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Jun 19th - Viktor Ivanovich Patsayev, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 11)
Jun 20th - Brett Halsey, Santa Ana California, actress (Paul-Follow the Sun)
Jun 20th - Claire Tomalin, biographer/editor
Jun 20th - Danny Aiello, actor (Moonstruck, Radio Days), born in NYC, New York
Jun 20th - Earl of Cranbrook, CEO (Nature Conservancy Council)
Jun 20th - Jean Boiteux, France, 400m freestyle swimmer (Olympic-gold-1952)
Jun 21st - Bernie Kopell, actor (Love Boat, Get Smart, That Girl), born in NYC, New York
Jun 22nd - Dianne Feinstein, 1st female mayor of SF/(Sen-D-Ca)
Jun 22nd - Jacques Martin, French TV host (d. 2007)
Jun 22nd - Libor Pešek, Czech conductor
Jun 23rd - Bert Convy, St Louis MO, game show host (Win, Lose or Draw)
Jun 25th - Gary Crosby, California, actor (Bill Dana Show, Adam 12, Chase)
Jun 25th - Michelangelo Pistoletto, Italian artist (glass painter)
Jun 25th - James Meredith, American civil rights activist
Jun 25th - Álvaro Siza Vieira, Portuguese architect
Jun 26th - Claudio Abbado, Milan Italy, composer/conductor (London Symph-1982)
Jun 26th - David Winnick, British MP
Jun 28th - Gunnar Reynir Sveinsson, composer
Jun 28th - Gusty Spence, Northern Irish loyalist politician
Jun 29th - Bob Shaw, baseball player
Jun 29th - John Bradshaw, American theologian
Jun 30th - Mike J K Smith, cricketer (England captain mid-60s)
Jun 30th - Lea Massari, Italian actress
Jul 1st - Frank Baumann, baseball player
Jul 1st - Peter Walwyn, British race horse trainer
Jul 2nd - David Benjamin Lewin, composer
Jul 2nd - Kalim Siddiqui, islamic campaigner
Jul 3rd - Edward Brandt, American doctor and public health official (d. 2007)
Jul 5th - Terence Cooper, Northern Ireland, actor (Casino Royale)
Jul 6th - Frank Austin, English footballer
Jul 7th - David McCullough, actor (Huey Long)
Jul 7th - Dick Kallman, Brooklyn NY, actor (Borned to Be Loved, Verboten!)
Jul 7th - Murray Halberg, New Zealand, 5K runner (Olympic-gold-1960)
Jul 8th - Antonio Lamer, French Canadian lawyer and chief justice
Jul 9th - Nodar Kalistratovich Gabuniya, composer
Jul 9th - Oliver Sacks, English Neurologist and author (Awakenings), born in London (d. 2015)
Jul 10th - Chuan-Kwang Yang, Taiwan, decathlete (Olympic-silver-1960)
Jul 10th - Jerry Herman, Broadway composer (Hello Dolly)
Jul 11th - Olga Havlova, political activist
Jul 12th - Donald E. Westlake, American author
Jul 13th - David M Storey, British rugby player/playwright (Home)
Jul 13th - Patsy Byrne, English actress (Stealing Heaven, Blackadder II), born in Ashford, (d. 2014)
Jul 14th - Del Reeves, singer/guitarist
Jul 14th - Robert Bourassa, Montreal, premier of Quebec (1970-76, 1985- )
Jul 15th - Frederico Davia, opera singer
Jul 15th - James Ball, economist
Jul 15th - Julian Bream, guitarist
Jul 16th - Sollie McElroy, R&B singer (Flamingos-Golden Teardrops)
Jul 17th - Tony Pithey, cricketer (brother of David, South African batsman in 17 Tests)
Jul 17th - Bruce Wells, British boxer & actor
Jul 18th - Aad Nuis, Dutch writer/undersecretary of Education (D66)
Jul 18th - Raymund Murray Schafer, Sarnia Ontario, Canada, composer (Patria)
