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Historical Events

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Jan 5th - 1st edition of Amsterdam General Trade Journal (Algemeen Handelsblad)
Feb 18th - More than 100 vessels destroyed in a storm, Gibraltar
Feb 21st - 1st American Indian newspaper in US, "Cherokee Phoenix", published
Feb 22nd - Russia & Persia sign Peace of Turkmantsjai
Feb 28th - Franz Grillparzer's "Ein Treuer Diener" premieres in Vienna
Mar 24th - Philadelphia & Columbia Railway (1st state owned) authorized
Apr 4th - Casparus van Wooden patents chocolate milk powder (Amsterdam)
Apr 11th - Foundation of Bahia Blanca.
Apr 14th - 18-gun sloop "Acorn" sinks off Halifax with 115 men aboard
Apr 14th - First American Dictionary: its author Noah Webster registers its copyright for publication
Apr 20th - René Caillié is first non-Muslim to enter Timbouctou.
Apr 26th - Russia declares war on Turkey to support Greece's independence
Apr 27th - Zoological Gardens at Regent's Park London, opens
May 19th - U.S. President John Quincy Adams signs the Tariff of 1828/Tariff of Abominations into law to protect industry in the North
6th US President John Quincy Adams6th US President John Quincy Adams May 26th - Mysterious feral child Kaspar Hauser is discovered wandering the streets of Nuremberg.
Jun 13th - Simon Bolívar proclaimed dictator
Jul 4th - Construction begins on B & O (Baltimore-Ohio) 1st US passenger RR
Aug 1st - Bolton and Leigh Railway opens to freight traffic.
Aug 20th - Gioacchino Rossini's opera "Le Comte Ory" premieres in Paris
Aug 24th - Dutch army takes Fort Du Bus in New Guinea
Aug 27th - Uruguay gains independence during Brazil-Argentina peace talks
Aug 27th - The Russians defeat the Turks at the Battle of Akhalzic.
Oct 7th - The Greek city of Patras is liberated by the French expeditionary force in Peloponnese under General Maison.
Oct 25th - The St Katharine Docks opened in London.
Dec 3rd - Andrew Jackson elected 7th US President
Dec 19th - South Carolina declares right of states to nullify federal laws
US President & General Andrew JacksonUS President & General Andrew Jackson Dec 28th - 6.8 earthquake strikes Echigo Japan, 30,000 killed

