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Historical Events

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  • 1796-07-22 Cleveland, Ohio, founded by Gen Moses Cleveland
  • 1843-06-01 It snows in Buffalo & Rochester NY & Cleveland Ohio
  • 1848-09-06 National Black Convention meets in Cleveland
  • 1853-10-06 4th National Women's Rights Convention opens in Cleveland Ohio
  • 1854-08-24 National emigration convention meets in Cleveland
  • 1869-06-02 Cleveland's Forest City play their 1st game (vs Cincinnati Red Stockings)
  • 1869-11-24 American Woman's Suffrage Association forms (Cleveland)
  • 1874-11-18 National Woman's Christian Temperance Union organizes in Cleveland
  • 1877-10-09 American Humane Association organizes (Cleveland)
  • 1878-11-01 Edward Scripps & John Sweeney found Penny Press (Cleveland Press)
  • 1879-05-30 92°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in May
  • 1880-06-12 John Lee Richmond pitches 1st major league perfect game, Worcester 1, Cleveland's Forest City 0

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1883-05-24 Brooklyn Bridge opened by President Arthur & NY Governor Cleveland

21st US President Chester A. Arthur
21st US President
Chester A. Arthur
  • 1883-09-13 Hugh Daily, a one-armed pitcher for Cleveland (Forest City), tosses 1-0 no-hitter against Philadelphia
  • 1884-07-27 The East Cleveland Street Railway Company begins the first U.S. commercial electric streetcar line in Cleveland, Ohio, on the Bentley-Knight system

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1884-11-04 Grover Cleveland (D) beats James G Blaine (R) for his 1st presidential term. (He he only American president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms)

US President Grover Cleveland
US President
Grover Cleveland

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1888-11-06 Benjamin Harrison (R-Sen-Ind) beats President Grover Cleveland (D), 233 electoral votes to 168, Cleveland received slightly more votes

23rd US President Benjamin Harrison
23rd US President
Benjamin Harrison
US President Grover Cleveland
US President
Grover Cleveland
  • 1889-02-22 US President Cleveland signs bill to admit Dakotas, Montana & Washington state to the union

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1891-05-01 Cy Young pitches 1st game played in Cleveland's League Park Cleveland Spiders 12, Cincinnati Redlegs 3

MLB Pitcher Cy Young
MLB Pitcher
Cy Young
  • 1892-11-08 Grover Cleveland (D) elected 24th US President
  • 1893-01-04 US President Cleveland grants amnesty to Mormon polygamy
  • 1893-03-04 Grover Cleveland (D) inaugrated as 24th US President (2nd term)
  • 1893-04-05 Cleveland passes Park Act (forerunner of Metroparks)
  • 1893-04-26 1st Cleveland Board of Park Commissioners forms
  • 1894-07-06 Cleveland sends 2,000 troops to Chicago to suppress Pullman strike
  • 1897-03-09 Cleveland Spiders sign Louis Sockalexis, full-blooded Penobscot
  • 1900-03-08 NL decides to go with 8 teams They exclude Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville & Washington (in 1953 Boston Braves move to Milwaukee)
  • 1901-04-28 Cleveland's Bock Baker gives up a record 23 singles as White Sox beat Blues (Cleveland Blues!) 13-1
  • 1902-04-25 Erwin Harvey becomes 1st Cleveland ballplayer (Cleveland Bronchos) to have six hits in one game
  • 1902-06-30 Cleveland is 1st AL team to hit 3 consecutive HRs in same inning
  • 1903-03-10 Harry Gammeter, Cleveland, patents multigraph duplicating machine
  • 1903-09-17 Boston Pilgrims clinch AL pennant, beating Cleveland, 14-3
  • 1905-09-20 Cleveland makes AL record 7 errors in an inning
  • 1906-07-28 Yankees turn triple-play, beat Cleveland 6-4

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1907-08-07 Walter Johnson wins 1st of his 416 wins, 7-2 over Cleveland

