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Birthdays 1 - 62 of 62

1st - Jerry Maitini, US saxophonist (Sly & Family Stone-Sex Machine)
1st - Jim Martini, rocker (Sly & Family Stone-Everyday People)
1st - Naushad Ali, cricketer (Pakistani wicket-keeper in six Tests 1964-65)
1st - Jean-Jacques Annaud, Draveil France, director (Bear, Black & White, Name of the Rose)
2nd - Anna Ford, British broadcaster/actress (Secret Policeman's Ball)
2nd - Henri SZEPS, Lausanne Switzerland, actor (Mother & Son)
2nd - Franklin Rosemont, American artist
3rd - Jeff Bingaman, (Sen-D-New Mexico, 1983- )
4th - Bonnie Bryant, LPGA golfer
4th - Buddy Roemer, (Gov/Rep-D-LA, 1981- )
4th - Owen Keir Davidson, Australia, 4 time Wimbledon mix double champ
5th - Benjamin L Cardin, (Rep-D-Maryland)
5th - Inna Churikova, Russia, actress (Theme)
5th - Steve Miller, Milwaukee, rocker (Abracadabra, Space Cowboy)
6th - Cees Veerman, pop guitarist/singer (Cats-Sure He's a Cat)
6th - Michael Durrell, American actor (Shannon, V, Alice, Chiefs), born in Brooklyn, New York
6th - Udo Zimmermann, composer
6th - Alexander Maxovich Shilov, Russian painter
7th - Oliver North, US colonel (Irangate), born in San Antonio, Texas
7th - Joy Behar, American television personality
7th - José Cardenal, Cuban baseball player
8th - Chevy Chase, comedian/actor (SNL, Vacation, Fletch, Caddyshack), born in NYC, New York
8th - James Edward Sellars, composer
Children's Book Writer R. L. StineChildren's Book Writer R. L. Stine (8th) 8th - R. L. Stine, Columbus, Ohio, children's book writer (Goosebumps)
9th - Mike Peters, American cartoonist
10th - Denis D'Ell, [Dennis Dalziel], rocker
10th - Earl of Stockton, English publisher/grandson of premier Macmillan
10th - Frederick Barthelme, American author
11th - Frank Muyser, Dutch guitarist/saxophonist (Les Baroques)
11th - Gene Watson, Palestine Tx, country singer (Heartaches, Love & Stuff)
11th - Keith Boyce, St Peter, Barbados, cricketer (big-hitting WI all-rounder of 70's)
11th - Per-Gunnar Alldahl, composer
13th - Mike Barnicle, American newspaper columnist
14th - Anthony Iannaccone, composer
14th - Lance Rentzel, NFL receiver (Minn, LA)/ex-husband of Joey Heatherton
14th - Noreen Corcoran, Quincy Mass, actress (Kelly-Bachelor Father)
15th - Penny Marshall, American actress (Odd Couple, Laverne & Shirley), born in The Bronx, New York
16th - C Fred Turner, rock bassist/vocalist (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
17th - Susan Davenny Wyner, New Haven Ct, soprano (Walter Naumberg Prize)
18th - Russ Giguere, Portsmouth NH, rock guitarist/vocalist (Association)
18th - Birthe Rønn Hornbech, Danish politician
19th - Michael Findlay, cricket wicket-keeper (WI early 70's)
19th - Robert Morris, composer
19th - Robin Greville Holloway, composer
19th - Takis Ikonomopoulos, Greek footballer
20th - Dunja Vejzovic, Croatian soprano
21st - Frans LAJ Wolters, economist/Dutch MP (PvdA)
21st - Paula Kelly, Jacksonville Fla, American dancer and actress (Liz-Night Court)
21st - Ron Elliott, rocker
21st - Tariq Ali, Pakistani author and historian
22nd - Allen James Coage, HW judo (Olympic-bronze-1976), born in NYC, New York
22nd - Catherine Deneuve, [Dorleac], Paris, actress (Repulsion, Hunger)
22nd - Paul Zukofsky, violinist (Cappricio), born in Brooklyn, New York
22nd - Robert Long, [Leverman], Dutch singer/actor (Vroeger Kon je Lachen)
22nd - Jan de Bont, Dutch film director
24th - Jose Serrano, (Rep-D-New York)
25th - Roy Lynes, England, rock organist (Status Quo)
25th - Selly Fernandes, Curacao poetess (Winking with Selly)
28th - Conny Froboess, German singer
28th - Charo López, Spanish actress
29th - Donald Simpson, film producer
30th - Joanna Shimkus, Halifax NS, actress (Marriage of a Young Stockbroker)

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