Oklahoma in History

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City - Tulsa

Historical Events

  • 1802-10-10 1st non-Indian settlement in Oklahoma
  • 1825-01-27 U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the "Trail of Tears."
  • 1834-06-30 Congress creates Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
  • 1839-09-06 Cherokee Nation unites and ratifies constitution at Tahlequah, Oklahoma
  • 1842-08-14 Second Seminole War declared over by Colonel Worth; Indians go on to be removed from Florida to Oklahoma

BattleBattle of Interest

1868-11-27 Battle at Washita River, Oklahoma. General Custer attacks group of Native American Indians, their chief Black Kettle dies in the attack

  • 1889-03-23 Pres Harrison opens Oklahoma for white colonization
  • 1889-04-22 Oklahoma land rush officially starts
  • 1890-05-02 Territory of Oklahoma created
  • 1892-01-07 Mine explosion kills 100 in Krebs, Oklahoma; blacks trying to help rescue white survivors, driven away with guns
  • 1893-09-16 Cherokee Strip, Oklahoma, opens white settlement homesteaders
  • 1901-08-06 Kiowa land in Oklahoma is opened for white settlement, effectively dissolving the contiguous reservation.
  • 1907-11-16 Oklahoma becomes the United States 46th state
  • 1908-02-27 Star #46 was added to US flag for Oklahoma
  • 1915-06-21 The U.S. Supreme Court hands down its decision in Guinn v. United States 238 US 347 1915, striking down an Oklahoma law denying the right to vote to some citizens.
  • 1918-04-13 Electrical fire kills 38 mental patients at Oklahoma State Hospital
  • 1921-06-01 Race riot in Tulsa Oklahoma (21 whites & 60 blacks killed)
  • 1923-09-15 Gov Walton of Oklahoma declares state of siege because of Ku Klux Klan terror
  • 1923-11-19 The Oklahoma State Senate ousts Governor Walton for anti-Ku Klux Klan measures
  • 1924-12-24 School in Babb's Switch, Oklahoma, catches fire, 36 die
  • 1930-01-18 -27°F (-33°C), Watts, Oklahoma (state record)
  • 1940-09-03 39.4 cm rainfall at Sapulpa, Oklahoma (state record)
  • 1942-04-27 Tornado destroys Pryor, Oklahoma, killing 100, injuring 300
  • 1943-07-26 120°F (49°C), Tishmoningo, Oklahoma (state record)
  • 1946-12-16 1947 NFL Draft: Bob Fenimore from University of Oklahoma A&M first pick by Chicago Bears
  • 1947-04-09 Tornadoes striking West Texas & Oklahoma kill 169, injuring 1,300
  • 1948-01-12 US Supreme Court decision (Sipuel v Oklahoma State Board of Regents)
  • 1951-08-11 100,000 acres flooded from Mississippi River in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois
  • 1951-10-20 The "Johnny Bright Incident" occurred in Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • 1952-12-02 18th Heisman Trophy Award: Billy Vessels, Oklahoma (HB)
  • 1959-04-07 Oklahoma ends prohibition, after 51 years
  • 1969-11-26 35th Heisman Trophy Award: Steve Owens, Oklahoma (RB)
  • 1970-10-04 Herbert Schmidtz makes highest parachute jump from a tower by leaping from a 1,984 ft TV mast in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1976-04-08 1976 NFL Draft: Lee Roy Selmon from University of Oklahoma first pick by Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 1978-11-28 44th Heisman Trophy Award: Billy Sims, Oklahoma (RB)
  • 1980-04-29 1980 NFL Draft: Billy Sims from University of Oklahoma first pick by Detroit Lions
  • 1982-01-19 Heater explodes at Star Elementary School, Oklahoma, kills 6 children & teacher
  • 1984-05-26 Floods kill 14 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1984-05-26 Tulsa Oklahoma gets 13" of rain, 14 die
  • 1986-01-21 Allison J Brown, 17, of Oklahoma, crowned 4th Miss Teen USA
  • 1986-08-20 Postal worker Patrick Sherrill shot 14 fellow workers dead in Edmond, Oklahoma
  • 1988-01-01 Miami beats Oklahoma for college football championship
  • 1988-12-03 54th Heisman Trophy Award: Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State (RB)
  • 1988-12-19 Oklahoma's College football team gets 3 year probation
  • 1989-01-13 Jerry Parks, Oklahoma defensive back, charged with shooting a teammate
  • 1989-01-21 A woman is assaulted & raped in room of an Oklahoma football player
  • 1989-02-13 Oklahoma football player Charles Thompson is charged with selling cocaine; he is later sentenced to 2 years in prison
  • 1989-02-20 Members of 1949 Oklahoma football team cancelled an April reunion because of deplorable conduct of Oklahoma players
  • 1989-06-19 Barry Switzer resigns as head coach of Oklahoma's football team
  • 1991-04-26 23 killed in Kansas & Oklahoma by tornadoes
  • 1995-03-16 Manhattan upsets 4th seeded Oklahoma 77-67
  • 1997-08-14 Oklahoma Court of Appeals upholds death sentence of Timothy McVeigh
  • 1997-09-29 Jury selection in Terry Nichols Oklahoma bombing trial begins
  • 1997-12-23 Terry Nichols found guilty of manslaughter in Oklahoma bombing
  • 2003-12-13 69th Heisman Trophy Award: Jason White, Oklahoma (QB)
  • 2008-12-15 74th Heisman Trophy Award: Sam Bradford, Oklahoma (QB)
  • 2010-04-22 2010 NFL Draft: Sam Bradford from University of Oklahoma first pick by St. Louis Rams
  • 2016-09-22 Police officer Betty Shelby charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting unarmed black man Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 127