MLB Pitcher Walter Johnson
MLB Pitcher
Walter Johnson
  • 1908-09-24 Robert B Rhoads becomes 1st Cleveland pitcher (Cleveland Naps) to toss a no-hit game, Cleveland 2, Boston 1
  • 1909-02-18 Boston Red Sox trade Cy Young, at 41, to Cleveland Naps
  • 1909-06-07 Cleveland Industrial Exposition opens
  • 1909-07-19 Cleveland shortstop Neal Ball executes an unassisted triple play
  • 1910-03-24 83°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in March
  • 1911-07-24 Cleve's League Park hosts 1st unofficial ML All Star game (benefit game for Addie Joss' family). Cleveland Naps lose to All Stars 5-3
  • 1913-03-15 Cleveland establishes 1st small claims court
  • 1913-09-10 Cleveland Call & Post forms
  • 1914-08-05 1st electric traffic light installed in the USA on the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1914-09-27 Cleveland 2nd baseman Nap Lajoie collects his 3,000th hit
  • 1916-06-06 Voters in East Cleveland approves women suffrage
  • 1916-07-25 Explosion at Lake Erie & Cleveland Waterworks
  • 1916-10-02 Grover Cleveland Alexander records his 16th shutout of year
  • 1917-07-23 Cleveland Metropolitan Park District establishes
  • 1917-07-30 Board of Commissioners of Cleveland Metroparks has its 1st meeting
  • 1917-09-03 Grover Cleveland Alexander pitches complete wins in a doubleheader
  • 1918-04-18 Cleveland center fielder Tris Speaker turns an unassisted double play
  • 1918-05-19 Wash 1st Sunday game, Senators beat Cleveland 1-0 in 18 innings
  • 1918-05-24 Cleveland beats Yankees 3-2 in 19th inning
  • 1919-04-07 1st parcel of land is purchased for Cleveland Metroparks
  • 1919-08-24 Cleveland pitcher Ray Caldwell is flattened by a bolt of lightning
  • 1920-10-13 World Series celebration in Wade Park brings out 50,000+ Clevelanders
  • 1921-05-05 1st ranger for Cleveland Metroparks hired
  • 1921-07-29 Cleveland's 125th anniversary celebration: Cy Young, 54, pitches 2 inn
  • 1922-02-21 WHK-AM in Cleveland, Ohio begins radio transmissions
  • 1923-05-17 Fire during closing day ceremonies at Grover Cleveland School (SC)
  • 1924-01-29 Ice cream cone rolling machine patented by Carl Taylor, Cleveland
  • 1924-06-10 1st political convention broadcast on radio-Republicans at Cleveland
  • 1924-09-20 Cub's Grover Cleveland Alexander beats NY Giants to win 300th game
  • 1925-04-24 88°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in April
  • 1925-06-15 Philadelphia As go into bottom of 8th inning trailing 15-4, then score 13 times to defeat Cleveland 17-15
  • 1928-11-06 Clevelanders vote to build a stadium with city bonds
  • 1929-05-09 WJW-AM in Cleveland Ohio begins radio transmissions
  • 1929-05-15 Fire in X-ray film stock kills 125 at Crile Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • 1930-01-26 Cleveland's Terminal Tower opens (52 stories)
  • 1930-06-03 Grover Cleveland Alexander is released by the Phillies
  • 1930-06-24 Ground is broken for construction of Cleveland Stadium
  • 1930-07-25 Philadelphia Athletics triple steal in 1st & 4th innings vs Cleveland
  • 1931-07-01 Cleveland Municipal Stadium is completed
  • 1931-07-04 1st fireworks are held at Cleveland Stadium
  • 1931-07-04 1st trailside museum opens in Cleveland Metroparks
  • 1931-09-15 Philadelphia A's clinch pennant, beating Cleveland
  • 1932-02-11 73°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in February
  • 1932-05-16 Yanks 4th straight shutout to equal record set by Cleveland & Boston

