What Happened in 1900

Historical Events

Events 1 - 100 of 295

  • Jan 1st 1st date in John dos Passos' USA trilogy (The 42nd Parallel)
  • Jan 1st British protectorates of Northern & Southern Nigeria established
  • Jan 1st Compulsory education in Netherlands goes into effect
  • Jan 1st British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria are established.
  • Jan 2nd E Verlinger begins manufacturing 7" single-sided records (Montreal)
  • Jan 2nd Gustave Charpentiers opera "Louise," premieres in Paris
  • Jan 2nd John Hay announces the Open Door Policy to promote trade with China.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 3rd Gerhart Hauptmann's "Schluck und Jau," premieres in Berlin

Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann
Author and Nobel Laureate
Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Jan 5th Irish leader John Edward Redmond calls for a revolt against British rule.
  • Jan 6th Boers attack at Ladysmith, about 1,000 killed or injured
  • Jan 6th Maurice Ravel's "Albaradode Gracioso" premieres in Paris
  • Jan 10th Lord Roberts & Lord Kitchener reach Capetown
  • Jan 12th Freeland Colony founded in US

Music releaseMusic Premiere

Jan 14th Giacomo Puccini's opera "Tosca" premieres in Rome

Composer Giacomo Puccini
Giacomo Puccini
  • Jan 15th SCNEC soccer team forms
  • Jan 16th The United States Senate accepts the Anglo-German treaty of 1899 in which the United Kingdom renounces its claims to the Samoan islands.
  • Jan 16th The US gains control over Tutuila in Samoa and several smaller Pacific islands
  • Jan 18th Jan Blockx's "Tÿl Uilenspiegel" premieres in Brussels
  • Jan 21st The second contingent of Canadian troops sails from Halifax to fight in South Africa against the Boers
  • Jan 24th Battle of Tugela-Spionkop, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • Jan 24th Newcastle Badminton Club, world's oldest, forms in England
  • Jan 26th Henrik Ibsen's "Naar vi Dode Vaaguer" premieres in Stuttgart
  • Jan 27th Social Democrat Party of America (Debs' party) holds 1st convention
  • Jan 27th Foreign diplomats in Peking, China, write formal notes of protest demanding that the Chinese Government stop the Boxes and other groups leading attacks on Westerners and Christians.
  • Jan 29th Boers under Joubert beat British at Spionkop Natal, 2,000 killed
  • Jan 29th American League organized in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee & Minneapolis
  • Jan 31st The final report of the USA's Philippine Commission is released, favouring territorial government for the islands with home rule in local affairs, but with US assumptions of ultimate responsibility for the government.
  • Feb 2nd Gustave Charpentiers opera "Louise" premieres in Paris
  • Feb 3rd Rival forces fight for control of the Union Park ball grounds in Balt
  • Feb 3rd Gubernatorial candidate William Goebel is assassinated in Frankfort, Kentucky.
  • Feb 5th British troops under Gen Buller occupy Vaal Krantz, Natal
  • Feb 5th The United States and the United Kingdom sign treaty for Panama Canal
  • Feb 6th The Battle of Vaal Krantz, South Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • Feb 7th British troops vacate Vaal Krantz, Natal
  • Feb 9th Dwight Davis established a new tennis trophy, the Davis Cup
  • Feb 10th Peter Ostlund skates world record 500m (45.2 sec)
  • Feb 14th Date of events in movie "Picnic at Hanging Rock"
  • Feb 14th Russia responds to international pressure to free Finland by tightening imperial control over the country.
  • Feb 15th General French relieves Kimberley/Cecil Rhodes
  • Feb 15th British troops relieve Kimberly, South Africa, under siege by the Boers since October 1899
  • Feb 16th 1st Chinese daily newspaper in US publishes (Chung Sai Yat Po-SF)
  • Feb 16th Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks beat Winnipeg Victorias, 3 games to 1
  • Feb 18th Ajax soccer team forms in Amsterdam
  • Feb 18th Battle at Paardeberg, 1,270 British killed/injured
  • Feb 18th British troops occupy Monte Christo, Natal
  • Feb 19th British troops occupy Hlangwane, Natal
