Famous People Born in 1941

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  • Jan 3rd Shima Iwashita, actress (Red Lion, Hara-Kiri, Double Suicide)
  • Jan 3rd Van Dyke Parks, Alabama, actor/musician (Bonino, Billy Crystal Hour)
  • Jan 4th John Bennett Perry, Williamstown Mass, singer/actor (Falcon Crest)
  • Jan 4th Maureen Reagan, 1st daughter of Ronald and Jane Wyman, born in Los Angeles, California
  • Jan 5th Bob Cunis, cricketer (New Zealand pace bowler of the late 60's)
  • Jan 5th Grady Thomas, US rock vocalist (Parliaments, Funkadelic, Maggot Brain)
  • Jan 5th Mansur Ali Khan, cricketer (Nawab of Pataudi, Indian batsman & capt)
  • Jan 5th Hayao Miyazaki, Japanese filmmaker (Spirited Away), born in Tokyo

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 5th Chuck McKinley, American tennis player, born in St. Louis, Missouri

Tennis Player Wimbledon Champion Chuck McKinley
Tennis Player Wimbledon Champion
Chuck McKinley
  • Jan 7th Ann Susan Hills, freelance journalist
  • Jan 7th Frederick Drew Gregory, Col USAF/astro (STS 51-B, 33, 44), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Jan 7th Robert Hicks, rocker (Paul Butterfield Blues Band)
  • Jan 7th Iona Brown, British violinist and conductor (d. 2004)
  • Jan 7th John E. Walker, English chemist, Nobel Prize laureate
  • Jan 8th Graham Chapman, England, comedian (Monty Python's Flying Circus)
  • Jan 8th Boris Vallejo, Peruvian illustrator
  • Jan 9th Joan Baez, folk singer/human rights advocate, born in Staten Island, New York
  • Jan 9th Gilles Vaillancourt, Quebec politician
  • Jan 11th Gérson, Brazilian footballer
  • Jan 12th Jaime B Fuster, (Rep-D-PR, 1985- )
  • Jan 12th Long John Baldry, England, blues vocalist (Don't try to Lay No Boogie)
  • Jan 13th Meinhard Nehmer, German DR, 2 man bobsledder (Olympic-gold-1976)
  • Jan 13th Pasqual Maragall, Spanish politician
  • Jan 14th C L "Gibby" Gilbert Jr, Chattanooga TN, PGA golfer (1976 Danny Thomas)
  • Jan 14th Marjoe Gortner, actor (Speak Up America, Falcon Crest), born in Long Beach, California

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 14th [Dorothy] Faye Dunaway, Bascom Fl, actress (Chinatown, Bonnie & Clyde)

Actress Faye Dunaway
Faye Dunaway
  • Jan 14th Milan Kučan, Slovenian statesman
  • Jan 15th Captain Beefheart, [Don Van Vliet], rocker (Bongo Fury, Shiny Beast)
  • Jan 16th Christine Janes, tennis player
  • Jan 16th Richard Bohringer, actor (Diva, I Married a Shadow), born in Paris, France
  • Jan 17th Dame Gillian Weir, New Zealand organist
  • Jan 18th Bobby Goldsboro, Marianna Fla, singer (Honey)
  • Jan 18th David Ruffin, Whynot Mississippi, early lead singer for The Temptations ("My Girl")
  • Jan 18th Iva Zanicchi, actress (Ragazza Tutta d'Oro)
  • Jan 18th Denise Bombardier, Quebec journalist, television host and novelist
  • Jan 19th Tony Anholt, British actor (d. 2002)
  • Jan 19th Colin Gunton, British theologian (d. 2003)
  • Jan 19th Pat Patterson, Canadian wrestler
  • Jan 20th Pierre Lalonde, Quebec singer and television host
  • Jan 21st Placido Domingo, opera tenor (Pinkerton-Mme Butterfly), born in Madrid, Spain
  • Jan 21st Richie Havens, Bkln, folk singer (Here Comes the Sun), (d. 2013)
  • Jan 21st Stathis Giallelis, Greek actor
  • Jan 21st Ivan Putski, Polish-born American professional wrestler
  • Jan 24th Aaron Neville, US singer/keyboardist (Neville Brothers)
  • Jan 24th Michael Chapman, Leeds England, rocker (Looking for 11)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 24th Neil Diamond, American singer-songwriter, born in Brooklyn, New York

