Famous Birthdays for August 1935

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1st - Geoff Pullar, cricketer (England opening batsman late 50's early 60's)
2nd - Brian Wolfson, British CEO (Wembley Stadium Ltd), born in Merseyside (d. 2007)
2nd - Derek Anthony Enright, politician
2nd - John MacIvor Perkins, composer
3rd - Georgi Stepanovich Shonin, Odessa USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 6)
3rd - Richard D Lamm, (Gov-D-Colo)
3rd - Vic Vogel, Canadian pianist, composer and bandleader
5th - John McCartan, St Paul Minn, ice hockey player (Oly-gold-60)
5th - John Saxon, Bkln, actor (Bees, Nightmare on Elm St, Electric Horseman)
5th - Zakes Mokae, Johannesburg South Africa, actor (Comedians)
8th - Ron Marlenee, (Rep-R-MT, 1977- )
8th - Sandy Horn, lesbian activist
8th - Donald P. Bellisario, American television producer
8th - John Laws, Australia radio personality
9th - George S Leotsakos, composer
10th - Giya Alexandrovich Kancheli, Georgian composer (Night Prayers)
10th - Jerrie Anthony Hulme, British major-general
10th - Lord Stewartby
12th - Karl Mickel, writer
12th - John Cazale, Italian-American actor (d. 1978)
13th - Rod Hull, entertainer
13th - Mudcat Grant, American baseball player
15th - Abby Dalton, Las Vegas NV, actress (Joey Bishop Show)
15th - Jim Dale, Rothwell England, Broadway actor (Barnum, My One & Only)
15th - Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr, civil rights activist (National Urban League)
16th - Betsy von Furstenberg, Nelheim Ger, actress (Machine Calls it Murder)
16th - Julie Newmar, Hollywood California, actress (Catwoman-Batman, Living Doll)
16th - Andreas Stamatiadis, Greek footballer and coach
17th - Oleg Tabakov, Russian actor
18th - Gail Fisher, Orange NJ, actress (Peggy-Mannix)
18th - Lajos Papp, composer
18th - Rafer Johnson, Hillsboro Texas, decathlete (Olympics-gold-60)
18th - Howard Morrison, New Zealand entertainer
19th - Bobby Richardson, SC, 2nd baseman (NY Yankees)
19th - F Story Musgrave, MD/astronaut (STS 6, 51-F, 33, 44, 61, 80), born in Boston, Massachusetts
19th - Alan Baker, British Mathematician and winner of the Fields Medal (1970) for his work on transcendental number theory, born in London, England
20th - Charles Shere, composer
20th - J J Malone, US soul singer (It's a shame)
20th - Justin Tubb, country singer (Grand Ole Opry), born in San Antonio, Texas
20th - Ron Paul, US Congressman, 1988 and 2008 presidential candidate
21st - Ken Taylor, cricketer (England opening batsman three times 1959-64)
22nd - Morton Dean, Fall River Mass, TV newscaster (CBS, ABC)
22nd - Richard W Howard, 400m hurdler (Olympic-bronze-1960), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
22nd - E. Annie Proulx, American author
23rd - Brendan Jackson, British air marshal
23rd - Loren Rush, composer
23rd - Roy Strong, writer/art historian/director (Victoria & Albert Museum)
25th - Lones Wigger, Great Falls Mont, shooter (Oly-gold/silver-1964, 72)
25th - Charles Wright, American poet
26th - Cornelis B Vaandrager, [Cor Vaan], Dut poet (Long Live Joop Massaker)
26th - Geraldine Ferraro, (Rep-D-NY) 1st female dem VP candidate (1984)
27th - Frank Yablans, writer (North Dallas Forty), born in NYC, New York
27th - Michael Holroyd, author
27th - Ernie Broglio, American baseball player
28th - Gilles Rocheleau, French Canadian politician (d. 1998)
29th - Hugo Brandt Corstius, Dutch essayist/mathematician
29th - William Friedkin, American director/producer/writer (The Exorcist, The French Connection), born in Chicago, Illinois
30th - John Phillips, singer/guitarist (Mama & Papas-California Dreaming)
31st - Eldridge Cleaver, Black Panther turned Republican
31st - Frank Robinson, baseball player/manager (MVP 1961-NL 1966-AL)

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