What Happened in 1906

Historical Events

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  • Jan 1st Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory
  • Jan 1st The poll tax of £1 per head on all adult male inhabitants of Natal, South Africa, except indentured Indians and married Blacks, imposed by the Natal parliament in 1905, becomes payable.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 2nd Willis Carrier recieves a US patent for the world's first air conditioner

Engineer Willis Carrier
Willis Carrier
  • Jan 4th South Africa beat England by one wicket, their 1st Test win
  • Jan 6th Maurice Ravel's "Miroirs" premieres in Paris
  • Jan 8th A landslide in Haverstraw, New York, caused by the excavation of clay along the Hudson River, kills 20 people.
  • Jan 10th The British and French begin consultations on military and naval issues
  • Jan 12th 1st time Dow Jones closes above 100 (100.26)
  • Jan 12th Football rules committee legalizes forward pass
  • Jan 12th Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's cabinet (which included amongst its members H.H. Asquith, David Lloyd George, and Winston Churchill) embarks on sweeping social reforms after a Liberal landslide in the British general election.
  • Jan 13th 1st radio set advertised (Telimco for $7.50 in Scientific American) claimed to receive signals up to one mile
  • Jan 16th -Apr 13] Conference of Algeciras (about Morocco)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 19th Gerhart Hauptmann's "Und Pippa Tanzt!" premieres in Berlin

Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann
Author and Nobel Laureate
Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Jan 22nd SS Valencia runs aground on rocks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, killing more than 130.
  • Jan 25th Del Valle Inclans "El Marqués de Bradomin" premieres in Madrid
  • Jan 27th Rudolf Gundersen skates world record 500m at 44.8 sec
  • Jan 29th Coen de King skates world record time: 32,370 km
  • Jan 31st Strongest instrumentally recorded earthquake, Colombia, 8.6 Richter
  • Feb 1st 1st federal penitentiary building completed, Leavenworth, Kansas
  • Feb 1st Dorothy Grey, wife of British Foreign Secretary Edward Grey fatally injured
  • Feb 2nd Pope encyclical against separation of church & state
  • Feb 8th Without warning, Japanese torpedo boats make a night attack on Russian ships near the naval base at Port Arthur, Manchuria; there is confusion because no deceleration of war was given
  • Feb 9th Natal proclaims state of siege in Zulu uprising
  • Feb 10th British battleship HMS Dreadnought launched after only 100 days, renders all other capital ships obsolete with revolutionary design
  • Feb 10th State of siege proclaimed in Zululand
  • Feb 12th George Cohan's musical "George Washington" premieres in NYC
  • Feb 15th British Labour Party founded
  • Feb 18th Vincent d'Indy's "Jour D'été à La Montagne" premieres in Paris
  • Feb 19th Will Keith Kellogg and Charles D. Bolin found the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company which is now the multinational food manufacturer Kellogg's
  • Feb 22nd Black evangelist William J Seymour arrives in LA Calif

Sport defeatBoxing Title Fight

Feb 23rd Tommy Burns beats Marvin Hart in 20 for heavyweight boxing title

Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Burns
Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion
Tommy Burns
  • Feb 24th Tomas Estrada Palma defeats Jose Gomez in the election for president of Cuba, but Gomez and his followers refuse to accept results and sponsor an uprising
  • Feb 27th France & Britain agree to joint control of New Hebrides
  • Feb 28th Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Queen's U (Kingston Ont) in 2 games
  • Mar 3rd Vuia I aircraft built by Romanian Traja Vuia tested in France
  • Mar 6th Cubs sign 3rd baseman Harry Steinfeldt to complete Tinker-Evers-Chance
  • Mar 6th Heavy storm bursts dike, flooding Vlissingen, Netherlands
  • Mar 6th Nora Blatch is 1st woman elected to American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Mar 7th Finnish Senate accepts universal suffrage, except for poor
  • Mar 8th Stanley Cup: Ottawa Silver 7 sweep Smiths Falls (Ont) in 2 games
  • Mar 10th 1st performance of Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine"
  • Mar 10th Coal dust explosion kills 1,060 at Courrieres, France
  • Mar 10th Baker Street & Waterloo Railway opens, constructed by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London. The contraction Bakerloo became the official name in July 1906.
  • Mar 12th Heavy storm ravages Dutch west coast
  • Mar 14th Calgary City Rugby Foot-ball Club forms
  • Mar 15th Britons Rolls, Royce & Johnson form Rolls Royce Ltd
  • Mar 17th Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers beat Ottawa Silver 7, although both winning a game, Montreal outscores Ottawa 12-10
  • Mar 17th The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity is founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.
  • Mar 19th Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari's "Quattro Rusteghi" premieres in Munich

