What Happened in 1903

Significant Events

  • Mar 13 Fall of the Sokoto Caliphate in Northern Nigeria, the British claim supremacy of over 500,000 square miles
  • Apr 14 Dr Harry Plotz discovers vaccine against typhoid (NYC)
  • Apr 22 Highlanders (Yankees) 1st game in New York at Hilltop Park vs Washington Senators, lose 3-1 before 11,950
  • Aug 17 Joe Pulitzer donates $1 million to Columbia University & begins the Pulitzer Prizes in America
  • Dec 29 French Equatorial Africa separates into Gabon, Chad & Ubangi-Shari
More Historical Events

Did You Know?

Topsy the elephant is electrocuted by her owners at Luna Park, Coney Island and filmed by Edison Manufacturing movie company

On January 4, 1903

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