Singer-songwriter Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond
  • Jan 25th Elzie "Buddy" Baker, American NASCAR driver, born in Florence, South Carolina (d. 2015)
  • Jan 25th Gregory Sierra, American actor
  • Jan 26th Henry Jaglom, actor (Eating, Lucky Ducks, Always), born in London, England
  • Jan 26th Scott Glenn, actor (Right Stuff, Personal Best, Backdraft), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Jan 28th Joel Crothers, actor (Edge of Night), born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jan 30th Dick Cheney, 46th US Vice President, born in Lincoln, Nebraska

46th US Vice-President Dick Cheney
46th US Vice-President
Dick Cheney
  • Jan 30th Joe Terranoua, rocker (Danny & The Juniors)
  • Jan 30th Gregory Benford, American author and scientist
  • Jan 30th Tineke Lagerberg, Dutch swimmer
  • Jan 31st Jessica Walter, American actress (Play Misty For Me, Arrested Development), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • Jan 31st George S Mickelson, (Gov-SD)
  • Jan 31st Richard A Gephardt, (Rep-D-MO, 1977- )
  • Jan 31st Sharon Miller, LPGA golfer
  • Feb 1st Anatoliy Firssov, USSR, ice hockey play (Olympic-gold-1964, 68, 72)
  • Feb 1st Franco Nones, Italy, 30K cross country skier (Olympic-gold-1968)
  • Feb 1st Robert Walmsley, British Vice-Admiral
  • Feb 1st Karl Dall, German television host
  • Feb 1st Jerry Spinelli, children's author
  • Feb 2nd Serge Alexandrovich Tcherepnin, composer
  • Feb 3rd Angelo D'Aleo, tenor (Dion & Belmonts-Teenager in Love), born in The Bronx, New York
  • Feb 3rd Bridget Hanley, Minneapolis Mn, actress (Here Come the Brides)
  • Feb 3rd Carol Mann, golfer (LPGA Hall of Fame 1977, 1965 US Open), born in Buffalo, New York
  • Feb 3rd Chuck Tharp, rock vocalist (Fireballs)
  • Feb 3rd Gary Bartlett, cricket pace bowler (NZ in 10 Tests in the 1960's)
  • Feb 3rd Neil Bogart, American record executive (d. 1982)
  • Feb 4th John Steel, rock drummer (Animals-House of the Rising Sun)
  • Feb 5th Barrett Strong, vocalist (Money, That's What I Want), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Feb 5th David Selby, Morganstown WV, actor (Falcon Crest, Flamingo Road)
  • Feb 5th Rick Laird, jazz musician (Gerry Niewood & Timepiece)
  • Feb 5th Stephen J Cannell, producer (Rockford Files)
  • Feb 5th Kaspar Villiger, Swiss Federal Councilor
  • Feb 6th Gigi Perreau, actress (Journey to Center of Time), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Feb 6th Stephen Albert, composer
  • Feb 7th Peter Foxhall, Australian evangelist
  • Feb 8th Nick Nolte, American actor (The Thin Red Line, 48 Hrs), born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Feb 8th Tom Rush, NH, rock guitarist/vocalist (Circle Game, Urge For Going)
  • Feb 9th Sheila James Kuehl, politician/actress (Zelda-Dobie Gillis)
  • Feb 10th John Hampshire, cricketer (of Yorkshire Century on debut for Eng 1969)
  • Feb 10th Michael Apted, director/researcher (Granada TV)
  • Feb 11th Glenn Randall Jr, stuntman (Species, Mrs Soffel, Return of the Jedi)
  • Feb 11th Jeremy Mackenzie, general
  • Feb 11th Sergio Mendes, jazz/pop musician (Brazil '66/'77/'88)
  • Feb 12th Naomi Uemura, mountain climber (1st Japanese to scale Everest)
  • Feb 12th Ross Morgan, cricketer (NZ batsman in 20 Tests 1965-72)
  • Feb 13th Bo Svenson, Goteborg Sweden, actor (North Dallas 40, Walking Tall)
  • Feb 13th Andrea Conte, First Lady of Tennessee
  • Feb 13th Sigmar Polke, German painter
  • Feb 14th Paul Tsongas, (Sen-D-Mass)
  • Feb 14th Donna Shalala, American educator
