What Happened in 1863 (Part 2)

Historical Events

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  • Jun 5 Battle of Franklin's Crossing, VA (Deep Run)
  • Jun 5 CSS "Alabama" captures "Tailsman" in Mid Atlantic
  • Jun 6 Battle of Milliken's Bend, LA & Williamsport, MD

BattleBattle of Interest

Jun 7 Battle of Milliken's Bend, LA-Jefferson Davis' home burnt

President of the Confederate States of America Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
Jefferson Davis
  • Jun 7 Mexico City captured by French troops
  • Jun 9 Battle of Brandy Station, VA (Fleetwood, Beverly Ford)

Victory in battleVictory in Battle

Jun 10 Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Miss; Nathan Bedford Forrest w/3500 defeats 8000 Feds

Confederate General and KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest
Confederate General and KKK Grand Wizard
Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Jun 13 Second Battle of Winchester VA
  • Jun 13 Samuel Butler publishes 1st part of "Erewhon", Christchurch, NZ
  • Jun 13 Skirmish at Berryville Virginia
  • Jun 14 Battle of 2nd Winchester, Virginia
  • Jun 15 2nd battle at Winchester Va, ends in Federal defeat; 1350 casualities
  • Jun 17 Battle at Middleburg, Virginia
  • Jun 17 Battle of Aldie, Confederates fail to drive back Union in Virginia
  • Jun 17 Naval Engagement at Warsaw Sound GA-USS Weehawken vs CSS Atlanta
  • Jun 17 Travelers Insurance Co of Hartford chartered (1st accident insurer)
  • Jun 18 After long neglect, Confederates hurriedly fortify Vicksburg
  • Jun 19 Battle at Middleburg Virginia (100+ casualties)
  • Jun 20 1st bank chartered in US (National Bank of Davenport Iowa)
  • Jun 20 Skirmish at Greencastle, Pennsylvania
  • Jun 20 West Virginia admitted as 35th US state of the Union
  • Jun 21 Battle at Upperville Virginia, 389 casualities
  • Jun 23 Tullahoma campaign, TN
  • Jun 24 Planning an invasion of Pennsylvania, Lee's army crosses Potomac
  • Jun 25 US General George Meade replaces General Hooker to be more aggressive
  • Jun 27 Skirmish at Fairfax Courthouse, Virginia
  • Jun 29 Battle at Westminster Maryland: Federal assault

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 29 George Armstrong Custer, aged 23 appointed Union Brigadier General

  • Jun 29 Lee orders his forces to concentrate near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • Jun 29 Very 1st First National Bank opens in Davenport, Iowa
  • Jun 30 Battles in Hanover, Pennsylvania: 80 casualties
  • Jun 30 Dutch colony Suriname counts population of 33,000 slaves
  • Jun 30 Skirmish at Sporting Hill Pennsylvania
  • Jul 1 -2] Battle at Baltimore: Crump's Crossroads Virginia
  • Jul 1 Battle of Gettysburg, Pa; Lee's northward advance halted
  • Jul 1 Free city delivery of mail begins in 49 US cities; postage 3 cents per oz
  • Jul 1 Slavery abolished in Suriname & Dutch Antilles
  • Jul 2 Battle of Gettysburg (2nd day)
  • Jul 2 R Morgan's: Burksville, KY to Salineville, OH [->JUL 26]
  • Jul 3 Battle of Donaldsonville, LA
  • Jul 3 Battle of Gettysburg: Largest battle ever fought on the American continent, ends in a major victory for the Union during the US Civil War
  • Jul 4 Boise, Idaho founded (now capital of Idaho)
  • Jul 4 Failed Confederate assault on Helena Arkansas (640 casualties)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 4 General Lee's army withdraws from Gettysburg

Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Confederate General
Robert E. Lee
  • Jul 4 Skirmish at Smithburg, TN
  • Jul 4 Vicksburg, Mississippi surrenders to Union forces
  • Jul 5 Battle of Jackson, MS & Battle of Birdsong Ferry, MS
  • Jul 6 Battle of Williamsport, MD [-Jul 07]
  • Jul 6 Northern Territory passes from New South Wales to South Australia
  • Jul 7 1st military draft by US (exemptions cost $100)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 7 Orders barring Jews from serving under US General Ulysses S. Grant are revoked

