What Happened in March 1909

Historical Events

  • Mar 1 1st US university school of nursing established, Univ of Minn
  • Mar 2 Great Britain, France, Germany & Italy asks Serbia to set no territorial demands
  • Mar 3 Stanley Cup: Ottawa Senators beat Montreal Wanderers, 8-3

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 4 William Howard Taft inaugrated as 27th US President during 10" snowstorm

27th US President William Howard Taft
27th US President
William Howard Taft
  • Mar 4 US prohibits interstate transportation of game birds

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 6 Gerhart Hauptmann's "Griselda" premieres in Vienna

Author and Nobel Laureate Gerhart Hauptmann
Author and Nobel Laureate
Gerhart Hauptmann
  • Mar 10 Jack Johnson fights Victor McLaglen to no decision in 6 for box title
  • Mar 12 Alarmed over increasing German naval strength, Parliament passes a new naval appropriations bill
  • Mar 14 Amsterdam Social-Democratic Party (SDP) forms
  • Mar 18 Einar Dessau of Denmark makes 1st ham broadcast
  • Mar 18 Russia and Bulgaria reach an agreement in which late 19th century Russian financial claims are cancelled to meet compensation due to Turkey from Bulgaria
  • Mar 21 Moran & MacFarland (US) wins Europe's 1st 6 day bicycle race (Berlin)
  • Mar 21 Germany sends Russia a diplomatic notes requesting recognition of the Austrian annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and cessation of support to Serbia in the controversy
  • Mar 26 August Strindberg's "Bjalb-jarle-ti" premieres in Stockholm
  • Mar 26 In support of Mohammed Ali Shah's coup d'etat against the constitutional government in Persia, a Russian military force invades northern Persia to relieve the siege of Tabriz
  • Mar 26 71st Grand National: Georges Parfrement aboard Lutteur III wins
  • Mar 30 Queensboro Bridge opens, linking Manhattan & Queens
  • Mar 31 Baseball rules players who jump contracts are suspended for 5 years
  • Mar 31 Gustav Mahler conducts NY Philharmonic for his 1st time
  • Mar 31 In a diplomatic note to Austria, Serbia recognizes the Bosnian annexation and promises to maintain friendly relations with Austria

Famous Birthdays

  • Mar 1 Richard de Guide, composer
  • Mar 1 Robert Selby Taylor, bishop
  • Mar 1 Terence De Marney, England, actor (Case Thomas-Johnny Ringo)
  • Mar 2 Hanoch Jacoby, composer
  • Mar 2 Jan Fabricius, Dutch playwright
  • Mar 2 Mel Ott, American baseball player, 1st NLer to hit 500 home runs, hall of famer (NY Giants) (d. 1958)
  • Mar 3 Jay Morris Arena, inventor/pediatrician
  • Mar 3 Kenton Kilmer, poet/translator
  • Mar 4 Harry B Helmsley, American billionaire builder (Empire State Building), born in NYC, New York
  • Mar 5 Sutan Sjahrir, premier of Indonesia (1945-47)
  • Mar 6 Dave Clark, music promoter/songwriter
  • Mar 6 Obafemi Awolowo, Nigeria, President of Nigeria (1979-83)
  • Mar 7 Greta Schoon, German poet, born in Spetzerfehn (d. 1991)
  • Mar 7 Leo Malet, French crime novelist
  • Mar 8 Anthony Donato, composer

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 8 Claire Trevor, [Wemlinger], American actress (Marjorie Morningstar), born in NYC, New York

Actress Claire Trevor
Claire Trevor
  • Mar 8 Hugh Murphy, English multi-millionaire
  • Mar 9 Derk Bodde, American sinologist (d. 2003)
  • Mar 10 Gerard Croiset, Dutch paragnost
  • Mar 11 Ljubica Maric, composer
  • Mar 13 Gilbert Inglefield, Mayor of London (1967-68)
  • Mar 14 Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues, French writer (Margin)
  • Mar 17 Patrick Reilly, Ootacamund, India, British diplomat
  • Mar 18 Ernest Gallo, American winemaker (d. 2007)
  • Mar 19 Louis Hayward, Johannesburg South Africa, actor (Lone Wolf, Survivors)
  • Mar 19 Attilio Demaria, Argentinian footballer (d. 1990)
  • Mar 22 Gabrielle Roy, French-Canadian novelist (Tin Flute)
  • Mar 22 Jack Popplewell, composer/playwright

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Mar 24 Clyde Barrow, American bank robber (of Bonnie & Clyde fame), born in Ellis County, Texas (d. 1934)

Bank Robber Clyde Barrow
Bank Robber
Clyde Barrow
  • Mar 24 Thomas E "Tommy" Trinder, English radio comic/actor (Phoenix)
  • Mar 25 Dutch (Emil) Leonard, baseball pitcher (Boston Red Sox, 1.01 ERA 1914)
  • Mar 25 Jay Blackton, American conductor/arranger (Guys & Dolls), born in NYC, New York
  • Mar 26 Chips Rafferty, Broken Hill Australia, actor (Desert Rats)
  • Mar 26 Chris[tiaan R] Reumer, Dutch opera singer
  • Mar 27 Ben[jamin F] Webster, US tenor saxophonist
  • Mar 27 Golo Mann, [Gottfried], German/US historian (Antisemitism)
  • Mar 28 Nelson Algren, US, novelist (Man with the Golden Arm)
  • Mar 29 Moon Mullican, hillbilly pianist (7 Nights of Rock)
  • Mar 29 Yvonne Waegemans, Flemish writer (Gnome Patjoepelke)
  • Mar 30 Ernst Gombrich, OM/FBA/director (Warburg Institute)
  • Mar 31 Pieter Jongeling, Dutch MP (GVP)/editor (Neth Daily)
  • Mar 31 Robert Brasillach, French author/nazi collaborator

Famous Deaths

  • Mar 12 Johanna "Lena" Bakker, Dutch actress/wife of Bruno Gerlach, dies at 34
  • Mar 12 Joe Petrosino, NYPD lieutenant (b. 1860)
  • Mar 16 George Thorndike Angell, lawyer (ASPCA), dies at 85
  • Mar 22 Gyula Erkel, Hungarian composer, son of Ferenc Erkel, dies at 66
  • Mar 24 John Millington Synge, Irish dramatist/playwright/poet, dies at 37
  • Mar 25 Ruperto Chapi y Lorente, composer, dies at 57
  • Mar 26 Nikolai Arkas, composer, dies at 56