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 20th George Bernard Shaw's "Captain Brassbound's Conversion" premieres in London

  • Mar 24th "Census of the British Empire" shows Britain rules 1/5 of the world
  • Mar 27th Founding of the Alpine Club of Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Mar 29th Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers sweep Kenora Thisles in 2 games
  • Mar 30th 68th Grand National: Mr Aubrey Hastings aboard Ascetic's Silver wins
  • Mar 31st GB Shaw's German version of "Caesar & Cleopatra" premieres in Berlin
  • Apr 2nd South Africa complete a 4-1 series drubbing of England
  • Apr 5th St Pius X encyclical "On the Mariavites or Mystic Priests of Poland"
  • Apr 6th 1st animated cartoon copyrighted
  • Apr 7th Act of Algeciras drawn between Moroccan police & banking business
  • Apr 7th Mount Vesuvius erupts and devastates Naples.
  • Apr 9th 3½th modern Olympic games opens in Athens (4/22 NS)
  • Apr 13th Mutiny on Portuguese battleships Dom Carlos & Vasco da Gama

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 14th US President Theodore Roosevelt denounces "muckrakers" in US press, taken from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
  • Apr 15th The Armenian organization AGBU is established.
  • Apr 18th Calvinist Reformed Union in Neth Church forms in Utrecht

CommunicationSan Francisco Earthquake of 1906

Apr 18th San Francisco earthquake and fire kills nearly 4,000 while destroying 75% of the city

  • Apr 18th The Los Angeles Times story on the Azusa Street Revival launches Pentecostalism as a worldwide movement.
  • Apr 19th 10th Boston Marathon won by Tim Ford of Mass in 2:45:45
  • Apr 19th Belgian naval education ship Comte The Stain de Naeyer sets sail
  • Apr 19th SF Earthquake ends killing 452
  • Apr 22nd 10th anniversary Olympic games open at Athens, Greece
  • Apr 22nd New rule puts umpire in sole charge of all game balls
  • Apr 26th 1st motion pictures shown in Hawaii
  • May 1st Phillies' John Lush no-hits Bkln Dodgers, 6-0
  • May 2nd 32nd Kentucky Derby: Roscoe Troxler aboard Sir Huon wins in 2:08.8

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 2nd Tsar Nicolas II of Russia dismisses his moderate Prime Minister Witte and appoints Ivan Goremykin, a conservative bureaucrat

  • May 3rd British-controlled Egypt takes Sinai peninsula from Turkey
  • May 6th "Temporary" permit to erect overhead wires on Market Street, San Francisco
  • May 6th Tsar Nicolas II of Russia claims right to legislate by decree and restricts the power of the Duma (Russian Parliament)
  • May 8th Philadelphia A's pitcher Chief Benders plays outfield & hits 2 HRs
  • May 10th Russian Duma (Parliament) meets for 1st time
  • May 10th Italian King Victor Emmanuel & Swiss president Ludwig Forrer open Simplon tunnel
  • May 13th Bezalel Art School opens in Jerusalem
  • May 14th Flagpole at the White Sox ballpark breaks during pennant-raising
  • May 15th NY Giants' Hooks Wiltse strikes out 4 batters in 1 inning
  • May 17th Switzerland's Simplon Tunnel open to rail traffic
  • May 19th Federated Boys' Club (Boys' Club of America) organizes
  • May 19th Portugal's King Carlos I names Joao Franco premier
  • May 21st Louis H Perlman patents a demountable tire carrying rim for cars
  • May 21st The US and Mexico sign an agreement over distribution of the waters of the Rio Grande, increasingly diverted to the US for irrigation
  • May 22nd 10th anniversary Olympic games close at Athens, Greece
  • May 22nd 31st Preakness: Walter Miller aboard Whimsical wins in 1:45
  • May 22nd Wright Brothers patent an aeroplane
  • May 22nd A British garrison leaves Esquimalt, on the Pacific coast, after a military occupation that began in 1858: these were the last British soldiers stationed in Canada
  • May 25th After 20 straight wins, Boston Pilgrims lose to Chicago White Sox 3-0
  • May 26th Archaeological Institute of America forms
  • May 26th Vauxhall Bridge is opened in London.
  • May 27th 1st outlining of Gustav Mahler's 6th symphony, in Essen
  • May 28th Shields/Cobbs musical "His honor, the Mayor" premieres in NYC
  • May 30th 40th Belmont: Lucien Lyne aboard Burgomaster wins in 2:20