  • Feb 22nd Battle at Wynne's Hill, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • Feb 22nd Hawaii became a US territory
  • Feb 23rd Battle at Hart's Hill, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • Feb 23rd Steamer "Rio de Janeiro" sinks in SF Bay
  • Feb 27th Battle at Pietershoogte during the Boer War
  • Feb 27th Boer General Cronjé surrenders to British in Pardenberg, South Africa
  • Feb 27th In London, the Trades Union Congress and the Independent Labour Party (formed in 1893) meet, resulting in a Labour Representative Committee and eventually the modern Labour Party in 1906
  • Feb 28th General Buller's troops relieve Ladysmith Natal
  • Mar 3rd US Steel Corporation organizes
  • Mar 5th American Hall of Fame founded
  • Mar 6th After a meeting in Indianapolis, USA, a group forms the Social Democratic Party and nominates Eugene Debs as its candidate for President in the forthcoming election (becomes the Socialist Party in 1901)
  • Mar 7th Battle at Poplar Grove South Africa, Pres Kruger flees
  • Mar 7th Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2 games
  • Mar 8th NL decides to go with 8 teams They exclude Baltimore, Cleveland, Louisville & Washington (in 1953 Boston Braves move to Milwaukee)
  • Mar 10th Battle at Driefontein, South-Africa (Boers vs British army)
  • Mar 10th Regents for the King of Uganda and leading chiefs sign a treaty with Great Britain agreeing to the organization of the government, taxation, courts, military, and other functions of their country, which is under British protection.
  • Mar 11th British Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury rejects peace overtures from the Boer leader Paul Kruger (on 5 March) as demanding too-favourable terms
  • Mar 12th President Steyn of Orange Free state flees from Bloemfontein
  • Mar 13th British troops occupy Bloemfontein, capital of the Orange Free State
  • Mar 13th In France the length of the workday for women and children is limited to 11 hours by law.
  • Mar 14th Hugo de Vries rediscovers Mendel's laws of genetics
  • Mar 14th US currency goes on gold standard after Congress passes the Currency Act
  • Mar 16th AL meets in Chicago, Ban Johnson announces that an AL team will be in
  • Mar 16th Sir Arthur Evans rediscovers the bronze age city of Knossos in Crete, home of the legendary Minotaur
  • Mar 16th Chicago, KC, Minn, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleve & Buffalo
  • Mar 17th Stanley Cup: Montreal Shamrocks sweep Halifax Crescents in 2
  • Mar 17th In South Africa, British troops relieve Mafeking, besieged by the Boers since 13 October, 1899.
  • Mar 18th Ajax (Amsterdam Football Club), forms
  • Mar 18th Japan uses its influence over Korea to deny Russia's efforts to obtain a naval station at Korean Port of Masampo, the lead up to the Russo-Japanese war
  • Mar 20th US Secretary of State John Hay announces that all nations to whom he sent notes calling for an 'open door' policy in China have essentially accepted his stand.
  • Mar 24th New York City Mayor Robert Anderson Van Wyck breaks ground for a new underground "Rapid Transit Railroad" that would link Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Mar 25th US Socialist Party forms in Indianapolis
  • Mar 26th 1st edition The (Free) People (Neth, probably Amsterdam)
  • Mar 27th Recognising that the war in South Africa is going to take a major commitment, Parliament passes the War Loan Act, calling for £35 million to support the fight against the Boers.
  • Mar 30th Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts Compulsory education law
  • Mar 30th 62nd Grand National: Algy Anthony aboard Ambush II wins
  • Mar 31st At " Surprise of Sanna’s Post" in the Second Boer War 150 troops under Brigadier General Robert Broadwood were killed.
  • Apr 1st 1st edition of Dutch newspaper "The People"
  • Apr 2nd 1st edition of The Volk published (Amsterdam)
  • Apr 4th Assassination attempt on Prince of Wales, later British King Edward VII when shot by Jean-Baptiste Sipido in protest over Boer war
  • Apr 4th British garrison of Reddersberg surrenders to Boer general De Wet
  • Apr 5th Attempted assassination of Edward, Prince of Wales in Brussels, fails

