Famous Birthdays for May 1935

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Birthdays 1 - 45 of 45

1st - Ann Robinson, American actress
2nd - Faisal II, King of Iraq (1939-58)/son of Ghasi I
2nd - Hussain ibn Talal, King of Jordan (1952- )
2nd - Lance LeGault, American actor, (d. 2012)
2nd - Luis Suárez Miramontes, Spanish footballer and manager
3rd - Donald P Hodel, Portland Ore, US Secretary of Interior (1985-89)
3rd - Ron Popeil, American inventor
5th - Douglas Marland, West Sand Lake NY, soap opera writer (Gen Hospital)
7th - Kevin O'Connor, actor (Bogie, Special Effects), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
7th - Isobel Warren, Canadian author
8th - Jack Charlton, soccer manager (Rep of Ireland)
8th - Salome Jens, Milwaukee Wisc, actress (From Here to Eternity)
8th - Viscount Falkland, British peer (Lib-Dem)
9th - Nokie Edwards, Lahoma, Oklahoma, American guitarist (The Ventures)
10th - Henry Fambrough, US singer (Spinners)
10th - Larry Williams, rocker
11th - Doug McClure, Glendale California, actor (Checkmate, Virginian, Roots)
11th - Francisco Umbral, Spanish novelist (d. 2007)
12th - Johnny Bucyk, Canadian ice hockey player
13th - Nigel Butterley, composer
13th - Yizhak Sadai, composer
13th - Dominic Cossa, American baritone
15th - Ted Dexter, cricketer (in Milan Superb England batsman of 60's)
17th - Dennis Christopher George Potter, playwright (Karaoke, Midnight Movie)
17th - Ivan Slone, world-famous watchmaker
19th - David Hartman, Pawtucket RI, TV personality (Good Morning America)
19th - F R Fries, writer
President of Uruguay José MujicaPresident of Uruguay José Mujica (20th) 20th - José Mujica, President of Uruguay (2010-2015), champion of the poor and former urban guerrilla with the Tupamaros, born in Montevideo
21st - Terry Lightfoot, clarinetist/bandleader (New Orleans Jazzmen)
22nd - Ron Piché, Quebec baseball player
23rd - Juliet Campbell, British ambassador (to Luxembourg)
23rd - Lord Grenfell, head of External affairs European office, world bank
24th - Joan Micklin Silver, American director
25th - Cookie Gilchrist, American football player
25th - Victoria Shaw, Australian-born American actress (d. 1988)
26th - Sheila Steafel, South African-born British actress
27th - Elias Gistelinck, Flemish composer
27th - Lee Meriwether, Miss America (Time Tunnel, Barnaby Jones), born in Los Angeles, California
27th - Ramsey Lewis, Chic, pop jazz artist (Hang on Sloopy)
28th - Kenneth Kleinwort, English banker/multi-millionaire
29th - André Brink, South African writer (Dry White Season), born in Vrede, Free State
29th - Denis J Worrall, South African politician/leader (DP)
29th - Martin Garrod, Commandant General (Royal Marines)
31st - Bruce Bolton, cricketer (two Tests NZ v England 1959)
31st - Jim Bolger, 35th Prime Minister of New Zealand

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