director Stanley KubrickFilm Director Stanley Kubrick (26th) 26th - Stanley Kubrick, American director (2001 A Space Odyssey, Dr Strangelove, Lolita), born in The Bronx NY (d. 1999)
26th - Tadeusz Baird, Polish composer (Giocosa)
26th - Don Beauman, British racing driver (d. 1955)
26th - Ibn-e-Safi, Pakistani fiction writer and Urdu poet (d. 1980)
26th - Peter Lougheed, Canadian politician
27th - Sakari Mononen, composer
27th - Karloff Lagarde, Mexican lucha libre wrestler (d. 2007)
28th - Adrian Ratiu, composer
29th - Bidzina Alexandrovich Kvernadze, composer
30th - Eunice Muñoz, Portuguese actress
31st - Bill Frenzel, (Rep-R-MN, 1971- )

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