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

Apr 6th James J Jeffries KOs Jack Finnegan in 1 for heavyweight boxing title

Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion
James J. Jeffries
  • Apr 11th US Navy's 1st submarine made its debut

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 11th The first modern submarine designed and built by John Philip Holland is purchased by the U.S. Navy

  • Apr 12th The US Congress passes the Foraker Act, establishing Puerto Rico as an unincorporated territory (effective 1 May)
  • Apr 14th Veteran's Hospital at Ft Miley forms
  • Apr 15th Exposition Universelle/World Fair opens in Paris (till 12th Nov)
  • Apr 15th An early 50 mile race is won by an electric car in over 2 hrs
  • Apr 16th US Post Office issues 1st books of postage stamps
  • Apr 17th 7 high chiefs of American Samoa sign Instrument of Cession
  • Apr 19th 4th Boston Marathon won by Jim Caffrey of Canada in 2:39:44.4
  • Apr 19th Highest scoring opening game, Phils beat Braves 19-17 in 10
  • Apr 23rd 1st know occurrence of word "hillbillie" (NY Journal)

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 400

  • Jan 1st Hubert van Doorne, Dutch auto manufacturer (DAF)
  • Jan 1st William Haines, Staunton VA, actor (Fast Life, Little Annie Rooney)
  • Jan 1st Xavier Cugat, Barcelona Spain, bandleader (married Abbe Lane, Charo)
  • Jan 1st Chiune Sugihara, Japanese diplomat (d. 1986)
  • Jan 3rd Dorothy Arnzer, director
  • Jan 3rd Maurice Jaubert, composer
  • Jan 4th James Bond, American ornithologist (d. 1989)
  • Jan 5th Dennis Gabor, Hung/British physicist (holography-Nobel 1971) [or Jun 5]
  • Jan 5th Paula Ludwig, Austrian German poet, born in Vorarlberg, Austria (d. 1974)
  • Jan 5th Yves Tanguy, French/US sailor/surrealistic painter
  • Jan 6th Pierre-Octave Ferroud, French composer (Sarabande, Jeunesse)
  • Jan 7th John Brownlee, Australian tenor (d. 1969)
  • Jan 8th Queen Marie, of Yugoslavia
  • Jan 9th Joseph Frederick Wagner, composer
  • Jan 9th Richard Halliburton, American adventurer (presumed dead 1939)
  • Jan 12th Vaino Hannikainen, composer
  • Jan 13th Yasuji Kiyose, composer
  • Jan 15th Caesar Domela, Dutch painter (Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis son)
  • Jan 17th Olga Maria Nicolis di Robilant, patron of the arts
  • Jan 20th Boris Semyonovich Shekhter, composer
  • Jan 20th Doris Deane, WI, entertainer
  • Jan 20th Colin Clive, British actor (d. 1937)
  • Jan 22nd Franz Salmhofer, composer
  • Jan 23rd Mary Philips, CT, actress (Farewell to Arms, Incendiary Blonde)
  • Jan 23rd Ralph Graves, actor (Dirigible, Flight, Dream Street), born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jan 23rd William Ifor Jones, Welsh conductor and organist (d. 1988)
  • Jan 25th Mildred Dunnock, Balt, actress (Baby Doll, Nun's Story)
  • Jan 25th Theodosius Dobzhansky, Ukraine, genetist/writer (Mankind Evolving)
  • Jan 25th Yojiro Ishizaka, Japanese writer (d. 1986)
  • Jan 26th Karl Ristenpart, German conductor (d. 1967)
  • Jan 27th Hyman G Rickover, US Admiral (father of modern nuclear navy)
  • Jan 28th Alexandre AM Stols [Chl van Halsbeke], publisher (History of Ecuador)
  • Jan 28th Anni Holdmann, Germany, 100m runner (Olympic-1928)
  • Jan 28th Hermann Kesten, German writer (Allert de Lange)
  • Jan 28th Michael Dewar Head, composer
  • Jan 28th Alice Neel, American artist (d. 1984)
  • Jan 29th Marco Tajcevic, composer
  • Jan 29th Willem F K Hussem, Dutch painter/poet (Coastline, Lookout on Sea)
  • Jan 30th Isaak Iosifovich Dunayevsky, composer
  • Jan 30th Martita Hunt, Argentina, actress (Man in Grey, Becket)
  • Jan 30th Sandy Powell, Rotherham England, costume designer (Rob Roy)
  • Jan 31st Betty Parsons, American artist and art dealer
  • Feb 1st Stephen Potter, humorist/writer (School for Scoundrels, Shipbuilders)
