Canadian History (Part 19)

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Birthdays 1801 - 1,900 of 1,902

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1985-11-21 Carly Rae Jepsen, Canadian singer ("Call Me Maybe"), born in Mission, British Columbia

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1987-02-21 Ellen Page, Canadian actress (Juno), born in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Actress Ellen Page
Ellen Page
  • 1987-02-25 Eva Avila, Canadian singer
  • 1987-03-11 Marc-Andre Gragnani, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1987-03-27 Chad Denny, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1987-04-04 Sarah Gadon, Canadian actress
  • 1987-04-24 Kristopher Letang, Canadian hockey player
  • 1987-04-27 Emma Taylor-Isherwood, Canadian actress
  • 1987-05-19 David Edgar, Canadian football (soccer) player
  • 1987-05-24 Guillaume Latendresse, French-Canadian hockey player
  • 1987-07-07 Lena Ma, Miss World Canada 4th runner-up
  • 1987-07-26 Miriam McDonald, Canadian actress
  • 1987-08-07 Sidney Crosby, Canadian hockey player
  • 1987-08-25 Stacey Farber, Canadian actress
  • 1987-09-07 Aleksandra Wozniak, Canadian tennis player

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1987-09-08 Alexandre Bilodeau, Canadian freestyle skier (Gold in 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics), born in Montreal, Quebec

Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Alexandre Bilodeau
Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist
Alexandre Bilodeau
  • 1987-11-12 Bryan Little, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1988-04-21 Robbie Amell, Canadian actor (Tomorrow People), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1988-04-25 James Sheppard, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1988-05-05 Skye Sweetnam, Canadian singer and songwriter
  • 1988-05-09 Skye Regan, Canadian Actress and Writer
  • 1988-05-09 John Ryan Fitzpatrick, Canadian race truck driver
  • 1988-05-18 Ryan Cooley, Canadian television actor
  • 1988-05-28 David Perron, Canadian ice hockey player
  • 1988-06-07 Milan Lucic, Canadian Hockey player (Boston Bruins)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1988-06-07 Michael Cera, Canadian actor (Arrested Development, Superbad), born in Brampton, Ontario

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1990-09-20 John Tavares, Canadian ice hockey player (New York Islanders), born in Mississauga, Ontario

NHL Star John Tavares
NHL Star
John Tavares
  • 1991-01-07 Max Morrow, Canadian actor
  • 1991-07-24 Emily Bett Rickards, Canadian actress (Arrow), born in Vancouver
  • 1991-08-16 Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Canadian actress
  • 1991-12-12 Daniel Magder, Canadian actor

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1993-01-26 Cameron Bright, Canadian actor (The Twilight Saga, X-Men), born in Victoria, British Columbia

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1994-03-01 Justin Bieber, Canadian pop singer (Baby, One Time), born in London, Ontario

Pop Star Justin Bieber
Pop Star
Justin Bieber
  • 1994-07-27 Spencer Achtymichuk, Canadian actor
  • 1994-10-09 Jodelle Ferland, Canadian actress
  • 1995-02-08 Jordan Todosey, Canadian actress
  • 1995-03-23 Jan Lisiecki, Canadian Pianist
  • 1995-10-25 Conchita Campbell, Canadian actress
  • 1996-09-27 Daeg Faerch, Danish-born Canadian actor
  • 1997-01-13 Connor McDavid, Canadian ice hockey centre and 1st in the 2015 NFL draft (Edmonton Oilers), born in Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • 1997-06-12 William Cuddy, Canadian actor

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