Famous Birthdays for Year 1940 (Part 4)

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Aug 3rd - Martin Sheen, [Ramon Estevez], actor (Badlands, The West Wing), born in Dayton, Ohio
Aug 4th - Karel Vachek, director (Moravska Hellas, Elective Affinities)
Aug 4th - Rosemarie "Timi" Yuro, US singer (Hurt)
Aug 4th - Abdurrahman Wahid, 4th President of Indonesia
Aug 6th - Louise Sorel, actress (BS I Love You, Crimes of Passion), born in Los Angeles, California
Aug 6th - Mukhu Aliyev, Russian politician, President of Dagestan
Aug 7th - Marlyn Mason, San Fernando Cal, actress (Making It, Peyton Place)
Aug 7th - Tom Barlow, (Rep-D-Kentucky)
Aug 7th - Jean-Luc Dehaene, Belgian Prime Minister (1992-99), born in Montpellier, France, (d. 2014)
Aug 8th - Dilip Sardesai, cricketer (high scoring Indian batsman of 60's)
Aug 9th - Beverlee McKinsey, Oklahoma, actress (Iris-Another World, Guiding Light)
Aug 10th - Barbara Mills, QC, British Director of Public Prosecutions
Aug 10th - Bobby Hatfield, Wisc, rocker (Righteous Bros-Unchained Melody)
Actor Martin SheenActor Martin Sheen (Aug 3rd) Aug 10th - Richard Wells, Chief Constable (South Yorkshire)
Aug 10th - Sid Waddell, Darts Commentator for the PDC
Aug 11th - Kip King, actor (Charlie & Company), born in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 12th - Alexander Yossifov, composer
Aug 12th - Eddie Barlow, cricketer (Great South African all-rounder)
Aug 12th - Michael Brunson, TV reporter/newscaster/actor (Never Say Die)
Aug 13th - Ann Armstrong Dailey, founder (Children's Hospice Intl)
Aug 13th - Timothy Wood, British government asst whip
Aug 14th - Dash Crofts, Cisco Tx, singer (Seals & Crofts-Summer Breeze)
Aug 14th - Galen Hall, WLAF Head Coach (Orlando Thunder, Rhein Fire)
Aug 15th - Gudrun Ensslin, German terrorist
Aug 15th - Rita Shane, American soprano
Aug 16th - Bruce Beresford, Austral director (Driving Miss Daisy, Tender Mercies)
Aug 17th - David E Price, (Rep-D-North Carolina)
Aug 17th - Thomas Williams, US, ice hockey play (Olympic-gold-1960)
Aug 18th - Joan Joyce, Waterbury CT, LPGA golfer (1984 S&H Golf Classic-6th)
Aug 19th - Jan Claire, actor (American Anthem)
Aug 19th - Jill St John, [Oppenheim], actress (Diamonds are Forever), born in Los Angeles, California
Aug 19th - Johnny Nash, rocker (I Can See Clearly Now), born in Houston, Texas
Aug 20th - John Lantree, rocker
Aug 20th - Rex Sellers, Aust cricketer leg-spinner (bowled 5 overs in Tests)
Aug 20th - Sam Melville, Utah, actor (Mike Danko-Rookies, Roughnecks)
Aug 20th - Rubén Hinojosa, American politician
Aug 21st - Ana Isabel Anderson-Imbert, physician, rheumatologist
Aug 21st - Robert Camac, horse trainer
Aug 22nd - Antony Crosthwaite-Eyre, English publisher/multi-millionaire
Aug 22nd - David Vance, horse trainer
Aug 22nd - George Reinholt, Phila, actor (Steve-Another World, One Life to Live), (d. 2013)
Aug 22nd - John Banham, director-general (CBI)
Aug 23rd - Richard Sanders, Harrisburg Pa, actor (Les-WKRP, Spencer, Berrengers)
Aug 23rd - Tony Bill, SD Cal, actor (What Really Happened to the Class of '65)
Aug 24th - Don Cormier Sr, horse trainer
Aug 24th - Tony Secunda, rock band manager
Aug 24th - Francine Lalonde, Quebec politician
Aug 25th - Jose Van Dam, Brussels Belgium, bass-baritone (Francois d'Assisif)
Aug 26th - Don LaFontaine, American voice actor (d. 2008)