  • 1870-10-23 Francis Kelley, Catholic Bishop of Oklahoma (d. 1948)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1879-11-04 Will Rogers, American humorist and actor (Judge Priest), born in Oologah, Oklahoma (d. 1935)

Humorist Will Rogers
Will Rogers

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1888-05-28 Jim Thorpe, versatile American athlete (Olympic gold-1912), born in Prague, Oklahoma (d. 1953)

Versatile Athlete Jim Thorpe
Versatile Athlete
Jim Thorpe
  • 1888-09-16 Almira Sessions, actress (Oklahoma Annie), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1890-07-25 Julian Rivero, actor (Son of Oklahoma, Via Pony Express), born in San Francisco, California
  • 1893-06-25 Charlotte Greenwood, actress (Oklahoma, Moon over Miami), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 1898-02-12 [Le]Roy Harris, Oklahoma, composer (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)
  • 1898-03-13 Josie Sedgwick, TX, actress (Son of Oklahoma)
  • 1901-05-09 Fuzzy Knight, Fairmont WV, actor (Oklahoma Annie, Cowby & the Lady)
  • 1904-01-17 Grant Withers, Pueblo CO, actor (Oklahoma, Annie)
  • 1904-04-03 Iron Eyes Cody, actor (Black Gold, Ernest Goes to Camp), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1904-12-07 Clarence Nash, Watonga Oklahoma, American voice actor (Donald Duck)
  • 1905-09-18 Agnes De Mille, American choreographer (Oklahoma), born in NYC, New York
  • 1908-02-02 Cal Tinney, Oklahoma, comedian (Stop Me If You Heard This One)
  • 1910-12-13 Van Heflin, Walters Oklahoma, actor (Great Adventure, Madame Bovary)
  • 1912-09-24 Don Porter, Miami Oklahoma, actor (Russ Lawrence-Gidget, Ann Sothern Show)
  • 1913-04-25 Earl Bostic, alto sax player (Flamingo, Temptation), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1914-09-05 Gail Kubik, South Coffeyville, Oklahoma, composer (Gerald McBoing Boing)
  • 1914-11-14 Ken Carson, Coalgate Oklahoma, singer (Garry Moore Show)
  • 1916-04-23 Bud Wilkinson, college football coach (Oklahoma)
  • 1917-07-14 Douglas Edwards, Alda Oklahoma, newscaster (CBS Evening News, FYI)
  • 1918-01-24 Oral Roberts, Pontotoc County Oklahoma, American Televangelist, founder Oral Roberts College

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1918-03-29 Sam Walton, Founder and CEO of Wal-Mart, born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma (d. 1992)

Founder of Walmart Sam Walton
Founder of Walmart
Sam Walton
  • 1918-06-13 Ben Johnson, Foraker Oklahoma, actor (Chisum, Battle Force, Dillinger), (d. 1996)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1918-09-04 Paul Harvey, news commentator (Rest of the story), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

