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Jul 19th - Beverly Archer, Oak Park Ill, actress (Iola-Mama's Family)
Jul 19th - Keith Godchaux, rock keyboardist (Grateful Dead)
Jul 20th - Mary Dwyer, LPGA golfer
Jul 20th - Richard H Lehman, (Rep-D-CA, 1983- )
Jul 21st - Cat Stevens [Steven Demetre Georgiou; Yusaf Islam], rock vocalist (Peace Train), born in London, England
Jul 21st - Art Hindle, Halifax Nova Scotia, actor (Jeff-Dallas, Berrengers)
Jul 21st - Garry Trudeau, political cartoonist (Doonesbury)
Jul 21st - Ed Hinton, American sportswriter
Jul 22nd - S. E. Hinton, American author
Jul 22nd - Otto Waalkes, German comedian
Jul 23rd - John Cushnahan, Northern Irish politician
Jul 25th - Brian M[ichael] Stableford, UK, sci-fi author (Day of Wrath)
Jul 25th - Steve Goodman, singer/songwriter (Somebody Elses Trouble), born in Chicago, Illinois
Jul 26th - Norair Nurikian, Bulgari, bantam weight (Olympic-gold-1972, 76)
Jul 27th - Henny Vrienten, Dutch bassist/singer (Doe Maar)
Singer and songwriter Cat StevensSinger and songwriter Cat Stevens (Jul 21st) Jul 27th - Peggy Fleming Jenkins, figure skater (Olym-gold-1968), born in San Jose, California
Jul 28th - Georgia Engel, actress (Georgette- The Mary Tyler Moore Show), born in Washington, D.C.
Jul 28th - Sergei Bodrov, Khabarovsk Russia, director (Katala, Somebody to Love)
Jul 28th - Gerald Casale, american musician and director (founding member of Devo)
Jul 30th - Jean Reno, Moroccan-born French actor
Jul 31st - Leaveil Degree, rocker (Whispers)
Aug 1st - Robert [Bob] Spink, British MP
Aug 2nd - Robert P Holdstock, UK, sci-fi author (Ghost Dance, Labyrinth)
Aug 2nd - Andy Fairweather Low, British guitarist
Aug 3rd - Pierre Lacroix, National Hockey League executive
Aug 4th - James C Slattery, (Rep-D-Kansas, 1983- )
Aug 5th - Tony DiCicco, Wethersfield Ct, US women's soccer coach (Olympics-96)
Aug 5th - Ray Clemence, English footballer
Aug 6th - Michael Peters, choreographer (What's Love Got to Do with It)
Aug 7th - Greg Chappell, cricketer (bro of Ian Elegant Aussie batsman 1970-84)
Aug 7th - Marty Appel, American public relations executive and author
Aug 8th - Svetlana Y Savitskaya, Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz T-7, T-12, T-15A)
Aug 9th - Bill Campbell, American baseball player
Aug 10th - Pal Gerevich, Hungary, fencer (Olympic-bronze-1972, 80)
Aug 10th - Patti Austin, soul singer/actress (Real Me)
Aug 11th - Don Boyd, Scottish director and producer (Goldeneye, 21, East of Elephant Rock), born in Nairn
Aug 11th - Jan Palach, Czechoslovakian student protester (d. 1969)
Aug 12th - Graham Zellick, principal (Queen Mary & Westfield College London)
Aug 12th - Ron Mael, [J Ronald Day], Culver City Ca, rock keyboardist (Sparks)
Aug 13th - Cliff Fish, English rocker (Paper Lace)
Aug 13th - Kathleen Battle, Portsmouth Ohio, soprano (Shephard-Tannhäuser)
Aug 13th - Mosiuoa Patrick "Terror" Lekota, South African UDF/ANC-leader
Aug 13th - Tony Santini, rocker (Sha Na Na)
Aug 14th - Terry Adams, American musician (NRBQ)
Aug 15th - Charles Thomas "Tom" Johnston, American guitarist and vocalist (The Doobie Brothers), born in Visalia, California
Aug 15th - Patsy Gallant, Canadian pop singer
Aug 15th - George Ryton, British engineer
Aug 16th - Barry Hay, singer/fluitist/saxophonist/guitarist (Golden Earring)
Aug 16th - Mike Jorgensen, American baseball player
Aug 16th - Pierre Reid, Canadian politician and teacher
