Famous Birthdays for April 1934

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1st - Jim Ed Brown, American country music singer (Nashville on the Road), born in Sparkman, Arkansas
1st - Don Hastings, American actor (Capt Video, Bob-As the World Turns), born in Brooklyn, New York
1st - Rod Kanehl, American baseball player (d. 2004)
1st - Vladimir Posner, Russian/French/American journalist who represented and explained the views of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, born in Paris
2nd - Brian Glover, actor (McGuffin)
2nd - Christopher France, British permanent secretary (Dept of Health)
2nd - Diane Cilento, Rabaul
2nd - Peter Middleton, British permanent secretary (Treasury)
2nd - Paul Joseph Cohen, American mathematician (d. 2007)
3rd - David Jones, British reverend/headmaster (Bryanston School)
3rd - Jane Goodall, ethologist (studied African chimps), born in London, England
3rd - Jim Parker, NFL guard, tackle (Baltimore Colts)
3rd - John Lelliott, English contractor/multi-millionaire
4th - Dorothy Lousie Grenfell Williams, broadcaster
5th - Stanley Turrentine, jazz saxophonist (Wonderland)
5th - Tina Maria Stone, runner (1 year distance record of 15,472 miles)
5th - Roman Herzog, German politician
6th - Antonius Geesink, Holland, judo (Olympic-gold-1964)
6th - Reijo Jyrkiainen, composer
7th - Ian Richards, Edinburgh Scotland, actor (Montgomery-Ike)
7th - Swami Shantananda, Hindu Saint, Philosopher, Disciple of Swami Sivananda, Founder of Temple of Fine Arts
7th - Ian Richardson, Scottish actor (d. 2007)
7th - Victor Feldman, jazz musician (drums and piano), born in London UK (d. 1987)
8th - Kisho Kurokawa, Japanese architect (d. 2007)
9th - Bill Birch, New Zealand politician
10th - David Halberstam, intl correspondent (NY Times/Pulitzer 1964)
10th - Zsolt Durko, composer
11th - Dame Anne Poole, chief nursing officer (Dept of Health)
11th - Mark Strand, American poet/editor/translator (Another Republic)
11th - Richard A Garland, artist/photographer
12th - Heinz Schneiter, Swiss footballer
13th - Horace Kay, US singer (Tams-You Lied to Your Daddy)
13th - Siegfried Matthus, composer
14th - Bruce Pairaudeau, cricketer (WI opening bat in 13 Tests, 115 on debut)
14th - Fredric Jameson, American philosopher, cultural theorist
16th - Brian Peppiatt, joint CEO (SG Warburg Securities)
16th - Geoffrey Owen, British editor (Financial Times)
16th - Richard Kenshaw, British broadcaster
16th - Robert Stigwood, producer (Saturday Night Fever, Grease)
17th - Don Kirshner, rock & roll producer (invented bubblegum music)
18th - Jaap Scherpenhuizen, Groningen, Netherlands, Dutch MP (VVD)
18th - James Drury, actor (Virginian), born in NYC, New York
18th - Jan Klusak, composer
18th - Mark Kingston, actor (Intimate Contact)
18th - George Shirley, American tenor
19th - Dickie Goodman, parody singer (Flying Saucer)
19th - Jan Helge Guttorm Bark, composer
19th - John Roch, high court judge
20th - Lindsay Oliver John Boynton, furniture historian
21st - Martin Horton, cricketer, England off-spin all rounder, 2 Tests 1959)
22nd - 9th viscount Portman, British large landowner/multi-millionaire
22nd - David Ratford, diplomat
22nd - John K Barlow, English rubberplanter/financier/multi-millionaire
22nd - Nico Ladenis, British restauranteur (Nico at 90)/=
22nd - Viscount Portman, Britsh landowner/multimillionaire
24th - John Barbour, TV host (Real People), born in Toronto, Ontario
Actress Shirley MacLaineActress Shirley MacLaine (24th) 24th - Shirley MacLaine, Richmond Va, actress/mystic (Irma la Douce)
25th - David de Peyer, cancer research campaigner
25th - Denny "Scott" Miller, American actor (Wagon Train), born in Bloomington Ind, (d. 2014)
25th - Peter McParland, Northern Irish footballer
26th - J Micheal McCloskey, environmentalist/chairman (Sierra Club)
28th - Lois Duncan, American novelist
29th - Pedro Pires, premier (Cape Verde, 1975-91)
29th - Luis Aparicio, Venezuelan baseball player
29th - Otis Rush, American musician
30th - Jerry Lordan, English composer and singer (d. 1995)

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