Jul 18th - Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Zima Russia, poet (Bratsk Station)
Jul 20th - Aliki Vouyouklaki, actress (Madalena)
Jul 20th - Jose Vicente Asuar, composer
Jul 20th - Nelson Doubleday, publisher (Doubleday)/owner (NY Mets)
Jul 20th - Cormac McCarthy, American author
Jul 21st - Brigitte Reimann, writer
Jul 21st - John C Gardner, scholar/writer (Grendel, Sunlight Dialogues)
Jul 22nd - Chuck Cassey, choral director (Jimmy Dean Show), born in Chicago, Illinois
Jul 23rd - Bert Convy, St Louis Mo, actor (Snoop Sisters, Win Lose or Draw)
Jul 23rd - Richard Rogers, English architect
Jul 24th - John Aniston, Crete, actor (Search for Tomorrow, Day of our Lives)
Jul 24th - Doug Sanders, American golfer
Jul 26th - Lance Percival, actor/singer (Darling Lili, Our Miss Fred)
Jul 27th - Nick Reynolds, rocker (Kingston Trio-Scarlet Ribbons)
Jul 27th - Roger Harris, cricketer (NZ opening batsman vs England 1959)
Jul 27th - Ted Whitten, Australian rules footballer (d. 1995)
Jul 28th - Charlie Hodge, French Canadian ice hockey goaltender
Jul 29th - Cammie Smith, WI cricket opening batsman (1960-62)
Jul 29th - Robert Fuller, Troy NY, actor (Laramie, Wagon Train)
Jul 29th - Lou Albano, American pro wrestling manager
Jul 30th - Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, LA, actor (77 Sunset Strip, Jack the Ripper)
Jul 31st - Cees Nooteboom, Dutch writer
Aug 1st - Dom DeLuise, Brooklyn New York, American comedian (End, Cannonball Run, Fatso)
Aug 1st - Erwin Nypels, Dutch economist/minister of Housing (D66)
Aug 1st - Richard Lloyd Jones, secretary Welsh Office
Aug 1st - Jesse Corti, Venezuelan-born actor and comedian
Aug 1st - Masaichi Kaneda, Japanese baseball player
Aug 2nd - Alan Tuffin, trade union leader
Aug 2nd - John Gale, theatrical producer
Aug 2nd - John Hannam, MP
Aug 3rd - Pat Crawford, cricketer (Australian pace bowler 1956)
Aug 3rd - The Tjong King, Dutch illustrator of children books (Miep Diekman)
Aug 4th - Nathan Eugene Brooks, Cleve Oh, flyweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1952)
Aug 4th - Rudi van Dantzig, Dutch choreographer/ballet dancer (Painted Birds)
Aug 5th - Joan Weldon, SF, actress (So This is Love, Them)
Aug 6th - A G Kripal Singh, cricketer (India, 100* on debut v NZ 1959)
Aug 7th - Jerry [Eugene] Pournelle, US, sci-fi author (Mercenary, Red Dragon)
Aug 8th - Joe Tex, singer/songwriter (Hold What You've Got), (d. 1982)
Aug 9th - Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Japanese television personality and children's author
Aug 10th - Alan Hardcastle, chairman (Lloyds Regulatory Board)
Aug 10th - Bill Nieder, shot putter, (Olympic-gold-1960)
Aug 10th - Butler-Sloss, British Lady Justice
Aug 10th - David Rowland, chairman (Lloyd's)
Aug 10th - Rocky Colavito, Bronx, baseball player (Hit 4 HRs in a game)
Aug 10th - Doyle Brunson, American poker player
Aug 10th - Keith Duckworth, English mechanical engineer (Cosworth; d. 2005)
Aug 11th - Jerry Falwell, US, TV evangelist (Moral Majority)
Aug 11th - Julian Oswald, British Admiral of the Fleet
Aug 11th - Justin Connolly, composer
Aug 11th - Tamas Vasary, pianist/conductor
