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Historical Events

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Jan 7th - Typewriter patented by Englishman Henry Mill (built years later)
Jan 19th - Richard Steele publishes "Crisis" defending Hanoverian success
Feb 2nd - Nicholas Rowe's "tragedy of Jane Shore" premieres in London
Feb 17th - Parliament of Paris accepts Pope Clemens XI's "Unigenitus" degree
Mar 6th - Peace of Rastatt - French emperor Charles VI of Habsburg
Jun 12th - Prussia & Russia sign secret treaty
Jun 26th - Spain & Netherlands sign peace/trade agreement
Jul 14th - Battle of Aland, Russian fleet overpowers larger Swedish fleet
Jul 27th - Battle at Hango (Hangut): Russians beat Swedish fleet
Jul 27th - British Queen Anne dismisses premier Robert Haley
Aug 1st - Monarch Georg Ludwig becomes King George I of England
Aug 7th - The Battle of Gangut: the first important victory of the Russian Navy during the Great Northern War against Sweden
Sep 7th - Treaty of Baden: Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI & France, ends War of Spanish Succession, French retain Alsace, Austria gets bank of Rhine
Sep 11th - French & Spanish troops under Duke of Berwick occupy Barcelona
Oct 7th - People riot due to beer tax in Alkmaar Neth
King George IKing George I Oct 20th - Georg Ludwig von Hannover crowned as Britain's King George I
Nov 11th - A highway in Bronx is laid out, later renamed East 233rd Street
Nov 22nd - King Karel XII leaves Turkish captivity to return to Sweden

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 34 of 34

Jan 1st - Kristijonas Donelaitis, Lutheran pastor, Lithuanian poet (The Seas)
Jan 6th - Percivall Pott, English physician (d. 1788)
Jan 26th - Jean B Pigalle, French sculptor (Child with Bird Cage)
Jan 28th - Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor (Child with Pigeon)
Feb 2nd - Gottfried August Homilius, composer
Feb 22nd - Louis-Georges de Bréquigny, French historian (d. 1795)
Feb 25th - Sir Hyde Parker, 5th Baronet, British admiral (d. 1782)
Feb 25th - René Nicolas Charles Augustin de Maupeou, Chancellor of France (d. 1792)
Feb 26th - James Hervey, English clergyman and writer (d. 1758)
Mar 8th - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, German composer, son of JS Bach
Mar 24th - Carlo Giovanni Testori, composer
Mar 27th - Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian theologian and historian (d. 1795)
Apr 14th - Adam Gib, Scottish religious leader (d. 1788)
Jun 6th - King Joseph I of Portugal (d. 1777)
Jun 17th - Cesar F Cassini, de Thury, French astronomer (geodesic labor)
Jul 2nd - Christoph W Ritter von Gluck, Austria composer (Il re pastore)
Jul 16th - Marc René, marquis de Montalembert, French military engineer (d. 1800)
Aug 1st - Richard Wilson, Welsh landscape painter
Aug 14th - Claude-Joseph Vernet, French painter
Aug 28th - Anthony Ulrich II, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg (d. 1774)
Sep 10th - Niccolo Jommelli, Italy, composer
Sep 17th - Gottlieb W Rabener, German author (Vom Misbrauch of the Satire)
Sep 19th - Charles Humphreys, American delegate to the Continental Congress (d. 1786)
Sep 25th - Jean-Benoit Leclair, composer
Sep 29th - Peter A van de Parra, gov-gen of Neth-Indies (1761-75)
Oct 13th - Pieter Burmann the Younger, Dutch philologist (d. 1778)
Oct 16th - Giovanni Arduino, Italian geologist (d. 1795)
Nov 13th - William Shenstone, English poet (d. 1763)
Nov 25th - Yoriyuki Arima, Japanese mathematician (d. 1783)
Anglican Preacher George WhitefieldAnglican Preacher George Whitefield (Dec 16th) Dec 16th - George Whitefield, English-born Methodist leader and preacher, born in Gloucester, England (d. 1770)
Dec 19th - John Winthrop, American astronomer (d. 1779)
Dec 21st - John Bradstreet, Canadian-born soldier (d. 1774)
Dec 23rd - Johann Siebenkas, composer
Dec 24th - Rainieri De Calzabigi, Italian's literary (1st European Lottery)

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 17 of 17

Feb 2nd - John Sharp, English Archbishop of York (b. 1643)
Feb 4th - Duke of Berry, French King Louis XIV's grandson, dies
Feb 14th - Maria Luisa of Savoy, Queen Consort of Spain (b. 1688)
Feb 24th - Edmund Andros, English governor in North America (b. 1637)
Mar 27th - Anton Ulrich, German duke of Brunswick/poet, dies at 80
Apr 4th - Karel, duke of Berry/French heir to the throne, dies
Apr 17th - Philipp Heinrich Erlebach, composer, dies at 56
May 15th - Roger Elliott, British general and Governor of Gibraltar
Jun 22nd - Matthew Henry, English non-conformist minister (b. 1662)
Jun 28th - Cornelis Chastelein, colonial director, dies at 56
Jun 28th - Daniel van Papenbroeck, Flemish jesuit/historian, dies at 86
Aug 1st - Anne Stuart, Queen of England (1702-14), dies at about 49
Aug 15th - Constantin Brâncoveanu, Prince of Wallachia (b. 1654)
Aug 26th - Edward Fowler, English Bishop of Gloucester (b. 1632)
Oct 5th - Kaibara Ekiken, Japanese philosopher (b. 1630)
Oct 10th - Pierre Le Pesant, sieur de Boisguilbert, French economist (b. 1646)
Nov 5th - Bernardino Ramazzini, Italian physician (b. 1633)

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