US President & Union General Ulysses S. Grant
US President & Union General
Ulysses S. Grant
  • Jul 9 R Morgan's: Indiana [->JUL 13]
  • Jul 9 Union troops enter Port Hudson
  • Jul 10 Battle of Charleston, SC (Morris Island) [->SEP 06]
  • Jul 10 Battle of Jackson, MS - captured by federals [->JUL 16] US1000 CS1339
  • Jul 11 Battle at Green River, Ky (Morgan's Ohio Raid)
  • Jul 11 Japanese battle cruiser shoots at Dutch warship Medusa, kills 4
  • Jul 12 In New Zealand, British forces invade Waikato, home of the Maori King Movement, beginning a new phase of the wars between Maori and Colonial British
  • Jul 13 Anti-draft mobs lynch blacks in NYC; about 1,000 die
  • Jul 13 Battle of Bayou La Fourche, LA
  • Jul 13 Battle of Tupelo, MS (Harrisburg) [->JUL 15] US648 CS700
  • Jul 13 Rebellion at Morgan's, Ohio [->JUL 26]
  • Jul 14 Battle of Falling Waters, MD (Beaver Creek)
  • Jul 14 Jews of Holstein Germany granted equality
  • Jul 15 Pres Davis orders service duty for confederate army
  • Jul 16 Utrecht-Swells railway opens
  • Jul 17 Battle of Honey Springs - largest battle in Indian Territory
  • Jul 17 Māori forces are defeated by British troops at Koheroa, Waikato, in the New Zealand Wars between Maori tribes and British colonials
  • Jul 18 Battle of Fort Wagner, SC - Second assault US1500 CS174
  • Jul 19 Battle of Buffington's Island (St George Creek), Ohio
  • Jul 23 Alexandra Park opens in North London
  • Jul 24 Battle at Battle Mountain, Virginia
  • Jul 25 Skirmish at Barbee's Crossroads, Virginia
  • Jul 26 Battle of Salineville OH, John Hunt Morgan & 364 troops surrender
  • Jul 30 President Lincoln issues "eye-for-eye" order to shoot a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot
  • Jul 30 Indian Wars: Chief Pocatello of the Shoshone tribe signs the Treaty of Box Elder, promising to stop harassing the emigrant trails in southern Idaho and northern Utah.
  • Aug 1 Battle of Little Rock, Arkansas; start of Chattanooga campaign
  • Aug 1 Cavalry action near Brandy Station-End of Gettysburg Campaign
  • Aug 3 Governor Seymour asks Lincoln to suspend draft in NY
  • Aug 3 Saratoga Racetrack (NY) opens
  • Aug 8 American Civil War: Tennessee's "military" Governor Andrew Johnson frees his personal slaves. Celebrated as a holiday by Tennessee African Americans (early 20th century)
  • Aug 9 Skirmish at Calfkiller Creek, Tennessee - Union troops attack Confederate scouts
  • Aug 11 Cambodia becomes French protectorate
  • Aug 12 1st cargo of lumber leaves Burrard Inlet (Vancouver, BC)
  • Aug 15 Submarine "HL Hunley" arrives in Charleston on railroad cars
  • Aug 15 The Anglo-Satsuma War begins between the Satsuma Domain of Japan and the United Kingdom (Traditional Japanese date: July 2, 1863).
  • Aug 16 Chickamauga campaign GA
  • Aug 17 Federal batteries & ships attacked Fort Sumter in SC
  • Aug 21 Raid at Lawrence KS by William Quantrill
  • Aug 26 Battle of Rocky Gap, WV (White Sulphur Springs)
  • Sep 1 6th Ohio Cavalry ambush at Barbees Crossroads Virginia
  • Sep 1 Federal troops reconquer Fort Smith Arkansas
  • Sep 1 Rail & ferry connection between San Francisco & Oakland inaugurated
  • Sep 5 Bread revolt in Mobile, Alabama
  • Sep 6 -7] After 59 day siege Confederate troops vacate Fort Wagner SC (1700 casualties)
  • Sep 7 Federal naval expedition arrives off Sabine Pass
  • Sep 8 -10] Federal troops reconquer the Cumperland Gap, Tennessee
  • Sep 8 Battle of Sabine Pass TX: 47 Texas volunteers repel Federal forces
  • Sep 8 Battle of Telford's Depot TN
  • Sep 9 Battle of Cumberland Gap, TN

