Kansas in History

Kansas: Kansas City - Wichita

Historical Events

  • 1854-05-30 Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed Missouri Compromise opens north slavery
  • 1854-05-30 Territories of Kansas & Nebraska created
  • 1855-03-24 Manhattan Kansas founded as New Boston Kansas
  • 1856-05-21 Lawrence, Kansas, is captured and sacked by pro-slavery forces
  • 1856-05-24 Pottawatomie Massacre took place in Kansas
  • 1860-07-09 Temperature hits 115°F in Ft Scott & 112°F in Topeka Kansas
  • 1860-07-19 1st railroad reaches Kansas
  • 1861-01-29 US state of Kansas admitted to the Union as the 34th state
  • 1861-07-01 US War Dept decrees that Kansas and Tennessee are to be canvassed for volunteers
  • 1863-10-06 Battle at Baxter Springs, Kansas
  • 1864-10-25 Battle of Marais Des Cygnes River, Kansas (Mine Creek)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1874-12-08 Jesse James gang takes train at Muncie Kansas

Outlaw Jesse James
Jesse James
  • 1877-09-05 Southern blacks led by Pap Singleton settle in Kansas
  • 1879-05-30 An F4 tornado strikes Irving, Kansas, killing 18 and injuring 60.
  • 1881-02-19 Kansas becomes 1st state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages
  • 1881-04-16 In Dodge City, Kansas, Bat Masterson fights his last gun battle.
  • 1889-03-02 Kansas passes 1st US antitrust
  • 1889-03-09 Kansas passes 1st general antitrust law in US
  • 1891-03-10 Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.
  • 1892-10-05 Dalton Gang ends in shoot-out in Coffeville, Kansas bank holdup
  • 1897-06-24 Hail injures 26 in Topeka, Kansas
  • 1905-02-13 -40°F (-40°C) Lebanon, Kansas (state record)
  • 1906-02-01 1st federal penitentiary building completed, Leavenworth, Kansas
  • 1907-01-23 Charles Curtis of Kansas becomes 1st Native American US senator
  • 1907-01-29 Charles Curtis becomes U.S. Senator from Kansas, first Native American to become a Senator

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1910-08-31 Theodore Roosevelt makes a speech in Kansas advocating a 'square deal': property shall be 'the servant and not the master of the commonwealth'

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
  • 1912-11-05 Arizona, Kansas & Wisconsin vote for female suffrage
  • 1913-03-13 Kansas legislature approved censorship of motion pictures
  • 1916-05-20 Codell, Kansas hit by tornado (also on same date in 1917 & 1918)
  • 1918-03-11 First confirmed cases of the Spanish Flu in the US are reported at Fort Riley, Kansas.
  • 1929-03-04 Charles Curtis (R-Kansas) becomes 1st native American VP
  • 1930-04-28 1st night organized baseball game played in Independence Kansas
  • 1936-07-24 121°F (49°C), near Alton, Kansas (state record)
  • 1936-10-02 1st alcohol power plant forms, Atchison, Kansas
  • 1941-05-31 -June 1) 32.0 cm rain falls on Burlington Kansas (state record)
  • 1941-06-01 12.59" (31.98 cm) rainfall, in Burlington, Kansas (state 24-hr record)
  • 1949-06-09 Mrs Georgia Neese Clark of Kansas becomes 1st woman treasurer of US
  • 1951-06-23 Most expensive US hailstorm ($1.5M crop damage & $14M property-Kansas)
  • 1951-08-11 100,000 acres flooded from Mississippi River in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois
  • 1955-05-25 Series of 19 twisters destroy Udall Kansas & most of Blackwell Okla

MurderMurder of Interest

1959-11-15 Richard "Dick" Hickock and Perry Smith murder four members of the Clutter Family at their farm outside Holcomb, Kansas (subject of Truman Capote book In Cold Blood).