  • Feb 15th Brian Holland, US pianist/producer (Holland/Dozier/Holland)
  • Feb 15th Dan Crompton, Nottinghamshire, Chief Constable
  • Feb 15th Florinda Bolkan, Ceara Brazil, actress (Damned, Last Valley, Word)
  • Feb 16th Vitali Kuznetsov, USSR, judo (Olympic-silver-1972)
  • Feb 17th Gene Pitney, vocalist/songwriter (Town Without Pity), born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Feb 17th Heidi Biebi, German Fed Rep, downhill skier (Olympic-gold-1960)
  • Feb 18th David Blue, [Cohen], Providence RI, rocker (Cupid's Arrow)
  • Feb 18th Herb Santiago, vocalist (Frankie Lymon & Teenagers-Why Do Fools Fall)
  • Feb 18th Irma Thomas, [Lee], US vocalist (It's Raining)
  • Feb 19th Carlos Roque Alsina, composer
  • Feb 19th Stephen Dobyns, US author/poet (Cold Dog Soup)
  • Feb 20th Buffy Sainte-Marie, Maine, folksinger (Now That the Buffalo Are Gone)
  • Feb 21st Charlie Shelburne, English earl/large landowner
  • Feb 22nd Hipólito Mejía, Dominican politician
  • Feb 23rd Frank Gerstenberg, Edinburgh, principal (George Watson's College)
  • Feb 23rd Robin Bynoe, cricketer (WI opening batsman in 4 Tests 1959-67)
  • Feb 23rd Ron Hunt, baseball player
  • Feb 24th Joanie Sommers, American singer and actress
  • Feb 25th David Puttnam, film producer/CEO (Columbia Pictures), born in London, England
  • Feb 25th Ramon Pagayon Santos, composer
  • Feb 25th Stewart Sutherland, Principal/Vice-Chancellor (Edinburgh University)
  • Feb 25th Susan Browning, Baldwin NY, actress (Pat-Mary Hartman)
  • Feb 26th Keith Thomson, cricketer (batted in 2 Tests NZ v India 1968)
  • Feb 26th Tony Ray-Jones, British photographer (d. 1972)
  • Feb 27th Ian McGarry, general secretary (British Actors' Equity Association)
  • Feb 27th Paddy Ashton, New Delhi India, British MP (Soc/Lib Democrat)
  • Feb 27th Andrew "Sandy" Wilson, Royal Air Force officer (1962–1995)
  • Feb 28th Alice May Brock, American author
  • Feb 28th Marty Sanders, American musician (Jay and the Americans)
  • Mar 1st Michael L Lampton, Williamsport Pa, astronaut
  • Mar 2nd David Satcher, 16th United States Surgeon General
  • Mar 4th John Aprea, actor (Lucas-Another World, The Godfather Part II), born in Englewood, New Jersey
  • Mar 4th John Hancock, Hazen AR, actor (Black Marble, Traxx, Houston Knights)
  • Mar 6th Ann Winterton, British MP
  • Mar 6th Karyn Kupcinet, actress (Carol-Gertrude Berg Show)
  • Mar 8th Ivana Loudova, composer
  • Mar 8th Yvar Emilian Mikhashoff, composer
  • Mar 8th Andrei Mironov, Soviet actor (d. 1987)
  • Mar 9th Ger van Each, sculptor
  • Mar 9th Jim Colbert, Elizabeth NJ, PGA golfer (1969 Monsanto Open)
  • Mar 9th Ernesto Miranda, American litigant (d. 1976)
  • Mar 10th Daniel Kirkland Lentz, composer
  • Mar 10th Piotr Warzecha, composer
  • Mar 10th Sandra Palmer, LPGA golfer (1986 Mayflower Classic), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Mar 13th Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian prominent poet and writer of prose.(d. 2008)
  • Mar 14th Wolfgang Petersen, Emden Germany, actor (Shattered, Enemy Mine)
  • Mar 15th Dick Top, Dutch actor/director (Witch of Haarlem)
  • Mar 15th Mike Love, California, rock saxophonist/vocalist (Beachboys-In My Room)
  • Mar 16th Robert Guéï, ruler of Côte d'Ivoire (d. 2002)
  • Mar 17th Paul Kantner, rock singer/guitarist (Jefferson Airplane), born in San Francisco, California (d. 2016)
  • Mar 17th Clarence Collins, US singer (Imperials-Tears on my pillow)
  • Mar 17th Edward Harper, composer
  • Mar 17th Wang Jin-pyng, Taiwanese politician

