Famous Birthdays for July 1934

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1st - Jamie Farr, Toledo Oh, actor (Klinger-M*A*S*H, AfterMASH)
1st - Jean Marsh, actress (Dark Places, Eagle has Landed), born in London, England
1st - Sydney Pollack, American diretcor, actor and producer (Tootsie, Out of Africa), born in Lafayette, Indiana (d. 2008)
1st - Claude Berri, French actor, director and screenwriter
2nd - Ivan Madray, WI cricket leg-spin all rounder, 2 Tests 3 runs 0-108)
3rd - Manfred Bieler, writer
4th - Colin Welland, screenwriter (Chariots of Fire) and actor (Straw Dogs) born in Liverpool, England (d. 2015)
7th - Vinko Globokar, composer
8th - Marty Feldman, comedian (Young Frankenstein), born in London, England
8th - Ed Lumley, Canadian corporate executive and former politician
9th - Michael Graves, American postmodernist architect, born in Indianapolis, Indiana
10th - Munir Malik, Pakistani cricket pace bowler (3 Tests 1959-62)
10th - Jerry Nelson, American puppeteer, (d. 2012)
Fashion Designer Giorgio ArmaniFashion Designer Giorgio Armani (11th) 11th - Giorgio Armani, Piacenza Italy, fashion designer (American Gigolo)
12th - Van Cliburn Jr, [Harvey Lavan], La, pianist (Tchaikovsky 1958)
13th - Aleksei Stanislavovich Yeliseyev, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 5, 8, 10)
13th - Ivor Mendonca, WI cricket wicket-keeper (2 Tests 1962)
13th - Roger Reynolds, composer
13th - Wole Soyinka, Nigeria, dramatist (Road, Kongi's Harvest-Nobel 1986)
14th - Leo Joseph Koury, Pitts, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
14th - [Robert] Lee Elder, PGA golfer (1974 Monsanto Open), born in Dallas, Texas
15th - Simon Gournlay, president (British National Farmer's Union)
15th - Harrison Birtwistle, English composer. born in Accrington, Lancashire
15th - Risto Jarva, Finnish filmmaker (d. 1977)
16th - Donald Payne, Newark, New Jersey, New Jersey Congressman (1989-2012), (d. 2012)
17th - Pat McCormick, comedian (Don Rickles Show)
17th - Philippe Capdenat, composer
17th - Rainer Kisch, writer
17th - Lucio Tan, Chinese Filipino businessman (Philippine Airlines), in Amoy China
18th - Edward Bond, English playwright/director (Blow-up)
18th - Darlene Conley, American actress (d. 2007)
19th - Willem Nijholt, actor (De Nietsnut, Respect, Op Afbetaling)
19th - Francisco Sá Carneiro, Prime Minister of Portugal (d. 1980)
20th - Doug Padgett, cricketer (England batsman twice in 1960)
20th - Ralph C RInzler, folklorist (Greenbriar Boys)
20th - Uwe Johnson, German writer
21st - Chandu Borde, cricket batsman (55 Tests for India 1959-67)
21st - Edolphus Towns, (Rep-D-New York, 1983- )
Actress Louise FletcherActress Louise Fletcher (22nd) 22nd - Louise Fletcher, Birmingham AL, actress (One Flew over Cuckoo's Nest)
23rd - Nicholas Barrington, high commissioner (Pakistan)
24th - Jimmy Holiday, US singer (How Can I Forget)
24th - Thomas Ambler, CEO (Texaco)
24th - Willie Davis, NFL defensive end (Cleveland Browns, Green Bay)
24th - Sante Kimes, American convicted con artist and murderess
25th - Claude Zidi, French film director and screenwriter
26th - Anthony Gilbert, composer
27th - John Pardoe, CEO (Sight & Sound Education)/Liberal MP
28th - Jacques d'Amboise, Dedham Mass, ballet dancer (NYC Ballet Company)
28th - Norman D Shumway, (Rep-R-California, 1979- )
29th - Alfred Scott, WI cricket leg-spinner (son of O C, Test 0-140)
30th - Andre Prevost, composer
30th - Ben Piazza, Little Rock Ark, actor (Blues Brothers, Ben Casey, Dallas)
30th - Bud Selig, owner (Milwaukee Brewers)/acting baseball commissioner

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