Famous Birthdays for June 1930

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1st - Edward Woodward, Croydon England, actor (Breaker Morant, Wickerman)
1st - Matt Poore, cricketer (NZ batsman in 14 tests 1953-56 average 15.43)
1st - John Lemmon, English logician (d. 1966)
2nd - Charles Pete Conrad Jr, Phila, USN/astro (Gem 5 11, Ap 12, Skylab 2)
2nd - Bob Lillis, baseball player
3rd - Marion [Eleanor] Zimmer Bradley [Breen], sci-fi author (Storm Queen)
3rd - Michael Melle, cricketer (South African pace bowler of early 1950's)
3rd - Dakota Staton, American jazz singer (d. 2007)
3rd - Ben Wada, Japanese television producers
4th - Morgana King, jazz singer/actress (The Godfather)
4th - Pentti Raitio, composer
5th - Nikolay Nikolayevich Sidel'nikov, composer
5th - Robert Buchanan, founder (Center for History of Tech Bath University)
5th - Roger W Suddards, solicitor
5th - Alifa Rifaat, Egyptian writer (d. 1996)
6th - Frank Tyson, cricketer ("Typhoon" England pace destroyer mid-50's), born in Farnworth, Lancashire, (2015)
7th - Ian Leggat, cricketer (1 Test v South Africa 1953-54 without distinction)
7th - Hilderaldo Luiz Bellini, Itapira, Brazil, footballer (World Cup 1958, 1952, 51 caps), (d. 2014)
8th - Bo Gunnar Widerberg, Malmö Sweden, director (Elvira Madigan)
8th - Dana Wynter, actress (Airport, Invasion of the Body Snatchers), born in London, England
8th - Michael Codron, theatrical producer
8th - Yannis Ioannidis, composer
8th - Robert Aumann, German-born Israeli mathematician; Nobel laureate
8th - Marcel Léger, Quebec politician (d. 1993)
9th - Lin[wood] [Vrooman] Carter, US, sci-fi author (Thongor of Lemuria)
9th - Marvin Kalb, educator/newscaster (CBS/NBC, Meet the Press), born in NYC, New York
9th - Barbara, French singer (d. 1997)
11th - Anatoli Fyodorovich Voronov, Russia, cosmonaut (Soyuz 12a backup)
11th - Charles B Rangel, (Rep-D-NY, 1971- )
12th - Barbara Harris, 1st US Episcopal female bishop
12th - Hans Koetsier, Dutch sculptor (KLM-Schiphol)
12th - Jim Burke, cricketer (Australian opener of 50s)
12th - Donald Byrne, American chess player (d. 1976)
12th - Jim Nabors, American actor
12th - Innes Ireland, Scottish racing driver (d. 1993)
13th - Ryszard Kukliński, Polish colonel (d. 2004)
15th - Marcel Pronovost, professional ice hockey player
16th - Brian Statham, cricketer (masterful England quick for two decades)
16th - David Konstant, bishop (Leeds)
16th - Vilmos Zsigmond, Hungarian/American cinematographer
17th - Brian Statham, cricketer
17th - James Gathers, Sumter SC, 200m runner (Olympic-bronze-1952)
17th - Romuald Twardowski, composer
18th - Peter Phillips, CEO (AB Electronics) [or Feb 10]
19th - Bryan Kneale, British sculptor
19th - Jul Levi, composer
19th - Gena Rowlands, Madison Wisconsin, American actress
20th - Ellie Rabb, US, actor (Fabulous Baker Boys, Extreme Close-up)
20th - John Waine, bishop (Chelmsford)
20th - Robert Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky, poet
20th - Paul Pender, American boxer
20th - Magdalena Abakanowicz, Polish artist
21st - Gerald Kaufman, British MP (shadow Foreign Secretary)
21st - Mike McCormack, NFL offensive tackle (NY Yankees, Cleveland, Phila)
21st - Patricia Lindop, radio biologist
21st - Peter Marshall, police commissioner (London)
23rd - Donn Fulton Eisele, Columbus Ohio, Col USAF/astronaut (Apollo 7)
24th - Herbert C Klien, (Rep-D-New Jersey)
24th - William B. Ziff, Jr., American publishing executive (d. 2006)
25th - Hugo Gabriel Gryn, rabbi
25th - George Murdock, American actor
25th - Mary Beth Peil, American singer
26th - Willem G Statius Muller, Neth Antilles, conductor/pianist/composer
27th - H Ross Perot, Texas, billionaire/presidental candidate (1992)
27th - Tamio Kono, weightlifting (Oly-gold-52, 56, 60), born in Sacramento, California
28th - Nikolay Nikolayevich Karetnikov, composer
28th - Itamar Franco, President of Brazil
Film Producer Robert EvansFilm Producer Robert Evans (29th) 29th - Robert Evans, director/actor (Love Story, The Godfather, Chinatown), born in NYC, New York
29th - Viola Léger, Acadian-Canadian actress
30th - Doyle Holly, comedian/country performer (Buckaroos)
30th - June Valli, singer (Your Hit Parade), born in The Bronx, New York
30th - Mac Benson, horse trainer
30th - Nikolai Karetnikov, composer

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