  • 1964-09-17 Beatles are paid a then record $150,000 for a concert (Kansas)
  • 1966-06-08 Topeka, Kansas is devastated by a tornado that registers as an "F5" on the Fujita Scale: the first to exceed US$100 million in damages. Sixteen people are killed, hundreds more injured, and thousands of homes damaged or destroyed.
  • 1967-09-09 Debra Dene Barnes (Kansas), 20, crowned 40th Miss America 1968
  • 1978-06-28 UNICEF chooses rock group Kansas as ambassadors of goodwill
  • 1990-03-03 Carole Gist (20) is the 1st African American to be crowned Miss USA in Wichita, Kansas
  • 1991-02-22 Kelli McCarty, 21, (Kansas), crowned 40th Miss USA
  • 1991-04-26 23 killed in Kansas & Oklahoma by tornadoes
  • 1993-07-02 Kansas Royals rename stadium Ewing Kaufman Stadium after founder
  • 1995-08-15 Keylee Sue Sanders, 18, of Kansas, crowned 13th Miss Teen USA
  • 1996-09-14 Tara Dawn Holland (Kansas), 23, crowned 70th Miss America 1997
  • 1998-12-05 3rd Big 12 Championship Game: #10 Texas A&M beats #2 Kansas State, 36-33 (2 OT)
  • 2000-11-07 The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration discovers one of the country's largest LSD labs inside a converted military missile silo in Wamego, Kansas
  • 2000-12-02 5th Big 12 Championship Game: #1 Oklahoma beats #8 Kansas State, 27-24
  • 2003-12-06 8th Big 12 Championship Game: #13 Kansas State beats #1 Oklahoma, 35-7
  • 2005-08-18 Dennis Rader is sentenced to 175 years in prison for the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) serial killings in Sedgwick County, Kansas.
  • 2007-05-04 Greensburg, Kansas is almost completely destroyed by a 1.7m wide EF-5 tornado.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1814-06-22 James Henry Lane, US General during Civil War (Union) and Senator (Kansas), born in Lawrenceburg, Indiana (d. 1866)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1875-04-02 Walter Chrysler, American founder of car company Chrysler, born in Wamego, Kansas (d. 1940)

Founder of Chrysler Walter Chrysler
Founder of Chrysler
Walter Chrysler
  • 1880-03-12 House Peters, England, silent film actor (Kansas Territory)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1880-10-04 Damon Runyon, journalist and writer (Guys & Dolls-based on his work), born in Manhattan, Kansas (d. 1946)

Journalist and Author Damon Runyon
Journalist and Author
Damon Runyon

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1881-08-05 Hugh S. Johnson, American head of the National Recovery Administration and member of FDR's Brain Trust, born in Fort Scott, Kansas (d. 1942)

Member of FDR's Brain Trust Hugh S. Johnson
Member of FDR's Brain Trust
Hugh S. Johnson

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1887-11-06 Walter Johnson, American MLB pitcher (Washington Senator: 1907-27), born in Humboldt, Kansas (d. 1946)

MLB Pitcher Walter Johnson
MLB Pitcher
Walter Johnson
  • 1894-01-03 ZaSu Pitts, American actress (Life With Father, Dames, Wedding March), born in Parsons, Kansas (d. 1963)
  • 1895-03-03 Robert Gordon, silent film actor (Loveless), born in Belleville, Kansas (d. 1971)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1895-06-10 Hattie McDaniel, 1st African American actress to win an Oscar (Mammy-Gone With The Wind), born in Wichita, Kansas (d. 1952)

  • 1896-02-24 Richard Thorpe, American director (Jailhouse Rock), born in Hutchinson, Kansas (d. 1991)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1897-07-24 Amelia Earhart, American aviator and 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, born in Atchison, Kansas (d. 1939)

  • 1897-11-14 John Steuart Curry, US painter/lithographer (Baptism in Kansas)
  • 1901-02-22 Charles E Whittaker, Kansas, US Supreme Court justice (1957-62)
  • 1909-07-26 Vivian Vance, Cherryvale Kansas, American actress (Ethel Mertz-I Love Lucy) (d. 1979)
  • 1915-12-05 Carl Donnell "Kansas" Fields, drummer
  • 1919-11-21 Steve Brodie, actor (Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp), born in El Dorado, Kansas
  • 1923-07-22 Robert J Dole, (Sen-R Kansas, 1969-95)/presidential candidate (R-1996)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1927-01-01 Vernon L. Smith, American economist and Nobel laureate, born in Wichita, Kansas

Economist Vernon L. Smith
Vernon L. Smith
  • 1928-07-20 Jan Meyers, (Rep-R-Kansas, 1985- )
  • 1928-12-20 Jack Christiansen, Kansas, NFL hall of famer defensive back (Lions)
  • 1929-11-15 Edward Asner, KC Kansas, actor (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Lou Grant)
  • 1932-03-02 Frank E. Petersen Jr, American soldier and 1st African American Marine aviator & General, born in Topeka Kansas (d. 2015)
  • 1932-03-25 Wes Santee, American runner, born in Ashland, Kansasmiler (d. 2010)
  • 1932-07-29 Nancy Landon Kassebaum, (Sen-R-Kansas, 1979- )
  • 1935-04-13 Lyle Waggoner, KC Kansas, actor (Carol Burnette Show, Wonder Woman)
  • 1935-11-01 Charles Koch, American businesman and philanthropist (Koch Industries), - 6th= richest person in the world (2015), born in Wichita, Kansas
  • 1936-04-20 Pat Roberts, Topeka, Kansas, US Senator (Rep-R-KS, 1981-1997)
  • 1936-07-05 Shirley Knight, Goessei Kansas, actress (Endless Love, Secrets)
  • 1939-05-18 Gary S. Paxton, Musician and songwriter (Monster Mash), born in Coffeyville, Kansas (d. 2016)
  • 1940-05-03 David Koch, American businesman and philanthropist (Koch Industries), - 6th= richest person in the world (2015), born in Wichita, Kansas
  • 1942-03-28 Samuel Ramey, Colby Kansas, American operatic bass (La Scala)
  • 1942-07-08 Janice Pennington, Kansas, playmate (May 1971)/model (Price is Right)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1943-05-30 Gale Sayers, NFL running back (Chicago Bears), born in Wichita, Kansas