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

1932-06-23 Lou Gehrig plays 1,103rd successive game in a NY uniform, equaling Joe Sewell's record with one team (Cleveland)

Baseball Player Lou Gehrig
Baseball Player
Lou Gehrig
  • 1933-06-09 Walter Johnson takes over as Cleveland manager
  • 1933-08-27 Earl Averill becomes 2nd Cleveland ballplayer to hit for cycle Moody defaults in 3rd set, trailing 3-0
  • 1933-11-30 CCC Camps are established in Cleveland Park District

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1934-07-17 Babe Ruth draws his 2,000th base on balls at Cleveland

Baseball Legend Babe Ruth
Baseball Legend
Babe Ruth
  • 1934-12-11 1935 All-Star Game is assigned to Cleveland
  • 1935-02-13 1st US surgical operation for relief of angina pectoris, Cleveland
  • 1935-08-26 CCC camp opens in Brecksville Reservation of Cleveland Metroparks
  • 1938-04-18 Headless Mad Butcher victim found in Cleveland
  • 1938-12-14 AL permits Cleveland & Philadelphia to play night games
  • 1939-12-07 William Walton's violinist concert premieres in Cleveland

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

1941-07-17 NY Yankee Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak ends in Cleveland

Baseball Player Joe DiMaggio
Baseball Player
Joe DiMaggio
  • 1941-07-27 103°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in July
  • 1942-09-29 32°F lowest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in Sept
  • 1944-10-20 Liquid-gas tanks in Cleveland, Ohio, explode, 135 die, 3,600 homeless
  • 1945-08-24 Cleveland ace Bob Feller returns from Navy & strike out 12

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 115

  • 1754-01-29 Moses Cleaveland, founder of Cleveland (d. 1806)
  • 1848-03-25 William Keith Brooks, American marine zoologist (anatomy and embryology of marine animals), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1857-05-19 John Jacob Abel, American Pharmacologist (endocrine glands), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1869-10-23 John Heisman, American pioneering football coach/trophy namesake, born in Cleveland, Ohio

Football, Baseball & Basketball Player & Coach John Heisman
Football, Baseball & Basketball Player & Coach
John Heisman

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1874-01-29 John D. Rockefeller Jr, American financier and philanthropist, born in Cleveland, Ohio

Financier and Philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr
Financier and Philanthropist
John D. Rockefeller Jr
  • 1878-01-17 Oscar Apfel, actor (Abraham Lincoln, Inspiration, Before Dawn), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1887-03-18 Frank Moran, American heavyweight boxer and film actor, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 1967)
  • 1896-09-27 George Bender, (Rep/Sen-R-Oh), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1900-01-23 Ralph Graves, actor (Dirigible, Flight, Dream Street), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1900-11-21 Alice Calhoun, Silent film actress (Flowing Gold), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1902-12-09 Margaret Hamilton, actress (Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1904-10-25 [Herman] Denny Shute, American golfer and three-time major champion, born in Cleveland, Ohio

Golfer and Three-Time Major Championship Winner Denny Shute
Golfer and Three-Time Major Championship Winner
Denny Shute
  • 1906-07-08 Philip Johnson, Cortalyou architect, born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1906-12-09 Freddy Martin, orchestra leader (started Merv Griffin), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1907-11-16 Burgess Meredith, actor (Mr Novak, The Penguin in Batman, Rocky), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 1997)