ABC Radio Broadcaster Paul Harvey
ABC Radio Broadcaster
Paul Harvey
  • 1919-03-02 Jennifer Jones, [Phyllis Isley], Oklahoma, actress (Farewell to Arms)
  • 1920-02-26 Tony Randall, [Leonard Rosenberg], actor (Felix-Odd Couple), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1920-03-24 Gene Nelson, [Berg], actor (Tea For 2, Oklahoma), born in Seattle, Washington
  • 1920-10-01 Lonny Chapman, actor (Investigator, For the People), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1921-03-12 Gordon MacRae, singer/actor (Oklahoma, Carousel), born in East Orange, New Jersey
  • 1921-04-10 Sheb Wooley, Erick Oklahoma, vocalist (Purple People Eater, Hee Haw)
  • 1922-01-07 Alvin Dark, American baseball player & manager, born in Comanche, Oklahoma, (d. 2014)
  • 1922-07-02 Dan Rowan, Beggs Oklahoma, comedian (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in)
  • 1922-07-21 Kay Starr [Katherine Starks], American singer (Wheel of Fortune), born in Dougherty Oklahoma (d. 2016)
  • 1923-03-11 A Louise Brough Clapp, Oklahoma, tennis player (4 time Wimbledon champ)
  • 1926-11-19 Jeane J Kirkpatrick, US ambassador to UN (R), born in Duncan, Oklahoma
  • 1926-12-01 Robert Symonds, Bristow Oklahoma, actor (Robert E. Lee-Blue & Gray)
  • 1927-03-06 Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr, Shawnee Oklahoma, USAF/astronaut (Mer 9, Gem 5)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1927-11-08 Patti Page [Clara Ann Fowler], American singer (Tennessee Waltz), born in Claremore, Oklahoma (d. 2013)

Singer Patti Page
Patti Page
  • 1928-04-07 James Garner, American actor (Rockford Files, Bret Maverick), born in Norman Oklahoma, (d. 2014)
  • 1928-05-22 T. Boone Pickens, American business person and oil tycoon (Shamrock, Mesa Petroleum Co), born in Holdenville, Oklahoma
  • 1928-11-16 Clu Gulager, Holdenville Oklahoma, actor (Virginian, Survivors, Tall Man)
  • 1929-03-07 Yvonne Chouteau, Native American dancer (one of the "five Moons" of Oklahoma), born in Fort Worth, Texas (d. 2016)
  • 1929-05-06 John Polk Allen, Carnegie Oklahoma, CEO (Biosphere 2)
  • 1930-01-23 William Reid Pogue, Okemah Oklahoma, Colonel USAF/astronaut (Skylab 4), (d. 2014)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1930-08-23 Vera Miles, American actress (Psycho), born in Boise City, Oklahoma

Actress Vera Miles
Vera Miles
  • 1930-11-22 Owen Kay Garriott, Enid Oklahoma, astronaut (Skylab 3, STS 9)
  • 1931-01-20 Earl Grant, Idabel, Oklahoma, American musician and singer (Ebb Tide, Winter Wonderland)
  • 1931-02-17 Buddy Ryan, NFL coach (Philadelphia Eagles, Phoenix Cardinals), born in Frederick, Oklahoma (d. 2016)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1931-10-20 Mickey Mantle "The Commerce Comet", NY Yankee, home run slugger (1956 Triple Crown), born in Spavinaw, Oklahoma (d. 1995)

Baseball Legend Mickey Mantle
Baseball Legend
Mickey Mantle
  • 1931-11-04 Darla Hood, Leedey Oklahoma, singer/actress (Little Rascals)
  • 1932-02-16 Gretchen Wyler, Bartlesville Oklahoma, actress (Silk Stockings)
  • 1932-08-17 Chet Allen, Chickasha Oklahoma, actor (Jerry-Bonino, Slats-Troubleshooter)
  • 1933-11-21 Jean Shepard, Pauls Valley Oklahoma, country singer (Ozark Jubilee)
  • 1934-02-21 Rue McClanahan, Healdton Oklahoma, actress (Maude, Golden Girls)
  • 1934-06-05 Bill D Moyers, Hugo Oklahoma, news commentator (Bill Moyers' Journal)
  • 1934-11-17 James M Inhofe, (Rep-R-Oklahoma)
  • 1935-05-09 Nokie Edwards, Lahoma, Oklahoma, American guitarist (The Ventures)
  • 1937-02-12 Charles Everett Dumas, high jumper (Olympic-gold-1956), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1937-10-05 Barry Switzer, football coach (Oklahoma), born in Crossett, Arkansas
  • 1937-10-20 Wanda Jackson, Maud Oklahoma, country singer (Let's Have a Party)
  • 1937-11-03 Paula Wayne, Hobart Oklahoma, vocalist (Everything's Great)
  • 1938-03-25 Hoyt Axton, actor (Black Stallion, Junkman, Rousters), born in Duncan, Oklahoma
  • 1938-06-16 Mickie Finn, Hugo Oklahoma, TV hostess/banjo player (Mickie Finn's)
  • 1939-06-01 Cleavon Little, actor (Blazing Saddles, Toy Soldiers), born in Chickasha Oklahoma (d. 1992)
  • 1939-07-01 Delaney Bramlett, Oklahoma, rocker (Shindogs, Delaney & Bonnie)
  • 1939-12-11 David Gates, rock vocalist (Bread-Baby I'm A Want You), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1940-03-10 Chuck Norris [Carlos Ray], American martial arts actor (Missing in Action), born in Ryan, Oklahoma

