What Happened in October 1905

Historical Events

  • Oct 1 František Pavlík is killed in a demonstration in Prague, inspiring Leoš Janáček to the piano composition 1. X. 1905.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 5 Orville and Wilbur Wright's "Flyer III" flight 38.5 km in 38.3"

Aviator Wilbur Wright
Wilbur Wright
  • Oct 9 Philadelphia A's meet Giants in World Series, Giants win 3-0
  • Oct 14 NY Giants beats Philadelphia A's, 4 games to 1 in 2nd World Series
  • Oct 14 Giant's Christy Mathewson's 3rd straight World Series shutout

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 15 Claude Debussy's "La Mer" premieres

Composer Claude Debussy
Claude Debussy
  • Oct 15 Union workers at NVV rejects safety demands
  • Oct 16 The Partition of Bengal (India) occurred.
  • Oct 20 Great General Strike in Russia begins; lasts 11 days
  • Oct 20 Russian Tsar allows Polish people to speak Polish
  • Oct 21 England Pilgrim Association beats All NY 11, 7-1 in soccer at Polo Grounds
  • Oct 23 Edward Milton Royle's play "Squaw Man" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 25 1st College Football Crab Bowl Classic: Navy beats Maryland 17-0 in Annapolis
  • Oct 26 First Soviet (workers' council) formed, St Petersburg, Russia
  • Oct 26 Union of Sweden & Norway ends
  • Oct 29 Hottentot chief Hendrik Witbooi fataly injured

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 30 "October Manifesto" Russian Tsar Nicholas II grants civil liberties and accepts the first Duma (Parliament)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Oct 30 George Bernard Shaw's "Mrs Warren's Profession" premieres in NYC

  • Oct 31 Great revolutionary demonstration for amnesty in St Petersburg

Famous Birthdays

  • Oct 4 Leon Orthel, Dutch composer, born in Roosendaal (d. 1985)
  • Oct 4 Rene Defossez, composer
  • Oct 5 Harriet E. MacGibbon, American actress (d. 1987)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 6 Helen Wills, American tennis player (8 Wimbledon titles 1927-1938), born in Centerville California (d.1998)

Tennis Player Helen Wills Moody
Tennis Player
Helen Wills Moody
  • Oct 7 Andy Devine, [Jeremiah Schwartz], Flagstaff Az, actor (Andy's Gang)
  • Oct 9 Euphemia MacDonald, dance producer
  • Oct 9 Howard St John, actor (Born Yesterday, Li'l Abner), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oct 10 Jane Winton, actress (Hell's Angel, Patsy, Don Juan), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Oct 11 Fred Trump, American real estate developer, father of Donald Trump (d. 1999)
  • Oct 12 Rick Ferrell, baseball Hall of Fame catcher
  • Oct 15 Alexey Kozlovsky, composer
  • Oct 15 Charles P Snow, English novelist/scientist (Death Under Sail)
  • Oct 15 Dag Ivar Wiren, composer
  • Oct 15 Edna Deanne Fuelling, dancer choreographer/drama teacher
  • Oct 15 C. P. Snow, British writer (d. 1980)
  • Oct 16 Rex Bell, cowboy actor (Cowboys & Injuns)/lt-gov (Nevada), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • Oct 16 Wild Bill Elliott, Pattonsburg MO, actor (Beyond the Sacramento)
  • Oct 17 Franco Albini, Italian architect
  • Oct 18 Felix Houphouet-Boigny, President of Ivory coast (1960-93)
  • Oct 22 Constance Bennett, American actress (Easiest Way, Ladies in Love), born in NYC, New York
  • Oct 22 Joseph Kosma, composer
  • Oct 22 Karl Jansky, Czech, discoverer (cosmic radio emissions in 1932)
  • Oct 23 Alexander Shamil'yevich Melik-Pashayev, composer
  • Oct 23 Felix Bloch, Swiss/US nuclear physicist (Nobel 1952)
  • Oct 24 Elizabeth Poston, composer
  • Oct 26 George Flahiff, Canadian Cardinal (d. 1989)
  • Oct 28 Harry Broadhurst, airman
  • Oct 29 Laurence Dowdall, lawyer
  • Oct 30 Christian Darnton, composer

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Oct 4 30th US President Calvin Coolidge (33) weds Grace Anna Goodhue (26) in Burlington, Vermont

30th US President Calvin Coolidge
30th US President
Calvin Coolidge

Famous Deaths

  • Oct 2 Jose Maria de Heredia, Cuban/French sonnet poet, dies at 62
  • Oct 6 Ferdinand von Richthofen, German geographer/explorer, dies
  • Oct 13 Henry Irving, [John H Brodribb], English actor (Hamlet), dies at 67
  • Oct 21 Jose Teodor Vilar, composer, dies at 69
  • Oct 28 Alphonse Allais, French humorist/writer (Le chat noir), dies
  • Oct 29 Etienne Desmarteau, Canadian athlete (b. 1873)