What Happened in 1862

Significant Events

  • Feb 25 Paper currency (greenbacks) introduced in US by President Abraham Lincoln
  • Apr 20 The first pasteurization test is completed by Frenchmen Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard.
  • Apr 29 New Orleans falls to Union forces during US Civil War
  • May 20 US Homestead Act becomes law which provides cheap land for the settlement of the American West
  • Jun 2 Robert E. Lee takes command of Confederate armies of North Virgin during US Civil War
  • Jun 19 Slavery outlawed in US territories
  • Sep 4 General Lee invades the North with 50,000 Confederate troops during US Civil war
  • Sep 17 Battle of Antietam [Battle of Sharpsburg], bloodiest day in the American Civil War 23,110 die in first battle on Union soil
  • Sep 30 Prussia Minister President Otto von Bismarck's delivers his "Blood & Iron" speech
  • Oct 8 Otto von Bismarck becomes Chancellor of the German Empire
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Agoston Haraszthy, 1st vintner in Sonoma Valley, California imports 10,000 grape vine cuttings

On January 23, 1862

World Leaders in 1862

Famous People in 1862

Famous Weddings

  • Sep 16 Liliuokalani, queen of Hawaii (1891-93) marries John Owen Dominis
  • Sep 23 Russian novelist and author of "War and Peace" Leo Tolstoy (34) marries Sophia Andreevna Behrs (18) daughter of a physician