  • Feb 2nd Asa Smith Bushnell Jr, Springfield Ohio, Sec of US Olympics (1945-65)
  • Feb 2nd Willie Kamm, MLB third baseman (d. 1988)
  • Feb 2nd Carroll Righter, American columnist and astrologer to the stars, born in Salem, New Jersey (d. 1988)
  • Feb 3rd Mabel Mercer, English cabaret vocalist (Fly Me to the Moon)
  • Feb 5th Adlai E Stevenson, (Gov-D-Ill), presidential candidate (D) (1952, 1956)
  • Feb 6th Roy Smeck, guitarist/banjoist
  • Feb 6th Rudolf Vornlund, Swedish playwright (Heliga Familjen)
  • Feb 8th Guy Douglas Hamilton Warrack, composer
  • Feb 8th John Cameron, Scottish judge, born in London (d. 1996)
  • Feb 8th Ivan Ivanov-Vano Soviet animator and Russian animation director (d. 1987)
  • Feb 11th Hans-Georg Gadamer, German philosopher
  • Feb 11th Thomas Hitchcock Jr, great polo player (Westchester Cup 1924,27,30,39)
  • Feb 11th Josei Toda, Japanese educator (d. 1958)
  • Feb 12th Fred Emney, actor (Let the People Sing, Lilac Domino), born in London, England
  • Feb 16th Albert Maurice Hackett, playwright/screenwriter
  • Feb 19th Giorgos Seferis, writer
  • Feb 20th Antonio Veretti, composer
  • Feb 20th Graham Spry, St Thomas Ontario, Canadian radio pioneer
  • Feb 21st Madeleine Renaud, French actress/theater director (Plaisir)
  • Feb 21st Sydney Arnold, English comic/actor (Miss Jones & Son)
  • Feb 22nd Giorgios Seferis, Greece, poet (Nobel 1963)
  • Feb 22nd Seán Ó Faoláin [John Whelan], Irish short story writer (Murder at Cobbler's Hulk)
  • Feb 22nd Luis Buñuel, Calanda Spain, Spanish surrealist film director (Belle de Jour)
  • Feb 23rd Elinor Remick Warren, composer
  • Feb 25th Jed Harris, producer/director (Billy Rose Show, Operation Mad Ball)
  • Feb 26th Jean Negulesco, Romanian-American film director (How to Marry a Millionaire), born in Craiova, Dolj (d. 1993)
  • Feb 28th Laura Z Hobson, writer
  • Feb 28th Wolfram Hirth, German pilot (d. 1959)
  • Mar 1st Edna Swithenbank Manley, Jamaican sculptor, wife of PM
  • Mar 1st Yorgos Seferis, [Seferi dis], Greek diplomat/poet (Strofi)
  • Mar 1st Donald Keith Falkner, singer
  • Mar 2nd Kurt J Weill, Dessau Germany, composer/Brecht collaborator (Mahogany)
  • Mar 3rd Edna Best, Hove England, actress (Key, Calendar, Escape, Intermezzo)
  • Mar 4th Roberto Soundy, El Salvador, trap shooter (Olympic-1968)
  • Mar 4th Herbert Biberman, American screenwriter (d. 1971)
  • Mar 5th Ludwig Donath, actor (Jolson Story, Jolson Sings Again)
  • Mar 6th John Henry Pyle Pafford, librarian (University of London)
  • Mar 6th Ludwig Donath, actor (Torn Curtain, Sirocco), born in Vienna, Austria
  • Mar 6th Robert "Lefty" Grove, baseball pitcher (300 game winner)
  • Mar 7th Evald Aav, Estonian composer (Vikerlased), born in Tallinn (d. 1939) [OS 22 Feb]
  • Mar 7th Giuseppe Capogrossi, Italian painter
  • Mar 7th [Albert] Carel Willink, Dutch painter (magic realism)
  • Mar 9th Aimone duke of Spoleta/Aosta, Italian king of Croatia (1941-43)
  • Mar 9th Howard Aiken, American computing pioneer (d. 1973)
  • Mar 10th Sherman Billingsley, Enid Ok, talk show host (Stork Club)
  • Mar 12th David Croll, QC senator
  • Mar 12th Zoltan Vasarhelyi, composer
  • Mar 13th Béla Guttman, Hungarian footballer (d. 1981)
  • Mar 15th Gilberto Freye, Brazilian sociologist/writer
  • Mar 17th Alfred Newman, composer (Love is a Many Splendored Thing), born in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Mar 19th Roy Roberts, actor (Petticoat Junction, Lucy Show), born in Tampa, Florida
  • Mar 19th [Jean] Frederic Joliot-Curie, French physicist (Nobel 1935)
  • Mar 21st Eugenie Leontovitch, Moscow Russia, actor (Homicidal)
  • Mar 21st Paul Klecki/Kletzki, Polish violinist/composer/conductor
  • Mar 23rd Erich Fromm, Frankfurt Germany, psychologist (Sane Society)
  • Mar 23rd Jose Antonio Calcano, composer
  • Mar 24th June [Algeria Junius] Clark, musician trumpet