Aug 17th - Bo Rucker, actor (Superman, Soup for One, Lock Up), born in Tampa, Florida
Aug 17th - Rod MacDonald, American musician
Aug 18th - Carol O'Neal, playmate (July, 1972)
Aug 18th - Rudy Hartono Kurniawan, Indonesia, All-England tennis champ
Aug 18th - Joseph Marcell, British actor
Aug 19th - Susan Jacks (Susan Pesklevits) Saskatoon Canada, singer and songwriter
Aug 19th - Tipper Gore, wife of vice president Al Gore (1993-01)
Rock Vocalist Robert PlantRock Vocalist Robert Plant (Aug 20th) Aug 20th - Robert Plant, West Bromwich England, rock vocalist (Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love)
Aug 20th - John Noble, Australian actor
Aug 22nd - Rob Buckman, British broadcaster/actor (Pink Medicine Show)
Aug 22nd - Eleonora Brown, Italian actress
Aug 23rd - Ernst Jansz, Dutch keyboardist/singer (Doe Maar)
Aug 23rd - Ron Blomberg, 1st baseman (NY Yankees)/1st designated hitter
Aug 23rd - Andrei Pleşu, Romanian writer, essayist
Aug 23rd - Daniel Ruettiger "Rudy", University of Notre Dame football legend
Aug 24th - Jean-Michel Jarre, French musician
Aug 24th - Kim Sung-Il, Chief of Staff of Republic of Korea Air Force
Aug 26th - Valerie Simpson, singer, Ashford's partner (Like a Rock), born in The Bronx, New York
Aug 27th - Andy Turnell, horse trainer
Aug 27th - Pavlos Sidiropoulos, Greek musician (d. 1990)
Aug 28th - Daniel Seraphine, rock drummer (Chicago-If You Leave Me Now), born in Chicago, Illinois
Aug 28th - Murray Parker, cricketer (brother of John Three Tests for NZ 1976)
Aug 28th - Vonda N[eel] McIntyre, US, sci-fi author (Star Trek II, III, IV)
Aug 29th - Charles David Walker, astronaut (STS 12 STS 16 STS 23)
Aug 30th - Lewis Black, American comedian
Aug 30th - Donnacha O'Dea, Irish poker player and swimmer
Aug 31st - Harald Ertl, Austrian racing driver (d. 1982)
Aug 31st - Lowell Ganz, American screenwriter
Aug 31st - Holger Osieck, German footballer and coach
Aug 31st - Rudolf Schenker, German guitarist (Scorpions)
Sep 1st - Józef Życiński, Polish archbishop and philosopher
Sep 1st - James Rebhorn, PA, actor (White Collar, Homeland), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 2014)
Sep 2nd - Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe, teacher/astronaut (STS 25)
Sep 2nd - Terry Bradshaw, NFL QB (Pittsburgh Steelers)/announcer (CBS, FOX)
Sep 3rd - Donald Brewer, Flint Mich, rock drummer (Grand Funk Railroad)
Sep 3rd - Minouche Janmaat-Abee, Dutch MP (CDA)
Sep 3rd - Ronald W Harris, Canton Oh, lightweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1968)
Sep 3rd - Tara Oedayraj Singh Varma, 1st black woman in Dutch 2nd Chamber
Sep 3rd - Levy Mwanawasa - Zambian Politician (d. 2008)
Sep 4th - Marian H J Soutendijk, Dutch MP (CDA)
Sep 4th - Samuel Hui, Hong Kong singer
Sep 5th - Benita Ferrero-Waldner, Austrian diplomat and politician
Sep 6th - Charles "Claydes" Smith, Jersey City NJ, guitarist (Kool & The Gang)
Sep 7th - Susan Blakely, Frankfurt Germany, actress (Rich Man Poor Man)
Sep 8th - Great Kabuki, [Akihisa Yone Yoshi Mera], wrestler (NWA/NJPW/WAR/SWS)
Sep 8th - Kathy Hite-James, LPGA golfer
Sep 8th - Lynn/Marilyn [Lorraine] Abbey, US, sci-fi author (Black Flame)
Sep 10th - Bob Lanier, NBA center (Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks)
Sep 10th - Judy Geeson, Arundei Sussex England, actress (To Sir With Love, Berserk)
Sep 10th - Margaret Trudeau, former Canadian 1st lady, born in Vancouver, British Columbia
