Famous Birthdays for October 1980

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Birthdays 1 - 62 of 62

2nd - Shane Andrus, National Football League kicker
3rd - Sheldon Brookbank, Canadian hockey player
4th - Jimmy Workman, actor (Pugsley-Addams Family)
4th - Kristina Lenko, Canadian ice skater
4th - Me'Lisa Barber, American athlete
4th - Sarah Fisher, American race car driver
4th - Tim Peper, American actor
4th - Tomáš Rosický, Czech footballer
5th - Paul Thomas, American bassist (Good Charlotte)
6th - Abdoulaye Méïté, French footballer
7th - Edison Chen, Canadian-born actor
8th - Andria Gayle Mullins, Miss Texas Teen USA (Teen with Style-1997)
8th - Mike Mizanin, American wrestler
8th - Nick Cannon, American actor and rapper (Love Don't Cost a Thing), born in San Diego, California
9th - Ibrahim Fazeel, Maldivian Ffotballer
9th - Henrik Zetterberg, Swedish ice hockey player
10th - Elvis Hammond, Ghanaian footballer
10th - Tim Maurer, American singer (Suburban Legends)
Actor & Rapper Nick CannonActor & Rapper Nick Cannon (8th) 10th - Sherine, Egyptian singer
11th - Nyron Nosworthy, English footballer
13th - Magne Hoseth, Norwegian footballer
13th - Ashanti, American singer
13th - Scott Parker, English footballer
13th - Jon Micah Sumrall, American singer (Kutless)
14th - Paul Ambrosi, Ecuadorian footballer
14th - Niels Lodberg, Danish footballer
14th - Terrence McGee, American football player
15th - Tom Boonen, Belgian cyclist
15th - Siiri Nordin, Finnish singer (Killer)
16th - Jeremy Jackson, Newport Beach California, actor (Shout, Baywatch)
16th - Sue Bird, American basketball player
16th - Timana Tahu, Australian Rugby League player
17th - Alessandro Piccolo, Italian racing driver
17th - Ekaterina Gamova, Russian volleyball player
19th - Benjamin Salisbury, Minneapolis, actor (Brighton Sheffield-Nanny)
20th - Gary Jarman, English musician
20th - Jose Veras, Dominican baseball player
TV Personality & Model Kim KardashianTV Personality & Model Kim Kardashian (21st) 21st - Kim Kardashian, American socialite
21st - Brian Pittman, American musician (Relient K)
22nd - Garrett Tierney, American musician (Brand New)
23rd - Jade Davidson, Australia, gymnast (Olympics-96)
23rd - Pedro Liriano, Dominican baseball player
24th - James Killian, American football player
24th - Monica, American singer
24th - Matthew Amoah, Ghanaian footballer
24th - Zac Posen, American fashion designer
25th - Ilana Goldfogel, pairs skater (& Erik Schulz), born in Denver, Colorado
25th - Mehcad Brooks, American actor and former model
26th - Cristian Chivu, Romanian footballer
27th - Tanel Padar, Estonian singer
27th - Cassia Riley, American model
28th - Kanzi, Most Literate Non-Human
28th - Alan Smith, English footballer
28th - Christy Hemme, American professional wrestler
28th - Dimitri Liakopoulos, Greek actor
29th - Ben Foster, American actor
29th - B.J. Sams, American football player
30th - Sarah Carter, Canadian actress
30th - Choi Hong-man, South Korean kickboxer
31st - Eddie Kaye Thomas, American actor,
31st - Samaire Armstrong, American actress
31st - Alondra de la Parra, Mexican founder and artistic director of the New York-based Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas

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