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 101 - 139 of 139

  • Oct 10 Helen Dunbar, American actress (d. 1933)
  • Oct 11 Xavier Henry Napoleon Leroux, composer
  • Oct 13 C-E Auguste Rateau, French mining engineer (Rateau steam turbine)
  • Oct 16 Austen Chamberlain, British Foreign Secretary (Nobel 1925)
  • Oct 19 John Huston Finley, Ill, editor (NY Times (1937-38)
  • Oct 24 Manuel Manrique de Lara y Berry, composer
  • Nov 1 Alfred Reisenauer, composer
  • Nov 3 Eugene Samuel-Holeman, composer
  • Nov 8 René [Raphael] Viviani, French historian/social premier (1914-15)
  • Nov 11 Paul Signac, French painter (d. 1935)
  • Nov 14 Leo H A Baekeland, Belgian/US chemist (bakelite)
  • Nov 18 Richard Dehmel, writer
  • Nov 20 Maria H "Mina" Beersmans, Flemish actress (Black Griet)
  • Nov 21 Arthur Quiller-Couch, [Q], editor (Oxford Book of English Verse)
  • Nov 21 Mina Dilis-Beersmans, Flemish actress/wife of John Dilis (Poppenhuis)
  • Nov 29 Spyridon Filiskos Samaras, composer
  • Nov 30 Andres Bonifacio, leader of 1896 Philippine revolt against Spain
  • Nov 30 Gellio Benevenuto Coronaro, composer
  • Dec 2 Gustav Wohlgemuth, composer
  • Dec 2 Charles Ringling, American circus owner (d. 1926)
  • Dec 5 Paul P Painlevé, French PM (1917, 1925), mathematician [OS]
  • Dec 6 Charles Martin Hall, American chemist (d. 1914)
  • Dec 7 John Ebenezer West, composer
  • Dec 7 Pietro Mascagni, Italian composer/fascist (Cavalleria Rusticana)
  • Dec 7 Svetolik Rankovic, Serbian writer (Forest King)
  • Dec 7 Felix Calonder, Scuol, Swiss politician (Free Democratic Party)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 11 Annie Jump Cannon, Dover Delware, US stellar spectroscopist (Harvard-classification)

Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Jump Cannon

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 12 Edvard Munch, Løten, Norway, painter/print maker (The Scream), (d. 1944)

Painter and Print Maker Edvard Munch
Painter and Print Maker
Edvard Munch
  • Dec 13 Johannes Weiss, German New Testament scholar
  • Dec 15 Arthur D Little, US, chemist (patented rayon)
  • Dec 15 Paul [Prudent] Painlevé, French mathematician/minister/premier [NS]
  • Dec 16 George Santayana, Spain, philosopher/poet/humanist (Last Puritan)
  • Dec 16 Ralph Adams Cram, US, gothic architect (Cathedral of St Joan NYC)
  • Dec 17 Ion Vidu, Romanian composer and conductor, born in Mânerău, Arad district (d. 1931)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Dec 18 Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, Graz Austria, His assassination in 1914 led to declarations of war in WWI

Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria
Franz Ferdinand
  • Dec 22 Ch'i Pai-shih, China, traditional Chinese painter
  • Dec 22 Jean-Baptiste Marchand, Thoissey France, soldier/explorer (Sudan)
  • Dec 25 Charles Pathé, French pioneer of film and record industries (d. 1957)
  • Dec 31 Alfredo Panzini, Italian author (Dizionario Moderno)

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