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 18th Wilson Pickett, American R&B singer (Funky Broadway), born in Prattville, Alabama (d. 2006)

R&B and Soul Singer Songwriter Wilson Pickett
R&B and Soul Singer Songwriter
Wilson Pickett
  • Mar 18th Wolfgang Bauer, writer
  • Mar 18th John W. Derr, American politician
  • Mar 19th Lord Vestey, British food magnate/billionaire (Union International)
  • Mar 20th Carlos Lopez, jockey
  • Mar 20th Pat Corrales, American baseball player
  • Mar 21st Dirk D Frimout, Belgium, cosmonaut
  • Mar 21st Malcolm Francke, cricketer (leg-spinner, Ceylon 1956 to Qld 1984)
  • Mar 22nd Bruno Ganz, Zurich Switzerland, actor (Strapless, Wings of Desire)
  • Mar 22nd Gary Lewis, horse trainer
  • Mar 22nd Billy Collins, American poet
  • Mar 23rd Jim Trelease, American educator and children's literature author
  • Mar 25th Gudmund Hernes, Norwegian politician
  • Mar 26th Barclay Plager, hockey player/twin brother of hockey's Bob Plager
  • Mar 26th Bob Plager, hockey player/twin brother of hockey's Barclay Plager
  • Mar 26th Richard Dawkins, British evolutionary biologist
  • Mar 26th Yvon Marcoux, Quebec politician
  • Mar 27th Charles Pashayan Jr, (Rep-R-CA, 1979- )
  • Mar 27th Liese Prokop, Austria, pentathlete (Olympic-silver-1968)
  • Mar 27th Ivan Gašparovič, President of Slovakia
  • Mar 28th Alf Clausen, Minneapolis Mn, orchestra leader (Mary, Simpsons)
  • Mar 28th Charlie McCoy, Oak Hill WV, harmonica player (Hee Haw)
  • Mar 28th Jim Turner, American football player
  • Mar 29th Terence Hill, Venice Italy, actor (Super Fuzz, They Call Me Trinity)
  • Mar 29th Eden Kane, British singer
  • Mar 30th Brendan O'Friel, CEO (Prison Governors Association)
  • Mar 30th Robert C Smith, (Rep-R-NH, 1985- )
  • Mar 30th Ron Johnston, Vice-Chancellor (Essex U)
  • Mar 30th Sven Hamrin, Sweden, road race cycler (Olympic-bronze-1964)
  • Mar 30th Bob Smith, former American politician
  • Apr 1st Ajit Wadekar, cricketer (stalwart Indian batsman & capt)
  • Apr 2nd Leon Russell, Lawton KS, pianist/singer (Carny)
  • Apr 3rd Eric Braeden, Aust, actor (Victor Newman-Young & Restless, Colossus)
  • Apr 3rd Jan Berry, American rock and roll vocalist (Jan and Dean-Dead Man's Curve), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Apr 3rd Carl Boenish, American father of BASE jumping (d. 1984)
  • Apr 3rd Philippé Wynne, American musician (d. 1984)
  • Apr 4th Bill Tarmey, Ardwick, Manchester, actor (Coronation Street), (d. 2012)
  • Apr 5th Dave Swarbrick, British folk fiddler (Fairport Convention), born in New Malden, Surrey (d. 2016)
  • Apr 5th Michael Moriarty, actor (Bang the Drum Slowly, Q, Stuff), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • Apr 5th Roman Balayan, Nerke Azerbaijan, director (Filer, Biryuk)
  • Apr 6th Hans W Geissendorfer, Augsburg Germany, director (Sternsteinhof)
  • Apr 6th Gheorghe Zamfir, Romanian musician
  • Apr 7th Gorden Kaye, British actor
  • Apr 8th Peggy Lennon, singer (Lennon Sisters), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Apr 8th Dame Vivienne Westwood, Tintwistle England, English fashion designer
  • Apr 9th Hannah Gordon, actress (Oh Alfie)
  • Apr 9th Kaye Adams, American country singer
  • Apr 9th Chu Song-woong, Korean stage actor (d. 1985)
  • Apr 10th Paul Theroux, American travel book writer (Mosquito Coast)
  • Apr 11th David Lyle Boren, (Sen-D-OK, 1979- )
  • Apr 11th Frederick "Rick" Hauck, astr (STS-7, STS 51-A, STS-26), born in Long Beach, California
  • Apr 11th Ellen Goodman, American political columnist