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Jul 1st Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand (36) weds countess Sophie Chotek (32) in Reichstadt, Bohemia

Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand
Archduke of Austria
Franz Ferdinand

HeartWedding of Interest

Aug 22nd Oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny (44) weds Carrie Estelle Betzold in New Mexico Territory

Oil Tycoon Edward L. Doheny
Oil Tycoon
Edward L. Doheny
  • Oct 2nd Belgium crown prince Albert von Saksen-Coburg weds Elisabeth of Bayern

HeartWedding of Interest

Nov 20th Archaeologist Hiram Bingham (25) weds Tiffany heiress Alfreda Mitchell in Honolulu, Hawaii

Archaeologist and Explorer Hiram Bingham
Archaeologist and Explorer
Hiram Bingham

Famous Deaths

  • Jan 3rd Edwin George Monk, composer, dies at 80
  • Jan 8th Billy Bates, cricketer (656 runs & 50 wkts in 15 Tests for Eng), dies
  • Jan 20th John Ruskin, English writer (Dearest Mama Talbot), dies of flu at 81
  • Jan 20th Richard D Blackmore, English novelist (Lorna Doone), dies at 74
  • Jan 22nd David E. Hughes, American musician (b. 1831)
  • Jan 30th Vittorio Bersezio, [Carlo Nugelli], Italian playwright, dies at 71
  • Feb 3rd Ottokar Eugen Novacek, composer, dies at 33
  • Feb 16th George Labram, US mine engineer in South Africa, dies in battle
  • Feb 18th Clinton L. Merriam, American politician (b. 1824)
  • Feb 18th Eugenio Beltrami, Italian Mathematician (non-Euclidean geometry), dies at 64
  • Feb 23rd William Butterfield, architect of the Gothic revival, dies
  • Mar 6th Gottlieb Daimler, designed 1st motorcycle, dies at 65
  • Mar 10th Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann, composer, dies at 94
  • Mar 11th Edmund Peate, cricketer (9 Tests for England 1881-86), dies
  • Mar 18th Antonio Nobre, Portuguese poet (So [Lonely]), dies at 32
  • Mar 19th John Bingham, American politician and lawyer (b. 1815)
  • Mar 19th Charles-Louis Hanon, French composer (b. 1819)
  • Mar 26th Isaac Mayer Wise, rabbi/found American Hebrew Congregations, dies at 80
  • Mar 27th Pieter J Joubert [Smart Piet], South African general, dies at 69
  • Mar 31st Frank Milligan, cricketer (Mafeking 2 Tests Eng v South Africa 1898-99), dies
  • Apr 4th Edward VII, King, assassinated
  • Apr 5th Comte de Villebois-Marevil, French/South African general, dies in battle
  • Apr 20th Mebel Mercer, popular British singer, dies
  • Apr 21st Heinrich Vogl, composer, dies at 55
  • Apr 24th George Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll and Secretary of State for India (1868-74, 1880-85), dies at 76
  • Apr 24th Andrew Smith Hallidie, American inventor and cable car pioneer, dies at 64
  • Apr 30th John Luther (Casey) Jones, dies in Cannonball Express train wreck
  • May 5th Ivan Aivazovsky, Russian painter (b. 1817)
  • May 7th Richard Storrs Willis, composer, dies at 81
  • May 18th Jean Gaspard Felix Ravaisson-Mollien, French philosopher (b. 1813)
  • May 20th Gustav Heinrich Graben-Hoffman, composer, dies at 80
  • May 31st James Loudon, gov-gen of Neth-Indies (1871-75), dies at 75
  • May 31st John Power, Irish baronet/whiskey manufacturer, dies in battle