Sep 10th - Tony Gatlif, Algerian-born director
Sep 10th - Bob Lanier, American basketball player
Sep 10th - Zhang Chengzhi, Chinese writer
Sep 10th - Charlie Waters, American football player
Sep 11th - John Martyn, English musician
Sep 12th - Max Walker, Australian cricket player
Sep 12th - Luis Lima, Argentinian tenor
Sep 13th - Clyde Kusatsu, actor (Ali-Bring 'em Back Alive), born in Honolulu, Hawaii
Sep 13th - Nell Carter, Birmingham Ala, actress (Nell-Gimme a Break, Lobo)
Sep 13th - Dimitri Nanopoulos, Greek physicist
Sep 14th - Fred "Sonic" Smith, guitarist
Sep 15th - Suzyn Waldman, American Sportscaster
Sep 16th - Kenney Jones, English rock drummer/vocalist (Small Faces, The Who), born in London, England
Sep 16th - Ron Blair, American rock bassist (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), born in San Diego, California
Tennis Player Rosemary CasalsTennis Player Rosemary Casals (Sep 16th) Sep 16th - Rosemary Casals, tennis doubles (5X Wimbledon), born in San Francisco, California
Sep 17th - John Ritter, Burbank California, actor (Jack-3's Company, Hearts Afire)
Sep 17th - Patricia Kluge, Baghdad Iraq, wife of Billionaire John Kluge
Sep 18th - Ken Brett, American baseball player (d. 2003)
Sep 19th - Jeremy Irons, actor (Reversal of Fortune, The Lion King), born in Isle of Wight, England
Sep 19th - Michael Cooper, sodomizer (FBI Most Wanted List), born in San Franciso, California
Sep 19th - Nadezhda Tkachenko, USSR, pentathlete (Olympic-gold-1980)
Sep 19th - Mihai Timofti, Director, actor, musician from Moldova-Chisinau
Sep 20th - George R. R. Martin, American fantasy and sci-fi author (A Song of Ice and Fire), born in Bayonne, New Jersey
Actor Jeremy IronsActor Jeremy Irons (Sep 19th) Sep 21st - Artis Gilmore, ABA all star (Kentucky Colonels)
Sep 21st - Michael Finneran, diver (1st perfect 10 on 10m platform)
Sep 22nd - Bill Orton, (Rep-D-Utah)
Sep 22nd - Mark A P Phillips, British ex of princess Anne
Sep 22nd - Denis Burke, Australian politician
Sep 22nd - Jim Byrnes, American actor and musician
Sep 23rd - Rob van Koningsbruggen, sculptor
Sep 24th - Bernadette Hingley, British priest
Sep 24th - Gordon Clapp, North Conway NH, actor (Greg Medavoy-NYPD Blue)
Sep 24th - Phil Hartman, Brantford Ontario, actor (SNL, Peewee's Playhouse)
Sep 24th - Heinz Chur, German composer
Sep 26th - Olivia Newton-John, Cambridge England, singer (Lets Get Physical)
Sep 26th - Vladimir Remek, Czechoslovakia, cosmonaut (Soyuz 28)
Sep 27th - A Martinez, Glendale, California, American actor (L.A. Law, Santa Barbara)
Singer Olivia Newton-JohnSinger Olivia Newton-John (Sep 26th) Sep 27th - Barbara Dickson, singer
Sep 27th - Michael Houlihan, director (Horniman Museum & Gardens)
Sep 27th - Michele Dotrice, English actor
Sep 27th - Tom Braidwood, Canadian actor
Sep 27th - John K. Reed, American coral biologist
Sep 28th - Marielle Goitschel, France, slalom (Olympic-gold-1968) [or 1945]
Sep 29th - Bryant Gumbel, sportscaster/TV host (Today Show), born in New Orleans, Louisiana
Sep 29th - John M McHugh, (Rep-R-NY)
Sep 29th - Mark Farner, Mich, guitar/vocalist (Grand Funk Railroad-Locomotion)
Sep 29th - Mike Pinera, rock guitarist (Iron Butterfly)
Sep 29th - Viktor Krovopouskov, USSR, sabres/fencer (Olympic gold, individual and team, 1976, 1980)
Sep 29th - Theo Jörgensmann, German jazz clarinetist
Sep 30th - Craig Kusick, former Major League Baseball Player

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