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 105

Jan 3rd - Karl Collan, Finnish composer
Jan 5th - August Valentine Kautz, Bvt Major General (Union Army), (d. 1895)
Jan 10th - Herman Koeckemann, German Catholic prelate (d. 1892)
Jan 17th - Lewis Addison Grant, Bvt Mjr General (Union volunteers), (d. 1918)
Jan 17th - Eduard Remenyi, Hungarian violinist (d. 1898)
Jan 23rd - Calvin Edward Pratt, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), (d. 1896)
Jan 24th - Adam Jacoby Slemmer, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), (d. 1868)
Jan 24th - Ferdinand J Cohn, German botanist/publicist
Jan 24th - Karol Studzinski, composer
Jan 26th - Johan T Buys, Dutch lawyer
Jan 27th - Louis Schubert, composer
Jan 27th - Samuel Allen Rice, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), (d. 1864)
Jan 28th - Michel Abeloos, Flemish sculptor
Jan 28th - Thomas Carmichael Hindman, Mjr Gen (Confederate Army), (d. 1868)
Feb 8th - Antonio Cagnoni, composer
Novelist Jules VerneNovelist Jules Verne (Feb 8th) Feb 8th - Jules Verne, writer "Father of Science Fiction" (Around the World in 80 days), born in Nantes, France
Feb 12th - George Meredith, England, poet/novelist (Shaving of Shagpat)
Feb 12th - Robert Ransom Jr, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1892)
Feb 14th - Edmond François Valentin About, French writer (d. 1885)
Feb 15th - Johan H van Dale, schoolmaster (New Dutch Language Dictionary)
Feb 19th - Johannes von Miquel, German politician
Feb 22nd - Robert Alexander Cameron, Bvt Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), (d. 1894)
Feb 29th - Antonio Guzman Blanco, president Venezuela
Mar 1st - James Fleming Fagan, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1893)
Mar 1st - Vittorio Bersezio, [Carlo Nugelli], Italian playwright
Mar 2nd - Jefferson Columbus Davis, Bvt Mjr General (Union Army), (d. 1879)
Mar 4th - Elisha Franklin "Bull" Paxton, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
Mar 5th - Johann Gungl, composer
Mar 17th - Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, Major General (Confederate Army)
Mar 18th - William Randal Cremer, English politician and pacifist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1908)
Mar 20th - Henrik Ibsen, Norway, playwright (Peer Gynt, Hedda Gabler)
Apr 4th - Margaret Oliphant, Scotland, novelist/biographer (Beleaguered City)
Apr 5th - Pietro Plantania, composer
Apr 6th - Charles William Field, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1892)
Apr 8th - George Baird Hodge, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
Apr 13th - Joseph B Lightfoot, English theologist/bishop of Durham
Apr 21st - Hippolyte Taine, French philosopher/historian (Voyage in Italy)
Apr 22nd - Guilherme Antonio Cossoul, composer
Apr 23rd - Albert FA, king of Saxon (1873-1902)
Apr 24th - Robert Brank Vance, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1899)
Apr 27th - Gerben Colmjon, Dutch Frisian linguist/publisher
May 2nd - Désiré Charnay, French archaeologist (d. 1915)
May 8th - Jean Henri Dunant, Switz, writer/founder (Red Cross, YMCA, Nobel 1901)
May 8th - Sharbel Makhluf, Lebanese monk (d. 1898)
May 12th - Gabriel Dante Rossetti, England, poet/painter, Pre-Raphaelite figure
May 13th - Josephine Elizabeth Butler, social reformer
May 19th - Adin Ballou Underwood, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
May 20th - James William Reilly, Brigadier General (Union volunteers), (d. 1905)
May 23rd - Edward Hitchcock, America's 1st prof of physical ed (Amherst College)
May 28th - Alpheus Baker, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1891)
May 28th - Bartel Wilton, machinefabrikant/ship builder
Jun 2nd - James Cutler Dunn Parker, composer
Jun 3rd - Jean Alexander Ferdinand Poise, composer
Jun 3rd - Jose Inzenga y Castellanos, composer
Jun 4th - Alexander William Campbell, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
Jun 9th - Carlo Marsili, composer
Jun 17th - Jan K J de Jonge, Dutch historian
Jun 27th - Junius Daniel, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1864)
Jul 3rd - John Austin Wharton, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1865)
Jul 4th - James Johnston Pettigrew, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
Jul 4th - Theodor W Ahlwardt, German orientalist
Jul 5th - Paul J C Gabriel, painter/water colors painter/etcher
Jul 9th - Luigi Oreglia di Santo Stefano, Italian Catholic churchman (d. 1913)
Jul 12th - Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Russian philosopher (d. 1889)
Jul 19th - Roger Atkinson Pryor, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1919)
Jul 21st - John Rutter Brooke, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Jul 23rd - Jonathan Hutchinson, surgeon/scientist
Jul 29th - Cuvier Grover, Bvt Major General (Union Army), (d. 1885)
Jul 31st - Francois Auguste Gevaert, Belgian composer (Le diable au moulin)
Aug 2nd - Manuel Pavía y Rodríguez de Alburquerque, Spanish general (d. 1895)
Aug 5th - Giovanni Rossi, composer
Aug 5th - WFAA Louisa/Lovisa, queen of Sweden/Norway/princess of Netherlands
Aug 11th - Edward Saloman, Gov (Union), (d. 1909)
Aug 16th - Joseph Bradford Carr, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Aug 17th - George William Warren, composer
Aug 17th - Jules Bernard Luys, French neurologist (d. 1897)
Aug 24th - George Hume "Maryland" Steuart, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
Aug 26th - Erik Anthon Valdemar Siboni, composer
Aug 28th - William Alexander Hammond, Brigadier General (Union Army), (d. 1900)
Aug 31st - George Leonard Andrews, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Sep 8th - Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
Novelist Leo TolstoyNovelist Leo Tolstoy (Sep 9th) Sep 9th - Leo Tolstoy [Lev Nikolayevich], Russian novelist (War and Peace), born in Yasnaya Polyana, Russia
Sep 15th - Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov, Russian chemist (d. 1886)
Sep 19th - Fridolin Anderwert, Swiss Federal Councilor (d. 1880)
Sep 28th - Friedrich A Lange, Prussia, philosopher/socialist (Neo-Kantianism)
Oct 2nd - Charles Floquet, French statesman (d. 1896)
Oct 3rd - Woldemar Bargiel, composer
Oct 8th - Francisque Sarcey, French writer/critic
Oct 10th - Samuel J. Randall, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 1890)
Oct 19th - Adolfo Fumagalli, composer
Oct 23rd - Turner Ashby, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1862)
Oct 27th - Jacob Dolson Cox, Major General (Union volunteers), (d. 1900)
Nov 2nd - Byron Grimes, Major General (Confederate Army), (d. 1880)
Nov 7th - Ludwig Deppe, composer
Nov 14th - James Birdseye MacPherson, Mjr Gen (Union volunteers), (d. 1864)
Nov 21st - William McComb, Brigadier General (Confederate Army), (d. 1918)
Nov 25th - Franjo Racki, Croatian historian/politician
Nov 26th - René Goblet, French politician (d. 1905)
Nov 30th - Jedediah Hotchkiss, Engineer (Confederate Army), (d. 1899)
Dec 8th - Clinton Bowen Fisk, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers), (d. 1890)