Aug 27th - David Hart, gen-sect (National Association of Head Teachers)
Aug 27th - Warren Harding "Sonny" Sharrock, American jazz guitarist
Aug 28th - Richard Sanders, actor (Les Nessman-WKRP)
Aug 28th - William S Cohen, (Sen-R Maine, 1979- )
Aug 28th - Ken Jenkins, American actor
Aug 28th - Roger Pingeon, French cylist
Aug 28th - Nik Turner, English musician (Hawkwind)
Aug 29th - James Brady, press secretary (wounded during Reagan assassin attempt)
Aug 29th - Wilhelm Ruska, Holland, judo champ (Olympic-gold-1972)
Aug 29th - Earl Gros, American NFL running back (Green Bay), (d. 2013)
Aug 31st - Alain Calmat, France, figure skater (Olympic-silver-1964)
Aug 31st - Jack Thompson [John Payne], Australian actor (Breaker Morant, The Man from Snowy River), born in Sydney, New South Wales
Sep 2nd - Beverly Sanders, Hollywood California, actress (Lotsa Luck, CPO Sharkey)
Sep 2nd - Jimmy Clanton, Baton Rogue, La, rock vocalist (Just a Dream)
Sep 2nd - Mike Pyne, jazz Pianist
Sep 3rd - Pauline Collins, actress (Shirley Valentine), born in London, England
Sep 3rd - Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan journalist and writer, born in Montevideo
Sep 5th - Lewis Spratlan, composer
Actress Raquel WelchActress Raquel Welch (Sep 5th) Sep 5th - Raquel Welch, (Myra Breckenridge, 1,000,000 BC, 100 Rifles), born in Chicago, Illinois
Sep 6th - Jackie Trent, singer
Sep 7th - Dario Argento, director (Creepers, Deep Red, Tenebrae)
Sep 8th - Willie Tyler, Red Level Ala, ventriloquist (Lester)
Sep 8th - Quentin L. Cook, LDS apostle
Sep 9th - Joe Negroni, rock vocalist (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers)
Sep 10th - Roy Ayers, LA, disco jazz artist (Fever, You Send Me)
Sep 10th - Yevgeni Nikolayevich Khludeyev, Russia, cosmonaut
Sep 11th - Bernie Dwyer, rock drummer (Freddie & The Dreamers)
Sep 11th - Brian DePalma, Newark NJ, film director (Body Double, Dressed to Kill)
Sep 11th - Theodore Olson, U.S. Solicitor General
Sep 11th - Robert Palmer, last CEO of Digital Equipment Corporation
Sep 12th - Linda Gray, actress (Sue Ellen Ewing-Dallas), born in Santa Monica, California
Sep 12th - Mickey Lolich, pitcher (Detroit Tiger, won 25 in 1971)
Sep 12th - Roger K Crouch, Jamestown Tenn, astronauts (STS 83, 94)
Sep 12th - Stephen J Solarz, (Rep-D-NY, 1975-93)
Sep 12th - Susan Sennett, actress (Big Bad Mama), born in Santa Monica, California
Sep 12th - Patrick Mower, English actor
Sep 13th - Joyce Schouten, Dutch singer (Fouryo's)
Sep 13th - Óscar Arias, Costa Rican politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
Sep 14th - Larry Brown, NBA player/NBA coach (NY Knicks)
Sep 14th - Leo H Ferrier, Suriname writer (Atman)
Sep 15th - Frank Linzy, baseball player
Sep 15th - Merlin Olsen, UT, NFL tackle (Rams)/sportscaster/actor (Father Murphy)
Sep 15th - Norman [Richard] Spinrad, US, sci-fi author (Child of Fortune)
Sep 17th - Jan Eliasson, Swedish diplomat
Sep 17th - Sotiris Moustakas, Greek actor (d. 2007)
Sep 18th - Frankie Avalon, Phila, actor (Beach movies)/singer (Venus)
Sep 19th - Bill Medley, Santa Ana Cal, rocker (Righteous Bros-Up Where We Belong)
Sep 19th - Paul Williams, singer/composer/actor (Planet of the Apes), born in Omaha, Nebraska
Sep 19th - Sylvia Tyson, rocker
Sep 20th - Joseph J DioGuardi, (Rep-R-NY, 1985- )
Sep 21st - Bill Kurtis, Pensacola Fla, newscaster (American Parade)
