Famous Birthdays for June 1934

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1st - Pat Boone, Florida, singer/actor (April Love, Cross & Switchblade)
1st - Peter Masterson, actor (Ambush Bay), born in Houston, Texas
1st - Sylvia Syms, actress (Asylum, Moonraker, Shirley Valentine), born in London, England
1st - Willy Roggeman, Flemish writer (Goldfish, Nardis)
2nd - Johnny Carter, US singer (Give your baby a standing ovation)
3rd - Jim Gentile, MLB player, "Diamond Jim", born in San Francisco
3rd - Rolland D. McCune, American theologian
4th - Seamus Elliott, Irish cyclist (d. 1971)
5th - Bill D Moyers, Hugo Oklahoma, news commentator (Bill Moyers' Journal)
5th - F Curtis Michel, LaCrosse Wisconsin, astronaut
5th - Gwen Swire, British social worker
5th - Katherine Helmond, actress (Soap, Coach)
6th - Ad G J Lansink, chemist/Dutch 2nd Chamber member (CDA)
6th - Albert II FHTCEM, king of Belgium (1993- )
6th - Philippe Entremont, France, pianist/conductor (Vienna Chamber Orch)
7th - Philippe Entremont, Rheims France, concert pianist
7th - Samuel Lipman, music critic
8th - Millicent Martin, Romford England, actress (Alfie, Nothing but the Best)
9th - Donald Duck, famous fowl
9th - Helga Haase, German FR, 500m speed skater (Olympic-gold-1960)
9th - Jackie Wilson, singer (Lonely Teardrops, Night), born in Detroit, Michigan
9th - Joe Santos, American actor (Rockford Files, AKA Pablo, Shamus), born in Brooklyn, New York
9th - Michael Mates, MP
9th - Pal Karolyi, composer
9th - Wild Jimmy Spruill, blues guitarist
10th - Nicolas Roussakis, composer
10th - Paul Gibson, British high court judge
11th - Anthony Evans, British high court judge
11th - Pookie Hudson, vocalist (Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite-Spaniels)
11th - Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark
12th - John A. Alonzo, American cinematographer (d. 2001)
13th - Lady Annabel Goldsmith, English socialite
15th - Ruby Nash Cutis, Akron Oh, rocker (Ruby & The Romantics)
16th - Eileen Atkins, actress (Equus, Devil Within Her), born in London, England
16th - Janet Pilgrim, playmate (July 1955, Dec 1955, Oct 1956)
16th - Little Caesar, vocalist (Little Caesar & the Romans)
16th - Lord Patrick Beresforord, blood-stock agent
16th - Lucia Dlugoszewski, composer
16th - William Forsyth Sharpe, American economist, Nobel laureate
16th - Elvira Vinogradova, Russian TV persona
16th - Bill Cobbs [Wilbert], American actor (Night at the Museum, The Color of Money), born in Cleveland, Ohio
18th - Brian Kenny, deputy supreme allied commander (Europe)
18th - Carl de Winter, sect-gen (Federation of British Artists)
18th - Mitsuteru Yokoyama, Japanese manga artist (d. 2004)
19th - Hammond Furlonge, cricketer (WI batsman in 3 Tests 1955-56)
19th - Terence Clark, British diplomat
20th - Brian Barder, British high commissar (Australia)
20th - Cornel Taranu, composer
20th - Wendy Craig, England, actress (Joseph Andrews)
20th - Rossana Podestà, Italian actress (Helen of Troy), (d. 2013)
21st - Wulf Kirsten, writer
22nd - Arthur Miller, legal reporter
24th - Bob Holthus, horse trainer
25th - Willy Rodriguez, cricketer (occasional leg-spin bat for WI in 60's)
26th - John V Tunney, heavyweight boxing champion/(Rep/Sen-D-California)
26th - Josef Sommer, Germany, actor (Witness, Target, Iceman, Forced March)
26th - Luis Felipe Pires, composer
26th - Jeremy Wolfenden, British journalist (d. 1965)
28th - Carl M Levin, (Sen-D Michigan, 1979- )
28th - Roy Gilchrist, cricketer (volatile WI fast bowler of late 50s)
29th - Carl Levin, (Sen-D-MI)
29th - Henning Kronstam, dancer
30th - Harry Blackstone Jr, magician (Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion)

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