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  • 1964-01-31 Sharon Cain, team handball center back (Olympics-1996), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1964-03-06 Cher Butler, playmate (August, 1985), born in Garland, Texas
  • 1964-03-29 Jill Goodacre Connick, model (Victoria Secrets), born in Lubbock, Texas
  • 1964-07-21 Susan Swift, actress (Chisholms), born in Houston, Texas

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1964-08-15 Melinda Gates, American philanthropist and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, born in Dallas, Texas

Philanthropist Melinda Gates
Melinda Gates
  • 1964-09-24 Gene Watkins, Waco Texas, American actor (James Walsh-As the World Turns)
  • 1964-10-05 Denean Howard, 4X400m relayer (Olympic-silver-1988), born in Sherman, Texas
  • 1964-12-02 Yolanda Henry, high jumper, born in Houston, Texas
  • 1964-12-22 Mike Jackson, pitcher (Seattle Mariners), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1965-01-02 Greg Swindell, pitcher (Houston Astros, Cleve Indians), born in Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1965-03-31 William McNamara, actor (Texasville, Beat, Stealing Home), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1965-06-03 Suzan Kaminga, bodybuilder, born in Austin, Texas
  • 1965-07-10 Buddy Groom, pitcher (Oakland A's), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1965-07-15 Scott Livingstone, infielder (SD Padres, Det Tigers), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1965-07-22 Shawn Michaels, [Mike Hickenbottom], wrestler (WWF/AWA), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1965-11-18 Mark Petkovsek, pitcher (St Louis Cardinals), born in Beaumont, Texas
  • 1965-12-11 Laurie Carr, playmate (Dec, 1986), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1966-02-03 Sean Patrick Wade, NZ marathoner (Olympics-96), born in Houston, Texas

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1966-04-08 Robin Wright, American actress (Santa Barbara, Princess Bride), born in Dallas, Texas

Actress Robin Wright
Robin Wright

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1966-04-14 Greg Maddux, pitcher (Atlanta Braves), born in San Angelo, Texas

MLB Pitching Legend Greg Maddux
MLB Pitching Legend
Greg Maddux
  • 1966-06-28 Mary Stuart Masterson, American actress (Some Kind of Wonderful), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1966-10-15 Jeffrey Jacquet, Bay City Texas, actor (Mork & Mindy, Whiz Kids)
  • 1966-12-12 Cheryl Dickey, 100m hurdler, born in Houston, Texas
  • 1967-01-12 Farrah Forke, Texas, actress (Dweebs, Mr Rhodes, Disclosure, Heat)
  • 1967-02-17 Michelle Forbes, actress (Ensign Ro-Star Trek Next Gen), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1967-03-01 George Eads, Fort Worth Texas, American actor (CSI)
  • 1967-04-12 Kirk Everist, water polo driver (Olympics-96), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1967-06-02 Mike Stanton, pitcher (NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1967-06-29 Melora Hardin, actress (Family Tree, Best Times), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1967-08-09 Elexa Wills/Orrange, Orange Texas, long jumper/triple jumper
  • 1967-08-19 Tabitha Soren, American MTV reporter (This Week in Rock), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1967-09-13 Michael Johnson, 200m/400m runner (Olympic-2 gold-96), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1967-11-07 Sharleen Spiteri Scottish singer and songwriter (Texas)
  • 1967-11-28 Anna Nicole "Vickie" Smith, playmate (May 1992), born in Houston, Texas

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1967-12-13 Jamie Foxx, American actor (Ray, In Living Color) comedian and musician, born in Terrell, Texas

Actor and Singer-Songwriter Jamie Foxx
Actor and Singer-Songwriter
Jamie Foxx
  • 1968-02-07 Ashely Allen, playmate (Aug, 1992), born in San Antonio, Texas
  • 1968-04-15 Billy Brewer, Fort Worth Texas, pitcher (NY Yankees)
  • 1968-07-07 Chuck Knoblauch, shortstop (NY Yankees, Minnesota Twins), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1968-08-31 Jim Bob Howard, Wichita Falls Texas, actor (Flash & Bone)
  • 1968-09-16 Tara Cross-Battle, volleyball hitter (Oly-br-92, 96), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1968-11-05 Cary Blanchard, NFL kicker (Indianapolis Colts), born in Fort Worth, Texas (d. 2016)

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1968-11-18 Owen Wilson, American actor (Meet the Parents, Zoolander), born in Dallas, Texas

  • 1969-04-01 Frank Castillo, pitcher (Chicago Cubs), born in El Paso, Texas (d. 2013)
  • 1969-04-25 Renée Zellweger, American actress (Bridget Jones), born in Katy, Texas
  • 1969-05-10 Pete Schourek, pitcher (Cincinnati Reds), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1969-05-20 Suzanne Lawrence, Humble Texas, Miss Texas-America (1991) (4th)
  • 1969-08-23 Amanda Hope, playmate (Jul, 1992), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1969-10-24 Arthur Rhodes, Waco Texas, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles)

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1969-11-04 Matthew McConaughey, American actor (Contact, A Time to Kill), born in Uvalde, Texas