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Jun 5th Stephen Crane, author (Red Badge of Courage), dies at 28

Novelist Stephen Crane
Stephen Crane
  • Jun 11th Charles Swinnerton Heap, composer, dies at 53
  • Jun 21st Polibo Fumagalli, composer, dies at 69
  • Jun 29th Ivan Mikheevich Pervushin, Russian mathematician (b. 1900)
  • Jul 24th Ferdinand Hamet, Dutch missionary in Mongolia, murdered at 59
  • Jul 29th Umberto I, Italian King (1878-1900) assassinated by Gaetano Bresci
  • Jul 30th Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (b. 1844)
  • Aug 4th Isaac Levitan, Russian painter (b. 1860)
  • Aug 5th James Augustine Healy, African American Roman Catholic bishop, dies at 80
  • Aug 6th Wilhelm Liebknecht, German journalist/socialist, dies at 74
  • Aug 12th James E Keeler, US astronomer (rings of Saturn), dies at 42
  • Aug 12th Wilhelm Steinitz, Austrian chess player (b. 1836)
  • Aug 16th José Maria de Eça de Queirós, Portuguese writer, dies at 54
  • Aug 19th Jean-Baptiste Accolay, Belgian composer (b. 1833)
  • Aug 25th Kuroda Kiyotaka, Prime Minister of Japan (b. 1840)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Aug 25th Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and philologist (Übermensch and the doctrine of eternal return), dies at 55

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Aug 28th Henry Sidgwick, English philosopher (Women on University), dies
  • Sep 23rd William Marsh Rice, American philanthropist and university founder (b. 1816)
  • Sep 25th Félix-Gabriel Marchand, premier of Québec (b. 1832)
  • Sep 29th Samuel Fenton Cary, congressman, prohibitionist (b. 1814)
  • Oct 9th Heinrich von Herzogenberg, composer, dies at 57
  • Oct 14th Albert de Vriendt, Flemish historical painter/etcher, dies
  • Oct 14th Sandor Erkel, Hungarian composer, son of Ferenc Erkel, dies at 54
  • Oct 15th Zdenek Fibich, composer, dies at 49
  • Oct 20th Charles Dudley Warner, US writer (As We Go), dies at 70
  • Oct 20th Naim Frashëri, Albanian poet (b. 1846)
  • Oct 28th Max Müller, German-born orientalist (b. 1823)
  • Nov 6th PWJ Le Gallais, British lt-colonel, dies in battle at Bothaville
  • Nov 21st J J Ferris, cricketer (48 wickets for Aust in 8 Tests in 1880's), dies
  • Nov 22nd Arthur Sullivan, English operatic composer (Mikado, Pirates of Penzance), dies at 58

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Nov 30th Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright and novelist (Importance of Being Earnest), dies in Paris at 46

Writer/Poet Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde
  • Dec 8th Henry Russell, composer, dies at 87
  • Dec 14th Jean B A Kessler, director of oil on Dutch Indies, dies at 46
  • Dec 21st Roger Wolcott, American political figure, 39th Governor of Massachusetts (b. 1847)
  • Dec 27th William Armstrong, of Cragside, British inventor and industrialist ( hydraulic accumulator), dies at 90
  • Dec 28th Alexandre Alberto da Rocha de Serpa Pinto, Portuguese explorer (b. 1846)