  • 1940-03-25 Anita Bryant, Barnsdall Oklahoma, singer (George Gobel Show) and anti-homosexuality campaigner
  • 1940-08-09 Beverlee McKinsey, Oklahoma, actress (Iris-Another World, Guiding Light)
  • 1940-09-15 Frank Linzy, American baseball player, born in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
  • 1941-07-18 Marcia Jones Smoke, Oklahoma, 500m kayak (Olympic-bronze-1964)
  • 1942-06-02 Marie Cheatham, Oklahoma, actress (Search for Tomorrow, Guiding Light)
  • 1942-08-07 B J Thomas, Hugo, Oklahoma, American singer (Raindrops, Growing Pains Theme)
  • 1942-09-06 Mel McDaniel, Checotah Oklahoma, singer (Baby's got her Blue Jeans On)
  • 1942-10-21 Elvin Bishop, rock guitarist (Fooled Around & Fell in Love), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1944-02-22 E J Peaker, actress (That's Life), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1944-09-21 Jesse Ed Davis, Native American guitarist, born in Norman, Oklahoma (d. 1988)
  • 1945-04-09 Gus Hardin, [Carol Ann Blankenship], country singer, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1946-08-15 Jimmy Webb, Elk City Oklahoma, songwriter (MacArthur Park, Up Up & Away)
  • 1947-04-08 Cindy Pickett, Norman Oklahoma, actress (Guiding Light, St Elsewhere)
  • 1947-09-23 Mary Kay Place, actress/country singer (Mary Hartman!), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1948-03-14 Tom Coburn, American politician, junior senator from Oklahoma
  • 1949-10-27 Jack Daniels, Choctaw Oklahoma, country singer (Highway 101-Cry Cry Cry)
  • 1950-02-11 Earnest Jim Istook, (Rep-R-Oklahoma)
  • 1950-09-19 Rudy Ramos, Lawton Oklahoma, actor (Wind-High Chaparral)
  • 1950-10-17 Michael Lynn Synar, (Rep-D-Oklahoma, 1979- )
  • 1951-06-06 Dwight Twilley, country singer (Twilley Don't Mind), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1952-11-08 Alfre Woodard, American actress (Primal Fear, Cross Creek), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1954-03-01 Ron Howard, Oklahoma, American actor/director (American Graffiti, Happy Days)
  • 1957-04-12 Vince Gill, country singer (When I Call Your Name), born in Norman, Oklahoma
  • 1957-09-22 Lynn Herring, Enid Oklahoma, actress (Lucy Coe-General Hospital)
  • 1957-11-18 J.C. Watts (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oklahoma's 4th district, in office Jan 3, 1995 - Jan 3, 2003
  • 1958-12-28 Joe Diffie, country singer/guitarist (Home), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1959-04-09 Dave Innis, Bartlesville Oklahoma, country singer (Restless Heart-Wheels)
  • 1961-02-24 Janice Gibson, LPGA golfer (1994 Youngstown-Warren-15th), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1961-05-01 Charlie O'Brien, catcher (Brewers, Mets, Braves, Blue Jays), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • 1961-08-06 Carol Norman, Ardmore Oklahoma, bowler (LPBT Rookie of Year 1982)
  • 1961-11-25 Kenny Monday, 163 lbs freestyles wrestler (Oly-88, 92, 96), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Person of interestPerson of Interest

1962-02-07 Garth Brooks, country vocalist (No Fences, Double Live), born in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Garth Brooks
Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Garth Brooks

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

1951-12-23 MLB centerfielder Mickey Mantle (20) weds author Merlyn Mantle (19) in Commerce, Oklahoma

Baseball Legend Mickey Mantle
Baseball Legend
Mickey Mantle

HeartWedding of Interest

2000-09-03 American feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem (66) weds environmentalist David Bale (59) in Adair County, Oklahoma

Journalist Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem

HeartWedding of Interest

2005-12-10 Country music artist Garth Brooks (43) weds singer Trisha Yearwood (41) in Claremore, Oklahoma

Country Music Singer and Songwriter Garth Brooks
Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Garth Brooks

Famous Deaths

  • 1959-03-27 Grant Withers, actor (Oklahoma Annie), suicide with sleeping pills at 54
  • 1974-08-03 Almira Sessions, actress (Oklahoma Annie), dies at 85
  • 1978-02-18 Charlotte Greenwood, actress (Oklahoma, Moon over Miami), dies at 84
  • 1986-01-24 Gordon MacRae, singer (Oklahoma, Carousel), dies at 64
  • 2016-01-24 Yvonne Chouteau, Native American dancer (one of the "five Moons" of Oklahoma), dies at 86