Famous Birthdays

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 491

  • Jan 1st Frank Stack, Canada, speed skater (Olympic-bronze-1932)
  • Jan 1st Giovanni D'Anzi, Italian songwriter (d. 1974)
  • Jan 3rd Roman Brandstaetter, writer
  • Jan 5th Kathleen Kenyon, 1st person to place date on remains of Jericho
  • Jan 6th Benedict Vilakazi, South Africa, poet/educator (Zulu-English Dictionary)
  • Jan 6th Jaap Wagemaker, [Adrian B], Dutch sculptor
  • Jan 8th Jan A H J S Bruins Slot, Dutch founder illegal Trouw/MP (ARP)
  • Jan 8th Serge Poliakoff, Russian/French painter/guitarist
  • Jan 11th Albert Hofmann, Switzerland, chemist (discovered LSD)
  • Jan 11th Johannes Paul Thilman, composer
  • Jan 11th Robert Nesbitt, impresario
  • Jan 12th Henny Youngman, England, comedian (Take my wife please...)
  • Jan 12th Tex Ritter, Texas, country singer (5 Star Jubilee, Wayward Wind)
  • Jan 12th Daniil Kharms, Russian playwright (d. 1942)
  • Jan 13th Maxime Jacob, composer
  • Jan 14th Walter Knape, composer
  • Jan 14th William Bendix, actor (Lifeboat, Babe Ruth Story, Life of Riley), born in NYC, New York
  • Jan 15th Aristotle Onassis, Greece, rich shipping magnate
  • Jan 15th Rezso Kokai, Hungarian composer, born in Budapest (d. 1962)
  • Jan 16th Clement Greenberg, art critic
  • Jan 16th Diana Winyard, actress (Cavalcade), born in London, England
  • Jan 18th Hans Aeschbacher, Swiss sculptor (Venus de Six-Tours)
  • Jan 19th Ish Kabbible, [Merwyn Bogue], Penns, comedian (Kay Kyser's Kollege)
  • Jan 19th Lanny Ross, radio singer (Show Boat, The Swift Show), born in Seattle, Washington
  • Jan 21st Fred Fehl, Austrian/US Broadway photographer
  • Jan 21st John Putz, British journalist (Guardian) (d. 1995)
  • Jan 21st Igor Moiseyev, Russian choreographer (d. 2007)
  • Jan 22nd Robert E[rvin] Howard, US, sci-fi author (Conan the Conqueror)
  • Jan 22nd Willa B Brown (Coffey), US African American air pioneer (NAAA)
  • Jan 22nd Joe Gladwin, English actor (d. 1987)
  • Jan 23rd Bob Steele, Pendleton Oregon, actor (Duffy-F Troop, Big Sleep)
  • Jan 24th Norman Cook, museum curator
  • Jan 27th Radames Gnattali, composer
  • Jan 28th Allan Walker, actor/writer (Red Buttons Show)
  • Jan 28th Harry van Kruiningen, [Henri A Janssen], painter/graphic artist
  • Jan 28th Henry Foley, cricketer (batted in New Zealand's 1st Test 1930)
  • Jan 29th Franciscus Hin, Holland, yachtsman (Olympic-gold-1920)
  • Jan 29th Joe Primeau, NHL center
  • Jan 30th Greta Nissen, actress (Ambassador Bill)
  • Jan 31st Benjamin Frankel, composer
  • Jan 31st R W Bonham, founder (International Braille Chess Association)
  • Feb 1st Hildegarde, Adell Wisc, night club vocalist (I'll Be Seeing You)