  • 1908-11-19 Alan Baxter, East actor (Big Town Girl, Rags to Riches), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1909-05-04 Howard Da Silva, [Silverblatt], actor (Ben Franklin-1776), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1911-02-14 Florence Rice, actress (Double Wedding, Riding on Air), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1911-07-01 Alvino Rey, orchestra leader (King Family), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1913-02-25 Jim Backus, actor (Mr Magoo, Thurston Howell III-Gilligan Is), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1913-04-14 John Howard, actor (Dave-My Three Sons), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1914-05-05 Tyrone Power, actor (The Mark of Zorro, Alexander's Ragtime Band), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1914-07-02 Frederick Fennell, conductor (Time & Winds), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1915-12-13 Mark Stevens, actor (Big Town, Martin Kane), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1917-09-02 Cleveland Amory, Nahant Mass, conservationist/TV reviewer (TV Guide)
  • 1917-09-13 Robert Eugene Ward, composer (Pantaloon), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1919-05-24 Sid Couchey, comic book artist (Richie Rich), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2012)
  • 1919-12-06 Jimmy Bivins [James], Hall of Fame heavyweight boxer, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2012)
  • 1920-02-16 Lee Russell, vocalist (Vincent Lopez), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1920-10-19 LaWanda Page, actress (Aunt Esther-Sanford & Sons), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1921-03-06 Ross Hunter, American film producer (Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 1996) date of birth disputed)
  • 1922-11-09 Dorothy Dandridge, American actress/singer/dancer (Porgy & Bess), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1923-07-08 Harrison Dillard, 100m runner (Oly-4 gold-1948, 52), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1924-04-16 Henry Mancini, composer/conductor (Pink Panther), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1924-10-27 Ruby Dee, American actress (A Raisin in the Sun, American Gangster), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2014)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1925-01-26 Paul Newman, American actor (Hud, Hombre, Hustler), racing car driver and popcorn mogul (Newman's Own), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2008)