Aug 13th - Jocelyn Elders, US Surgeon General (-1994)
Aug 13th - Madhur Jaffrey, cookbook writer/actress (Shakespeare Wallah)
Aug 14th - Richard R. Ernst, Swiss chemist and Nobel Prize Laureate
Aug 14th - Bryce Courtenay, Johannesburg, South Africa, Australian novelist (The Power of One), (d. 2012)
Aug 15th - Bobby Helms, rock vocalist (Jingle Bell Rock)
Aug 15th - Floyd Ashton, US singer (Tams-What Child of Fool)
Aug 15th - Lori Nelson, Santa Fe NM, actress (Greta-How to Marry a Millionaire)
Aug 16th - Jan van Ginkel, graphic artist/publisher (Perscombinatie)
Aug 16th - Reiner Kunze, writer
Aug 16th - Stuart A "Smokey" Roosa, Durango Colo, Col USAF/astronaut (Apollo 14)
Aug 17th - Glenn Corbett [Glen Edwin Rothenburg], El Monte, California, American actor (Route 66, Shenandoah)
Aug 17th - Eugene F. Kranz, American NASA executive
Aug 17th - Mark Dinning, American singer (d. 1986)
Aug 18th - Roman Polanski, Poland, director (Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, Pirates)
Aug 18th - Just Fontaine, French footballer
Aug 19th - Debra Paget [Debralee Griffin], American actress (Love Me Tender), born in Denver, Colorado
Aug 19th - Vladimir Borisovich Alekseyev, Russia, cosmonaut
Aug 20th - Don Fuqua, (Rep-D-FL, 1963-86)
Aug 20th - George John Mitchell, (Sen-D-ME, 1980-94/Senate Whip 1989- )
Aug 20th - Larry Robideaux, horse trainer
Aug 21st - Barry Norman, Britain, film critic (Film Greats)
Aug 21st - Janet Baker, York England, mezzo-soprano (Owen Wingrave)
Aug 22nd - Irmtraud Morgner, writer
Aug 22nd - Sylva Koscina, Zagreb Yugo, actress (Jessica, Hercules)
Aug 23rd - Manfred Donike, chemist drug test pioneer
Aug 23rd - Pete Wilson, (Sen-R-CA, 1983-88/Gov-R-Ca 1991- )
Aug 23rd - Robert Curl, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
Palestinian Leader Yasser ArafatPalestinian Leader Yasser Arafat (Aug 24th) Aug 24th - Yasser Arafat, PLO-leader (Achille Lauro, Nobel 1994)
Aug 25th - Tom Skerritt, actor (Ryan's Four, Alien, Big Bad Mama), born in Detroit, Michigan
Aug 25th - Wayne Shorter, Newark New Jersey, American jazz musician (Weather Report)
Aug 27th - Joke Smit, Dutch feminist
Aug 29th - Jehan Sadat, 1st lady of Egypt
Aug 29th - Ramses Shaffy, Dutch cabaret actor (Zaak MP, Liefdesbekentenissen)
Aug 29th - Arnold Koller, Swiss Federal Councilor
Aug 30th - Arne Mellnas, composer
Sep 1st - Conway Twitty, [Harold Jenkins], Miss, country singer (Hello Darlin')
Sep 1st - Tom Vreugdenhil, Dutch MP (CDA)
Sep 1st - Ann W. Richards, Lakeview Texas, American politician
Sep 1st - Marshall Lytle, Old Fort, North Carolina, Hall of Fame rock bassist (Comets), (d. 2013)
Sep 2nd - Victor Spinetti, Welsh actor, (d. 2012)
Sep 3rd - Roland Kayn, composer
Sep 3rd - Tompall Glaser, Spalding Neb, singer (Glaser Bros-Getting to Me Again), (d. 2013)
Sep 4th - Richard Castellano, Bronx, actor (The Godfather, Lovers & Other Stranger)
Sep 5th - Vincent McDermott, composer
Sep 5th - Francisco Javier Errázuriz Ossa, Chilian catholic archbishop
Sep 8th - Eric Salzman, composer
Sep 8th - Asha Bhonsle, Indian singer
Sep 8th - Paul M. Fleiss, American pediatrician; father of Heidi Fleiss

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