  • Feb 1st Pierre Cardevielle, French composer/conductor (Amants Captifs)
  • Feb 3rd Ludvig Nielsen, composer
  • Feb 4th Clyde William Tombaugh, US, astronomer (discovered Pluto)
  • Feb 4th Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologist (Confessing Church)
  • Feb 4th Primo Carnera, Italian boxer (champ-1933)
  • Feb 5th John Carradine, Greenwich Village NY, actor (Grapes of Wrath, Howling)
  • Feb 7th Henry P'u-i, last emperor of China, puppet emperor of Manchukuo
  • Feb 7th Oleg Antonov, Soviet aircraft designer (d. 1984)
  • Feb 8th Artur Balsam, Polish/US pianist (Begeleidde Menuhin, Milstein)
  • Feb 8th Chester F Carlson, inventor (photocopy)
  • Feb 8th Henry Roth, American writer (Call it Sleep), born in Tysmenitz, Austria-Hungary (d. 1995)
  • Feb 9th Gwen Catley, British(?) soprano
  • Feb 9th André Kostolany, stock market expert and speculator (d. 1999)
  • Feb 10th Erik Rhodes, [Ernest Sharpe], actor (Top Hat, Night at the Ritz)
  • Feb 10th Henry Phelps Brown, historian/economist
  • Feb 10th John "Cat" Thompson, basketball hall of famer (elected 1962)
  • Feb 10th Lon Chaney Jr, actor (Hawkeye, Pistols 'n' Petticoats), born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (d. 1973)
  • Feb 10th Walraven (Wally) van Hall, Dutch banker/resisted Nazis
  • Feb 11th Denis Barnett, British air chief marshal
  • Feb 13th Agostinho da Silva, Portuguese philosopher (d. 1994)
  • Feb 15th Stephen Brown, CEO (Stone-Platt Industries)
  • Feb 16th Vera Menchik, Moscow, 1st official women's world chess champ (1927)
  • Feb 17th Galo Plaza Lasso, President of Ecuador (1948-52), head of OAS (1968-75)
  • Feb 17th Ramon Tapales, composer
  • Feb 18th Hans Asperger, Austrian pediatrician (d. 1980)
  • Feb 19th Grace Mary Williams, composer
  • Feb 19th Hendrik W C Spruit, Dutch conductor
  • Feb 22nd Edmund von Borck, composer
  • Feb 22nd Gale Gordon, actor (Conklin-Our Miss Brooks, Here's Lucy), born in Los Angeles, California
  • Feb 24th Alexis Curvers, Belgian author (Tempo di Roma, Bourg-le-Rond)
  • Feb 25th Boris Papandopulo, composer
  • Feb 25th Domingo Ortega, Spanish bullfighter
  • Feb 25th Howard Zahniser, Father of Wilderness Act
  • Feb 25th Warren Hymer, actor (Girl From Havana, Meet the Mob), born in NYC, New York
  • Feb 26th Madeleine Carroll, England, actress (39 Steps, Secret Agent)
  • Feb 26th Nikos Ghika, Greek artist, born in Athens (d. 1994)
  • Feb 27th Alexander Matheson, NZ cricket pace bowler (2 Tests 1930-31)
  • Feb 27th H Algernon F "Algy" Rumbold, English diplomat (South Africa/Tibet)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 28th Bugsy Siegel, gangster created casinos in Las Vegas