NFL Running Back Gale Sayers
NFL Running Back
Gale Sayers
  • 1944-07-06 Byron Berline, American fiddle player, born in Caldwell, Kansas
  • 1948-08-04 James C Slattery, (Rep-D-Kansas, 1983- )
  • 1949-09-18 Kerry Livgren, Kansas, rock guitarist (Kansas)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1949-10-05 Bill James [George William James], American baseball writer and statistician ( sabermetrics), born in Holton, Kansas

Baseball Writer and Statistician Bill James
Baseball Writer and Statistician
Bill James
  • 1949-10-07 Dave Hope, rock bassist (Kansas)
  • 1949-11-07 Steven Stucky, American composer (Los Angeles Philharmonic), born in Hutchinson, Kansas (d. 2016)
  • 1950-02-04 Philip Ehart, rock drummer (Kansas)
  • 1951-06-15 Steve Walsh, American singer (Kansas)
  • 1955-10-30 Shanna Reed, KC Kansas, actress (Major Dad, Mirrors)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1958-05-29 Annette Bening, American actress (Grifters, Bugsy, American Beauty), born in Topeka, Kansas

  • 1959-07-19 Terri Treas, KC Kansas, actress (Hannah-7 Brides for 7 Brothers)
  • 1960-02-19 Vicki Lynn Lasseter Iola Kansas, playmate (Feb, 1981)
  • 1960-06-22 Erin Brockovich, American legal clerk and envirnomental campaigner, born in Lawrence, Kansas
  • 1964-02-18 Matt Dillon, actor (The Outsiders, Crash), born in New Rochelle, New York
  • 1964-04-16 Robert Kelker-Kelly, Wichita Kansas, (Bo-Days of our Live)
  • 1966-09-12 Darren E Burrows, Kansas, actor (Ed Chigliak-Northern Exposure)
  • 1967-11-01 Steve Fritz, Salina Kansas, decathlete
  • 1967-11-08 Kim Dugger, Wichita Kansas, Miss Kansas-America (1991)
  • 1968-03-26 Edward Kaminski, KC Kansas, javelin thrower
  • 1970-10-12 Amy Beth Keller, Great Bend Kansas, Miss America (Kansas-Top 10-1996)
  • 1971-10-16 Kathryn J Taylor, Miss USA-Kansas (1997)
  • 1972-04-14 Dean Potter, American free climber and BASE jumper, born in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (d. 2015)
  • 1972-10-02 Tara Dawn Holland, Overland Park Kansas, Miss America (1997)
  • 1974-07-23 Maurice Greene, KC Kansas, 100m runner
  • 1975-07-13 Danni Boatwright, Tonganoxie, Kansas, American model/beauty queen (Miss Teen USA 1992 2nd runner-up)
  • 1978-01-25 Mandy Carraway, Miss Kansas Teen USA (1996)
  • 1979-03-22 Mariah Leanne Bergmann, Miss Kansas Teen USA (1997)

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

1855-11-14 Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart (22) weds Flora Cooke in Fort Riley, Kansas

Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart
Confederate General
J.E.B. Stuart

HeartWedding of Interest

1982-07-24 Physicist and astronaut Sally Ride (31) weds astronaut Steven Hawley (30) in Salina, Kansas

1st American Woman in Space Sally Ride
1st American Woman in Space
Sally Ride
  • 1996-12-07 Former Tennessee Republican Senator Howard Baker (71) weds retired Kansas GOP Senator Nancy Kassebaum (64) in Washington, D.C.

Famous Deaths

  • 1866-07-11 James Henry Lane, US General during Civil War (Union) and Senator (Kansas), commits suicide at 52
  • 1946-10-29 John S Curry, US painter (Baptism in Kansas), dies
  • 1967-12-07 House Peters, silent film actor (Kansas Territory), dies at 87
  • 1987-10-12 Alfred M Landon, former Kansas Gov, dies at his Topeka home at 100