Sep 21st - Hermann Knoflacher, Austrian civil engineer
Sep 22nd - Anna Karina, Copenhagen Denmark, actress (Alphaville)
Sep 22nd - Edward Boguslawski, composer
Sep 23rd - Tim Rose, rocker
Sep 24th - Barbara Allbut, Orange NJ, rock vocalist (Angels)
Sep 24th - Yves Navarre, French writer (d. 1994)
Sep 25th - Timothy Severin, author/explorer
Sep 27th - Josephine Barstow, opera singer
Sep 27th - Benoni Beheyt, Belgian cyclist
Sep 28th - Alekander Sergeyevich Ivanchenkov, USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 29/31, T-6)
Sep 28th - Aleksandr Y Kalery, Russian cosmonaut
Sep 28th - George Greenstein, author (Secret of a Jewish Baker)
Sep 29th - Jimmy Knapp, trade unionist
Sep 29th - John Dawes, rugby coach
Sep 29th - Mike Eischeid, NFL punter (Oakland Raiders)
Sep 29th - Nicola Di Bari, Italian singer
Sep 30th - Harry Winston Jerome, Sask Canada, 100m runner (Olympic-bronze-1964)
Oct 1st - Richard F Pieternella, Dutch Antilles' minister plenipotentiary
Oct 2nd - Lord Davies, chairman (Welsh National Opera)
Oct 2nd - Gheorghe Gruia, Romanian handball player
Oct 3rd - Alan O'Day, Hollywood Ca, rocker, (d. 2013)
Oct 3rd - Jean Ratelle, NHL center (NY Rangers, Boston Bruins)
Oct 3rd - Mike Troy, US swimmer (Olympics-2 gold-1960)
Oct 4th - Silvio Marzolini, Argentine footballer
Oct 4th - Alberto Vilar, Cuban-American investor and philanthropist
Oct 5th - Bob Cowper, cricketer (Aust LHB, 307 v England MCG 1966 Very rich
Oct 6th - Boris Dmitriyevich Andreyev, Russia, cosmonaut
Oct 6th - Ellen Travolta, Englewood NJ, actress (Grease, Charles in Charge)
Oct 6th - Wyche Fowler Jr, (Rep-D-GA, 1977-87)
Oct 7th - Bruce F Vento, (Rep-D-Minnesota, 1977- )
Oct 7th - Dino Valenti, rock guitarist/vocalist (Quicksilver Messenger Service)
Oct 7th - Richard H Stallings, (Rep-D-ID, 1985- )
Oct 8th - Fred Cash, Chattanooga Tn, rocker (Impressions)
Oct 9th - Gordon J Humphrey, (Sen-R-NH, 1979- )
Oct 9th - Hans Ulrich Humpert, composer
MLB First Baseman and Outfielder Joe PepitoneMLB First Baseman and Outfielder Joe Pepitone (Oct 9th) Oct 9th - Joe Pepitone, MLB 1st baseman (NY Yankees), born in Brooklyn, New York
Oct 9th - John Lennon, British musician, pop star and member of The Beatles (Imagine), born in Liverpool, England (d. 1980)
Oct 13th - Chris Farlowe, rocker
Oct 13th - Pharoah Sanders, American saxophonist
Oct 14th - Christopher Timothy, British actor (All Creatures Great & Small)
Oct 14th - Sir Cliff Richard, [Harry Webb], Lucknow India, English rock vocalist (Suddenly)
Oct 14th - Jesse Carlyle Snead, Hot Springs VA, PGA golfer (1972 Phila Classic)
Oct 14th - Pat Finley, Asheville NC, actress (Ellen Hartley-Bob Newhart Show)
Oct 15th - Peter Doherty, Australian immunologist, Nobel laureate
Oct 16th - Barry Corbin, actor (Maurice-Northern Exposure)
Oct 16th - Dave DeBusschere, NBA foward (NY Knick)/last ABA commissioner, born in Detroit, Michigan
NBA Forward and MLB Player Dave DeBusschereNBA Forward and MLB Player Dave DeBusschere (Oct 16th) Oct 17th - Peter Stringfellow, British nightclub owner
Oct 17th - Jim Smith, English footballer and manager
Oct 18th - Cynthia Weil, New York NY, American songwriter
Oct 19th - Jerzy Kulej, Poland, light welterweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1964, 68), (d. 2012)

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