Mobster Bugsy Siegel
Bugsy Siegel
  • Mar 3rd Artur Lundkvist, Swedish writer/Swedish Academy (Agadir)
  • Mar 3rd Donald Novis, Hastings England, actor (Monte Carlo)
  • Mar 3rd Krishnarao Shiva Shelvankar, journalist/diplomat
  • Mar 4th Meindert DeJong American author (d. 1991)
  • Mar 4th Georges Ronsse, Belgian national cyclo-cross and world champion road cyclist (d. 1969)
  • Mar 4th Charles Rudolph Walgreen, Jr., American businessman (d. 2007)
  • Mar 6th Bob Wills, TX, actor (Lone Prairie, Tornado in the Saddle)

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 6th Lou Costello, comedian/actor (Abbott & Costello), born in Paterson, New Jersey

Comedian and Actor Lou Costello
Comedian and Actor
Lou Costello
  • Mar 7th Alejandro Garcia Caturla, composer
  • Mar 7th Hans Lachman, composer
  • Mar 11th Aasan Ferit Alnar, composer
  • Mar 14th Ulvi Cemal Erkin, composer
  • Mar 16th Francisco Ayala, writer
  • Mar 16th Henny Youngman, comedian (Take my wife please), born in London, England
  • Mar 17th Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim], actress (Gloria, Gold), born in Berlin, Germany
  • Mar 17th Michael O'Shea, actor (Denny-It's a Great Life), born in Hartford, Connecticut
  • Mar 17th Tamara Geva, Russian-born dancer and actress, born in St. Petersburg (d. 1997)
  • Mar 18th Roy L Johnson, US admiral (WW II-Pacific Ocean)
  • Mar 19th Adolf Eichmann, Ruhr Germany, Nazi Gestapo officer

Famous Weddings

HeartWedding of Interest

Jan 23rd Composer Igor Stravinsky (23) weds Yekaterina Nosenko

Composer Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky
  • Feb 17th 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt's daughter Alice marries in the White House

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 14th Film director D. W. Griffith (31) weds Linda Arvidson (21) at Old North Church in Boston, Massachusetts

Film director D. W. Griffith
Film director
D. W. Griffith

HeartWedding of Interest

Jul 28th Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin (27) weds Ekaterina Svanidze (21) at St. David's Church in Tiflis

Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin
Soviet Union Premier
Joseph Stalin

Famous Deaths

  • Jan 1st Joseph Miroslav Weber, composer, dies at 51
  • Jan 1st Sir Hugh Nelson, Premier of Queensland (b. 1835)
  • Jan 5th Kathleen Kenyon, English Archaeologist who excavated Jericho (the oldest known continuously occupied human settlement that has been inhabited for the last 11,000 years), dies at 72
  • Jan 13th Alexander Stepanovich Popov, Russian physicist (b. 1859)
  • Jan 16th Marshall Field, founder of Marshall Field and Company (b. 1834)
  • Jan 18th Bartolomé Mitre, President of Argentina (1862-70), dies at 84
  • Jan 25th Joseph Wheeler II, Confederate General, dies at 70
  • Jan 25th Pierre L Goossens, Belgian archbishop of Malines/Cardinal, dies at 78
  • Jan 29th Christaan IX, King of Denmark (1893-1906), dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Feb 9th Paul Laurence Dunbar, African American dialect poet, dies at 33 in Dayton, Ohio

  • Feb 10th Ezra Butler Eddy, Canadian businessman (E.B. Eddy Company) and politician (b. 1827)
  • Feb 13th Albert Gottschalk, Danish painter (b. 1866)
  • Feb 18th Willem Doorenbos, literary/critic, dies at 85
  • Feb 18th John Batterson Stetson, American manufacturer (b. 1830)
  • Feb 23rd Johann Hoch, US murderer, executed
  • Feb 25th Anton Stepanovich Arensky, Russian composer/conductor c t, dies at 44
  • Feb 26th Manuel Fernandez Caballero, composer, dies at 70
  • Feb 27th Samuel Pierpont Langley, American astronomer and pioneer aviator, dies at 71
  • Mar 1st José María de Pereda, Spanish novelist (b. 1833)
  • Mar 4th John McAllister Schofield, former U.S. Secretary of War and Commanding General of the U.S. Army (b. 1831)
  • Mar 10th Eugen Richter, German MP (Liberal), dies at 67

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 13th Susan B. Anthony, American reformer suffragette leader, dies at 85