  • 1970-01-09 Graciela Schutt, WPVA volleyballer (Deerfield-25th-1995), born in El Paso, Texas
  • 1970-11-06 Ethan Hawke, actor (Dad, Dead Poets Society, Explorers), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1970-12-09 Marlin Cannon, 200m/400m runner, born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1970-12-13 George Van Os Jr, team handball left back (Oly-1996), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1970-12-22 [Rafael Edward] Ted Cruz, US Politician (Senate-R-Texas 2013-), born in Calgary. Alberta
  • 1971-02-02 Tony Miller, Mount Pleasant Texas, 400m runner
  • 1971-02-15 Renee O'Connor, American actress, (Xena Warrior Princess), born in Katy, Texas
  • 1971-02-26 Erykah Badu [Erica Abi Wright;], American singer-songwriter, born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1971-03-25 Sheryl Swoopes, Texas, WNBA forward (Houston Comets. Oly-gold-96)
  • 1971-04-16 Selena [Quintanilla-Pérez], Mexican-American singer-songwriter known as the Queen of Tejano music (Grammy-1994), born in Lake Jackson, Texas (d. 1995)
  • 1971-08-28 Shane Andrews, infielder (Montreal Expos), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1971-09-08 Henry Thomas, actor (ET), born in San Antonio, Texas

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1971-09-18 Lance Armstrong, American road cyclist (7 Tour de France wins) barred from sport for using banned drugs, born in Plano, Texas

Professional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor Lance Armstrong
Professional Road Cyclist and Testicular Cancer Survivor
Lance Armstrong
  • 1971-12-27 James Stewart, NFL running back (Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions), born in Fairfield, Texas

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1972-04-17 Jennifer Garner [Affleck], American actress (Sydney Bristow-Alias), born in Houston, Texas

  • 1972-10-05 Grant Hill, NBA forward/guard (Det Pistons, Oly-gold-96), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1972-12-12 Kara Williams, Miss Texas USA (1996)
  • 1973-01-22 Deon Minor, Paris Texas, 400m runner
  • 1973-03-24 Jim Parsons, actor (The Big Bang Theory), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1973-04-28 Marc[us] Blake Schneider, rower (Olympics-bronze-1996), born in Lubbock, Texas
  • 1973-05-04 Michelle Martinez, Miss America (Texas-Top 10-1997), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1973-05-30 Jennifer Darst, pairs skater (& Arthur Reid), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1973-09-04 Stacy Sanches, playmate (Mar, 1995), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1973-10-08 Tracy Bonner, Webster Texas, diver (Olympics-96)
  • 1973-10-18 John Baldwin Jr, figure skater (1996 SW Pacific Sr champ), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1973-12-01 Eric Thomas, Chartage Texas, 400m hurdler
  • 1974-01-11 Echo Leta Johnson, playmate (Jan, 1993), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1974-02-21 Rohsaan Griffin, Texas City Texas, 200m runner
  • 1974-03-04 Sherry Wigginton, diver (Olympics-96), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1974-03-19 John Coppinger, pitcher (Baltimore Orioles), born in El Paso, Texas
  • 1974-04-08 Chris Kyle, Odessa, Texas, Navy SEAL sniper (160 kills), (d. 2013)
  • 1974-07-25 Jay R Ferguson, American actor (Evening Shade, Mad Men), born in Dallas, Texas

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1974-10-14 Natalie Maines, American musician (Dixie Chicks), born in Lubbock, Texas

Singer-songwriter Natalie Maines
Natalie Maines
  • 1974-10-25 Frank Middleton, NFL football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), born in Beaumont, Texas

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1975-03-15 Eva Longoria, American actress (Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives), born in Corpus Christi, Texas

Actress Eva Longoria
Eva Longoria

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1975-11-07 Marcus Luttrell, United States Navy SEAL ("Lone Survivor"), born in Houston, Texas

Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell
Marcus Luttrell
  • 1975-11-12 Tevin Jermod Campbell, rapper, born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1975-11-24 Carly Jarmon, Mesquite Texas, Miss America-Texas (1996)
  • 1976-01-21 Amanda Little, Miss USA-Texas (1997, top 6)
  • 1976-02-06 Kim Zmeskal, US gymnist (Olympic-92), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1976-12-30 Rhoshii Wells, middleweight boxer (Olympics-bronze-96), born in Austin, Texas
  • 1977-10-21 Christie Lee Woods, Texas, Miss Teen USA (1996)
  • 1977-12-12 Bridget Hall, American model (Ford), born in Dallas, Texas
  • 1978-02-08 Christa Williams, softball pitcher (Olympics-gold-96), born in Houston, Texas

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1978-03-01 Jensen Ackles, American actor (Days of our Lives, Supernatural), born in Dallas, Texas

  • 1978-07-06 Rachel Rochelli, gymnast (alt-Olympics-96), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1978-08-24 Melissa McElroy, rhythmic gymnast (US team-96), born in Houston, Texas

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1978-10-14 Usher, American singer (My Way, Confessions) and actor, born in Dallas, Texas

Singer Usher
  • 1978-10-16 Abel Talamantez, Texas, singer (Menudo-Cannonball)
  • 1979-01-25 Christine Lakin, American actress (Step by Step), born in Dallas, Texas

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1979-02-21 Jennifer Love Hewitt, American actress (Sarah Reeves-Party of Five), born in Waco, Texas

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