Famous Weddings

Weddings 1 - 1 of 1

Feb 25th - 6th US President John Quincy Adam's son John marries in the White House

Famous Deaths

Deaths 1 - 30 of 30

Jan 9th - Pieter 't Hoen, Dutch journalist/patriot (Neder-Rhijn), dies at 83
Jan 10th - François de Neufchâteau, French statesman and intellectual figure (b. 1750)
Jan 13th - Alexandre-Auguste Robineau, composer, dies at 80
Jan 31st - Alexandros Ypsilanti, Greek resistance fighter, dies at 35
Feb 2nd - Frederik Sigismund earl of Bylandt, vice-admiral, dies at 78
Mar 8th - Johann Anton Sulzer, composer, dies at 75
Apr 12th - Jean Henri Appelius, Dutch lawyer/minister of Finance, dies at 60
Apr 16th - Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Spanish painter/cartoonist, dies at 82
Apr 25th - John Goldberg, Dutch patriot/statesman, dies at 64
May 28th - Daikokuya Kōdayū, Japanese castaway (b. 1751)
Jun 11th - Dugald Stewart, Scot philosopher (Scottish common sense), dies at 74
Jun 14th - Karl August, grand duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, dies (b. 1757)
Jun 15th - Brizio Petrucci, composer, dies at 91
Jul 15th - Jean Antoine Houdon, French sculptor (b. 1741)
Jul 27th - Gilbert Charles Stuart, painter, dies
Aug 6th - Konstantin von Benckendorff, Russian general and statesman
Aug 8th - Carl Peter Thunberg, Swedish naturalist (b. 1743)
Aug 22nd - Franz Joseph Gall, German/French physician (phrenology), dies at 70
Aug 27th - Eise J Eisinga, constructed planetarium at Franeker, dies at 84
Sep 4th - Cornelis Stevens, Belgian RC foreman/polemist, dies at 80
Sep 10th - Count d'Andreossi, French general/parliament leader, dies at 67
Sep 22nd - Shaka, South African Zulu king, dies
Oct 3rd - Josephus Andreas Fodor, composer, dies at 77
Nov 5th - Maria Fyodorovna of Russia, second wife of Tsar Paul I of Russia (b. 1759)
Composer Franz SchubertComposer Franz Schubert (Nov 19th) Nov 19th - Franz Schubert, Austrian composer (Die schöne Müllerin), dies at 31 from typhoid fever
Dec 2nd - Simon Paap, Dutch 56 cm long dwarf/cabaret artist, dies at 39
Dec 4th - Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1770)
Dec 22nd - Rachel Jackson, wife of 7th US President Andrew Jackson, dies of heart failure
Dec 22nd - William Hyde Wollaston, English chemist (b. 1766)
Dec 30th - Waldemar Thrane, composer, dies at 38

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