  • Mar 15th Alfred Gilpin Jones, lt-gov of Nova Scotia (1900-06), dies at 81
  • Mar 17th Carlos Calvo, Argentina diplomat (Calvo Clause), dies at 82
  • Mar 22nd Martin Wegelius, Finnish musicologist/composer, dies at 59
  • Mar 23rd Victor Barton, cricketer (scored 23 in Test Eng v South Africa 1892), dies
  • Mar 29th Slava Raskaj, Croatian painter (b. 1878)
  • Mar 30th Betsy Perk, [Christina E], journalist/writer/feminist, dies at 73
  • Apr 6th Alexander L Kielland, Norwegian writer (Working People), dies at 57
  • Apr 8th Auguste D, First recorded Alzheimer's victim (b. 1950)
  • Apr 11th Georgi Apollonovitch Gapon, Rus-orthodox clergyman/tsarist agent, dies
  • Apr 11th James A Bailey, circus showman (Barnum & Bailey), dies at 58
  • Apr 11th Francis Pharcellus Church, American editor and publisher (b. 1839)
  • Apr 18th Luis Martín, Spanish Superior-General of the Society of Jesus (b. 1846)
  • Apr 19th Pierre Curie, French physicist/chemist (Nobel 1903), dies
  • Apr 19th Spencer Gore, British tennis player and cricketer (b. 1850)
  • Apr 20th Australian wombat; oldest known marsupial, dies in London Zoo at 26
  • Apr 25th John Knowles Paine, US composer, dies at 67
  • May 14th Carl Schurz, German revolutionary and statesman (b. 1829)
  • May 23rd Henrik Johan Ibsen, Norwegian playwright (Doll House), dies at 78
  • May 30th William Yeates Hurlstone, composer, dies at 30
  • May 31st Hermann Schell, German theologist (Gott und Geist), dies at 56
  • May 31st King Alfonso XIII, assassinated in Madrid
  • May 31st Victoria von Battenberg, assassinated in Madrid
  • Jun 5th Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann, German philosopher (b. 1842)
  • Jun 7th Johan P Van de Kellen, stamp cutter/lithographer, dies at 74
  • Jun 8th Christian Frederik Emil Horneman, composer, dies at 65
  • Jun 10th Richard John Seddon, longest serving Prime Minister of New Zealand, 61
  • Jun 11th Heinrich Hart, German writer (Das Lied der Menschheit), dies at 50
  • Jun 17th Harry N Pillsbury, US chess player, dies
  • Jun 17th William Dale, international legal consultant, dies
  • Jun 20th John Clayton Adams, British landscape artist (b. 1840)
  • Jun 22nd Fritz Schaudinn, German animal scholar: examined amoebasis, dies at 34
  • Jun 25th Stanford White, Architect, shot dead atop Madison Square Garden which he designed by Harry Thaw jealous husband of Evelyn Nesbit
  • Jun 26th Alexander Muir, poet (Maple Leaf Forever), dies at 76
  • Jul 12th Henrique Alves de Mesquita, composer, dies at 70
  • Jul 19th Ferdinand Brunetière, French writer and critic (b. 1849)
  • Jul 29th Alexandre Luigini, composer, dies at 56
  • Aug 24th Alfred Stevens, Belgian painter, dies
  • Aug 30th Hans Auer, Swiss architect (b. 1847)
  • Sep 2nd Guiseppe Giacosa, Italian screenwriter (libretti opera Puccini), dies
  • Sep 5th Ludwig Boltzmann, Austrian physicist (b. 1844)
  • Sep 13th Georg Jacobi, composer, dies at 66
  • Sep 19th Maria Georgina Grey, British writer and founder of the Girls' Day School Trust (b. 1816)
  • Sep 20th Robert R. Hitt, American politician (b. 1834)
  • Sep 21st Samuel Arnold, Lincoln conspirator (b. 1838)
  • Sep 23rd Jan van Rijswijck, Flemish journalist/mayor of Antwerp, dies
  • Oct 5th Raja Ravi Varma, Indian painter, dies at 58
  • Oct 7th Honoré Beaugrand, Canadian journalist and politician, mayor of Montreal (b. 1848)
  • Oct 9th Joseph F Glidden, inventor (barbed wire), dies
  • Oct 20th William "Buck" Ewing, hall of fame catcher (NY Giants), dies at 67
  • Oct 21st [Georgette A] Helena Amelung, actress (Small Lord), dies at 55

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Oct 22nd Paul Cézanne, French Post-Impressionist painter (b. 1839)

French Painter Paul Cézanne
French Painter
Paul Cézanne
  • Nov 4th John H. Ketcham, American politician (b. 1832)
  • Nov 9th Leon Vanderkindere, Belgian historian/mayor of Ukkel, dies at 64
  • Nov 14th Hendrik J Schimmel, author/dramatist, dies
  • Nov 22nd Earnest Josephson, Swedish painter, dies
  • Dec 7th Élie Ducommun, Swiss journalist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1833)
  • Dec 14th John A C Oudemans, Dutch geographer/astronomer, dies at 78
  • Dec 21st Adalbert von Goldschmidt, composer, dies at 58