New Orleans in History (Part 2)

Louisiana: Baton Rouge - Shreveport

Historical Events

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  • 2005-09-12 The bodies of more than 40 patients discovered in a flooded hospital in New Orleans.
  • 2010-02-07 Super Bowl XLIV; New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 to win their first super bowl.

Famous Birthdays

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  • 1972-03-22 John Farquhar, tight end (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1972-12-17 Don Davis, linebacker (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-01-16 Mario Bates, NFL-running back (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-05-30 Je'Rod Cherry, safety (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-06-05 Brady Smith, defensive end (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-06-13 Kano Hills, tackle (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-08-04 Alex Molden, cornerback (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1973-08-18 Luke Fickell, defensive tackle (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1974-04-24 Jared Tomich, defensive end (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1974-05-27 Danny Wuerffel, NFL quarterback (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1974-06-18 Keith Poole, wide receiver (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1974-06-21 Rob Kelly, safety (New Orleans Saints)
  • 1974-12-25 Chris Naeole, guard (New Orleans Saints)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1976-03-22 Reese Witherspoon, American actress (Pleasantville, Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama), born in New Orleans, Louisiana

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1976-03-24 Peyton Manning, American football quarterback (Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos), born in New Orleans, Louisiana

NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning
NFL Quarterback
Peyton Manning
  • 1980-06-17 Andee Pickens, gymnast (alt-Olympics-96), born in New Orleans, Louisiana

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