Famous Birthdays for June 1935

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Birthdays 1 - 49 of 49

1st - James George, US, weightlifter (Olympic-silver-1960/bronze-1956)
1st - John Edward Porter, (Rep-R-IL, 1980- )
1st - Reverend Ike, SC, evangelist minister (Joy of Living)
1st - Reverend Ike, American televangelist
2nd - Carol Shields, American-born novelist (d. 2
2nd - Roger Brierley, English actor (d. 2005)
2nd - Dimitri Kitsikis, Greek turkologist
3rd - Edward McGrady, MP
3rd - Raoul Franklin, chancellor (City University London)
3rd - Ted Curson [Theodore], Jazz Trumpeter, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2012)
4th - Hendrikus C "Henk" Admiraal, Dutch actor (Rififi in Amsterdam)
5th - Peter Schat, Dutch opera composer (Labyrint, Houdine, Symposion)
6th - Bobby Mitchell, NFL running back/wide receiver (Browns, Redskins)
6th - Jean Gattegno, translator/scholar
6th - Misja Mengelberg, Dutch jazz pianist/composer (Reconstruction)
7th - Harry Crews, US writer/actor (Indian Runner), (d. 2012)
7th - Thomas Kailath, American engineer
9th - Diana Van Der Vlis, actress (Lovespell, Girl in Black Stockings)
10th - Tom Pendry, MP (Labour)
10th - Elio Fiorucci, Italian fashion designer, born in Milan (d. 2015)
11th - Sheikh Fazalur Rehman, cricketer (played 1 Test Pakistan v WI 1958)
12th - Christoph Meckel, writer
12th - Ian Craig, Australian cricketer (prodigious Australian bat of 50's), born in Yass, NSW (d. 2014)
13th - Aleksandr Alekseyevich Kiselyov, Russia, cosmonaut
13th - Christo [Javacheff], Bulgaria, artist, wrapper (Running Fence)
13th - Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebonnt, French artist
13th - Samak Sundaravej, Thai 25th Prime Minister (former)
14th - Jan Nijland, cattle breeder/Dutch MP (CDA)
15th - Belinda Lee, Devon England, actress (Who Done It, Runaway Bus)
15th - Fernand Schokweiler, British judge
16th - Jim Dine, Cincinnati Oh, pop artist (St John the Divine)
16th - James Bolam, Sunderland, Tyne-and-Wear, English actor (When the Boat Comes In, The Beiderbecke Trilogy)
18th - Hugh McColl, American banker
19th - Tommy Devito, Montclair NJ, rock vocalist (Four Seasons-Sherry)
20th - Anthony Pilkington, CEO (Pilkington Pic)
21st - Francoise Sagan, [Quoirez], Cajarc France, novelist (Bonjour Trieste)
21st - Monte Markham, Manatee Fla, actor (Second Hundred Years, Dallas)
22nd - V V Kumar, cricketer (useful Madras leggie who only played 2 Tests)
23rd - Maurice Ferre, former mayor of Miami
24th - Pete Hamill, journalist (NY Post), born in Brooklyn, New York
24th - Terry Riley, Colfax California, composer (Spectra)
25th - Eddie Floyd, Montgomery Al, singer/composer (California Girl, Falcons)
25th - Kurt Schwertsik, composer
25th - Wynand Breytenbach, South African under minister of Defense (1986- )
26th - Douglas Peterson, (Rep-D-Florida)
27th - Laurent Terzieff, Paris, actor (Head Over Heels, Milky Way)
27th - Eduard Pavlovich Kugno, Russia, cosmonaut
27th - Ramon Zamora, Filipino martial arts actor (d. 2007)
28th - John Inman, English actor (d. 2007)

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