Actor & Entrepreneur Paul Newman
Actor & Entrepreneur
Paul Newman
  • 1925-02-17 Hal Holbrook, actor (All the President's Men, Mark Twain), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1925-02-21 Al Fann, actor (Alvin-He's the Mayor), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1925-02-23 Louis Stokes, politician (Rep-D-OH, 1969-99 ), born in Cleveland Ohio (d. 2015)
  • 1925-05-11 William Glasser, psychiatrist (reality therapy, choice theory), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2013)
  • 1925-06-29 Hale Smith, American composer, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2009)
  • 1926-08-24 Nancy Spero, Cleveland USA, American feminist artist
  • 1926-09-14 Richard Elsasser, American composer and organist, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 1972)
  • 1926-11-20 Kaye Ballard, actress/comedienne (Kaye-Mothers-in-Law), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1927-06-21 Carl Burton Stokes, (Mayor-Cleve)/TV newscaster, born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1928-01-08 Sander Vanocur, news anchor (NBC Weekend News), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1928-03-25 James A Lovell Jr, American astronaut (Gemini 7, 12, Apollo 8, 13), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1928-11-20 Franklin Cover, actor (Tom-The Jeffersons), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1929-06-16 James K. Randall, American composer, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2014)
  • 1929-07-18 "Screamin' Jay" Hawkins, R&B musician (I Put a Spell on You), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2000)
  • 1930-02-15 C F Payne, British chief constable, born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1932-02-23 Majel Barrett, actress (Christine Chapel-Star Trek), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2008)
  • 1933-05-02 Bunk Gardner, musician (Mothers Of Invention), born in Cleveland Ohio
  • 1933-08-04 Nathan Eugene Brooks, flyweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1952), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1933-12-28 Jack Perkins, newscaster (Prime Time Sunday, NBC Magazine), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1934-06-16 Bill Cobbs [Wilbert], American actor (Night at the Museum, The Color of Money), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1934-09-27 Greg Morris, actor (Mission Impossible, Vega$), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1935-07-23 Cleveland Dunkin, rocker (Penguins)
  • 1935-12-21 Phil Donahue, TV talk show host (The Phil Donahue Show), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1935-12-30 Jack Riley, American actor (The Bob Newhart Show), born in Cleveland (d. 2016)
  • 1936-05-30 Keir Dullea, actor (2001, 2010, David & Lisa), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1936-07-15 George V. Voinovich, US politician (R), Senator and Governor of Ohio, born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2016)
  • 1939-08-02 Wes Craven, American film director (Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2015)
  • 1941-05-18 Diane McBain, actress (Surfside Six, Spinout, Donner Pass), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1942-07-21 Mike Hegan, MLB player (NY Yankees), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2013)
  • 1942-08-15 Peter York, rock drummer (Spencer Davis Group), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1942-09-21 Ann Elder, comedienne (Smothers Brothers Show, Laugh-In), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1943-02-23 Bobby Wayne Mitchell, Chatham VA, PGA golfer (1971 Cleveland Open)
  • 1944-03-04 Bobby Womack, American R&B singer/guitarist (Woman's Got to Have It), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2014)
  • 1945-12-19 Elaine Joyce, actress (City of Angels, Mr Merlin), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1948-03-25 Michael Stanley, rocker (Michael Stanley Band), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1948-07-29 Neal Walk, American basketball player (Phoenix Suns, New Orleans Jazz, NY Knicks), born in Cleveland, Ohio (d. 2015)
  • 1949-08-11 Eric Carmen, rocker (All by Myself), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1949-09-29 Tony Hoty, actor (Ransom, Paper), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1949-11-14 Phil Baron, American voice actor (Piglet), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1949-11-29 Kenneth D Cameron, Lt Col USMC/astronaut (STS 37, 56, 74), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1952-06-18 Carol Kane, actress (Dog Day Afternoon, Simka-Taxi), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1952-12-04 Ronald Michael Sega, PhD/Astronaut (STS 60, 76), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1953-10-16 Martha Smith, actress (Animal House)/playmate (July 1973), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1954-09-30 Calvin Levels, actor (Knightwatch), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1955-05-06 Donald A Thomas, PhD/Astronaut (STS 65, 70, 83, 94), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1955-09-06 Carl Erwin Walz, Mjr USAF/Astronaut (STS 51, 65, 79), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1956-02-19 George David Low, astronaut (STS 32, STS 43), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1956-04-15 Gregory J Harbaugh, astronaut (STS 39, 54, 71, 82), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1956-07-01 Alan Ruck, American actor (Spin City), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1958-03-04 Patricia Heaton, actress (Debra-Everybody Loves Raymond), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1958-05-23 Shelly West, country singer (Red Hot, West by West), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1958-05-23 Drew Carey, American actor & comedian (Drew-Drew Carey Show), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Actor and Comedian Drew Carey
Actor and Comedian
Drew Carey
  • 1960-02-02 Lee Chill, Canadian Tour golfer (1977 Ohio Jr), born in Cleveland Ohio
  • 1960-06-11 Mehmet Oz, surgeon and TV personality (The Dr. Oz Show), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1961-12-20 Bonnie Marino, playmate (Jun, 1990), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1962-08-06 Thomas Jefferson, 200m runner (Olympic-bronze-1984), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1962-08-24 Mary Ellen Weber, PhD/astronaut (STS 70), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1963-08-05 James Wilder, actor (Scorchers, Zombie High, Murder 1), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1963-10-28 Lisa Bettio, WPVA volleyballer (Ft Myers Beach-17th-1992), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1964-03-30 Dave Ellett, NHL defenseman (Toronto Maple Leafs), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1965-01-22 Steven Adler, drummer (Guns & Roses-Sweet Child), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1966-06-22 Camille Benjamin, tennis star, born in Cleveland, Ohio

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1966-08-14 Halle Berry, American actress (Monsters Ball), born in Cleveland, Ohio

Actress Halle Berry
Halle Berry
  • 1966-10-26 David Miley, Nike golfer (1992 Cleveland Open), born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

1859-06-13 Landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted (37) weds Mary Cleveland

Landscape Architect and Writer Frederick Law Olmsted
Landscape Architect and Writer
Frederick Law Olmsted

Famous Deaths

  • 1806-11-16 Moses Cleaveland, founder of Cleveland, Ohio (b. 1754)
  • 1970-07-30 George Szell, Hungarian/US conductor (Cleveland Orch), dies at 73
  • 1981-10-29 William O Walker, publisher of Cleveland Call Post, dies at 85