What Happened in October 1845

Historical Events

  • Oct 9 The eminent and controversial Anglican, John Henry Newman, is received into the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Oct 10 Naval School (now called US Naval Academy) opens at Annapolis
  • Oct 13 Texas ratifies a state constitution

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Oct 19 Richard Wagner's opera "Tannhäuser" premieres in Dresden

Composer Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner

Famous Birthdays

  • Oct 12 Amintore Galli, composer
  • Oct 17 Franz Ehrle, German prefect of Vatican library
  • Oct 22 Sarah Bernhardt, France, actress (Camille, Queen Elizabeth)
  • Oct 26 Hendrick Waelput, Flemish composer/conductor (Forest, Stella)
  • Oct 28 Zygmunt Florenty Wróblewski, Polish physicist (d. 1888)
  • Oct 30 Gustav Weber, composer

Famous Deaths

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 12 Elizabeth Fry, English prison reformer, social reformer and Quaker Minister who is depicted on the British £5 note, dies of a stroke at 65

English Social Reformer Elizabeth Fry
English Social Reformer
Elizabeth Fry
  • Oct 25 Carel H Verhuell, Dutch/French vice-admiral, dies at 81
  • Oct 27 Jean Charles Athanase Peltier, French Physicist (Peltier effect 1834), dies at 60