Famous Birthdays for February 1929

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2nd - Reiner Bredemeyer, composer
3rd - Russell Arms, Berkeley California, vocalist (Your Hit Parade)
3rd - Ken Shipp, American football coach
4th - Mary Joan Nielubowicz, rear admiral/nurse
4th - Paul Burlison, rocker
4th - Jerry Adler, American actor
5th - Fred Sinowatz, Austrian politician
5th - Al Worthington, baseball player
6th - Sixten Jernberg, Sweden, skier (Olympic-gold-1956/60/64), (d. 2012)
6th - Pierre Brice, French actor
6th - Oscar Sambrano Urdaneta, Venezuelan writer
9th - Bill Barrett, (Rep-R-Nebraska)
9th - James Mulcro Drew, composer
9th - Lennox Butler, cricketer (1 Test WI v Aust 1955, 16 & 2-151)
9th - Willem Kersters, Flemish composer (Parwati, Gospel Song)
9th - Clement Meadmore, Australian-born sculptor (d. 2005)
10th - Hallgeir Brenden, Norway, 15K/18K cross country (Oly-gold-1952, 56)
10th - Henk Heidweiler, Surinam ambassador (in Netherlands)
10th - Jerry Goldsmith, pianist/composer (Twilight Zone)
10th - Jim Whittacker, mountain climber (1st American to climb Mt Everest)
11th - Leonard Gregory Kastle, composer
12th - Agustin Gonzalez Acilu, composer
13th - Omar Torrijos Herrera, president Panama
14th - Matthew G Martinez, (Rep-D-CA, 1982- )
14th - Vic Morrow, American actor (Combat, Roots, Twilight Zone the Movie), born in New York City, New York
15th - Countess of Dysart
15th - Gerald Harper, broadcaster/actor (Tunes of Glory, Extra Day)
15th - Graham Hill, auto racer (1962, 68 international racing champ), born in London, England
15th - James Schlesinger, US Secretary of Defense (1973-75)
16th - Peter NF Porter, Australian/British author/poet (Chair of Babel)
16th - Gerhard Hanappi, Austrian footballer (d. 1980)
17th - Chaim Potok, novelist (Promise), born in NYC, New York
17th - Paul Meger, Canadian ice hockey player
18th - Leonard Cyril Deighton, English author (Ipcress File, Fighter)
18th - André Mathieu, Quebec composer (d. 1968)
19th - Jacques Deray, French film director (d. 2003)
20th - Amanda Blake [Beverly Louise Neill], American actress (Kitty Russell-Gunsmoke), born in Buffalo, New York (d. 1989)
20th - Toshiro Mayuzumi, Yokohama Japan, composer (Sphenogramme)
21st - James Beck, English actor (d. 1973)
22nd - Marni Nixon, singer (for Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Wood & Deborah Kerr)
22nd - Ryne Duren, near-sighted pitcher (NY Yankees)
22nd - James Hong, American actor
22nd - Rebecca Schull, American actress
23rd - Eduard W "Ed" Bauer, [Eddy Evers], Dutch actor (Bluejackets)
23rd - Elston Howard, Yankee catcher (1st African American NY Yankee/1963 AL MVP)
23rd - Richard Moryl, composer
24th - David Houston, Major-General/Lord Lieutenant of Sutherland
24th - Richard B Shull, Evanston Ill, actor (Diana, Holmes & Yoyo)
25th - Christopher George, Royal Oak Minn, actor (Rat Patrol, Immortal)
25th - Peter Bingham Hinchcliff, Brit church historian (1 Sided Reciprocity)
25th - Tommy Newsom, Va, musician/bandleader/saxophonist (Tonight Show)
27th - Djalma Santos, Brazilian footballer, (d. 2013)
27th - Jack Gibson, Australian rugby league footballer and coach (d. 2008)
28th - Frank O Gehry, architect (Galleria-Oklahoma City)
28th - Hayden Fry, American football coach
28th - John Montague, Irish poet
28th - Joseph Rouleau, French Canadian bass opera singer

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