Famous Birthdays for May 1940

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1st - Elsa Peretti, Italian jewelry designer
2nd - Bryan Davis, cricketer (bro of Charlie WI batsman v Australia 1965)
2nd - Sari van Heemskerck Pillis-Duvekot, Dutch MP (VVD)
3rd - Konrad "Conny" Plank, German record producer and musician
3rd - Clemens Westerhof, Dutch football manager
3rd - David Koch, American businesman and philanthropist (Koch Industries), - 6th= richest person in the world (2015), born in Wichita, Kansas
4th - Dick Curl, Chester Pa, offensive coordinator coach (Barcelona Dragons)
4th - Robin Cook, American novelist
5th - Lance Henriksen, actor (Aliens, Pumpkinhead, Knights, Hard Target)
6th - Henry Habibe, Arubian poet (Kerensentenchi)
6th - Murray Sidlin, American conductor (National Symphony 1973-77), born in Baltimore, Maryland
7th - Armando Krieger, composer
7th - John Irvin, actor (Moment in Time)
7th - Angela Carter, English novelist and journalist (d. 1992)
7th - Jim Connors, American Radio personality (d. 1987)
8th - James Blyth, CEO (Boots)
8th - Peter Benchley, novelist (Jaws, The Deep), born in NYC, New York (d. 2006)
Jaws Novelist Peter BenchleyJaws Novelist Peter Benchley (8th) 8th - Ricky Nelson, NJ, rock star (Hello Mary Lou, It's Late, Garden Party)
8th - Irwin Cotler, Canadian politician
8th - Toni Tennille, American singer
9th - Dick Morrissey, saxophonist
9th - James L Brooks, producer/director (Broadcast News, Taxi, Critic)
10th - Wayne Dyer, American psychologist and author (Universe Within You) (d. 2015)
10th - Arthur Alexander, US singer/songwriter (Lonely Just Like Me)
10th - Taurean Blacque, Newark New Jersey, actor (Neal Washington-Hill Street Blues)
10th - William Cash, MP
10th - Wayne A. Downing, retired United States Army general
11th - Ronald Anthony Pellegrino, composer
11th - Juan Downey, Chilean video artist (d. 1993)
13th - Bruce Chatwin, England, writer (On the Black Hill)
13th - Richard Brooks, singer (Impressions)
14th - Chay Blyth, English sailor (Alone in Order to the World)
14th - Troy Shondell, American singer
14th - 'H'. Jones, British Soldier (VC recipient) (d. 1982)
15th - Beth Stone, LPGA golfer
15th - Mireille Darc, Toulon France, actor (Week End, Hurried Man)
15th - Paul Rudd, actor (Conn Yankee in King Arthur's Court), born in Boston, Massachusetts
16th - Gareth Roberts, chancellor (Sheffield University)
17th - Alan Kay, American computer scientist
18th - A Marshall Stoneham, FRS, physicist
18th - Pat Trimborn, cricket pace bowler (South African in 4 Tests 1966-70)
19th - Carlos Diegues, actor (Xica)
19th - Frank Lorenzo, airline executive (Continental, Texas Air, Eastern)
19th - Joan Staley, playmate (Nov, 1958)
19th - Mickey Newbury, rocker
19th - Jan Janssen, Dutch cyclist
20th - Sadaharu Oh, of Yomiuri Giants (Japan), hit 868 career HR
20th - Shorty Long, soul singer/pianist (Here Comes the Judge)
20th - Stan Mikita, NHL center (led NHL in scoring 4 times)
Singer-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony SheridanSinger-Songwriter and and Guitarist Tony Sheridan (21st) 21st - Tony Sheridan, Norwich, Norfolk, singer-songwriter and guitarist, (d. 2013)
22nd - Bernard Shaw, news correspondant (CBS, CNN)
22nd - Erapalli Prasanna, cricketer (one of India's big four spinners)
22nd - Michael Sarrazin, actor (Seduction, They Shoot Horses Don't They)
24th - Gary Burghoff, Bristol CT, actor (Radar-M*A*S*H)
24th - Joseph Brodsky, USSR, author (Less than 1, Nobel 1987)
26th - Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, French Canadian politician
26th - Levon Helm, Elaine Arkansas, American musician (The Band), (d. 2012)
27th - Rene Koering, composer
28th - Betty Shabazz, educator/talk show hostess/widow (Malcolm X)
28th - Hans Dulfer, tenor saxophonist/director (Paradiso)
28th - Thomas E Petri, (Rep-R-WI, 1979- )
28th - Maeve Binchy [Snell], Dalkey, Ireland, novelist (Light a Penny Candle), (d. 2012)
29th - Farooq Leghari, President of Pakistan
30th - David Ackroyd, Orange NJ, actor (I Come in Peace, Memories of Me)
31st - Augie Mayer, rocker (Sir Douglas Quintet)
31st - Elfi Mikesch, cinematographer (Erotique, Out of America, Malina)
31st - Gilbert Shelton, American underground comics illustrator

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